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30 October 2016


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The reporters are now talking metadata - the address/subject lines that you seee in an Inbox - really just a pointer to the actual email in a "cloud" server farm somewhere.


I agree with Allen. It won't take long to find out if their are duplicate or non-duplicate emails that were subject of the earlier investigation. Going through them to look for things that might lead to an obstruction charge would be more time consuming issue.


Perhaps the figure is so high because Weiner was a Congressman for more than a decade? Do US Representatives keep copies of everything their staff ever goes thru? If that's the case you'd think they would avoid mixing his and hers. A Congressman and a Clinton aide can afford all the computers they want.

The Twisted Genius


I did a little ciphering on that number. If an account received 100 emails a day for five years, there would be 182,500 emails. Given the position of these two, they would have many more email accounts with some getting well over 100 emails a day. SWMBO and I get over 50 a day. I am retired and we are both living a near hermit-like existence. So I can now see how that mountain of 650,000 emails came to be.


It also (1) restores the standing of the FBI as an institution of integrity and (2) forestalls the potential release of really damaging materials by Wikileaks, Fancy Bear, Kim Dotcom or others.


umm, yet HRC claimed only 63,000 emails after 4 years as Sec of State, roughly half of which she said were personal.
Given her social proclivities and position as SoS this surely must be at the top end so x2 + 25% = 157,000 for 2 people for 5 years. The numbers might work if all top dogs in Clinton world had to CC Abedin on all clinton-related correspondence. So Podesta talking to Mook would end up in Abedin's email account.

ex-PFC Chuck

re: "Outlook seals the users accounts off from each other."

Ditto for Mozilla's Thunderbird, which has been my email client since shortly after it was first released 12 years ago.

Kurt Van Vlandren

And you can imagine how Trump could govern the country?


in "pay for play" and other shenanigans the bcc's could point to hidden chains
the bcc recipients are hidden from the addressee's and cc's


As to whether these were duplicates of prior clintonemail.com e-mails or not certainly should not matter in light of Huma now claiming she does not know how they got on Anthony Weiners laptop. Her lack of accepting knowledge of how the e-mails got there indicate a surreptitious manner in how the e-mails arrived on that computer. Now if duplicates then someone is going to jail cause there were Top Secret, Secret and Confidential information on them e-mails. Oh what a web the Clintons weave.



I can't because the elite GOP and Dems hate him and won't let him do a thing. They will let Clinton do what ever she wants.

Linda Lau

Seems that Comey should be subject to the Hatch Act and rightly so regardless of the results (which he had no idea about when he made his comments).


TTG: It seems like an excessive number of wedding planning and yoga emails. Isn't that what we were told they were?


Tyler: Thank of how many paychecks in the Northern Virginia suburbs Trump will endanger? Lobbyists and influence peddlers need to eat too.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

I am certain that is the idea. However the FBI has from the beginning had a sketchy history of being a paramilitary political police organization masquerading as a crime fighting agency.

Wikileaks or one of the Guccifers or any of them could still release something that could blow this right out of the water.

I suspect Anthony Weiner will be found like Danny Casolaro or Vince Foster.


UK bookies still have HRC odds on at 1:3. But don't forget they heavily favored the remainders over Brexit. Their election record is rather good though, for the most part.



So AG Lynch's actions in meeting with the Bill Clinton should also be considered a Hatch Act violation or do you buy the paper thin tale of a coincidental meeting to talk about the grandchildren?

different clue


Let them eat gravel. Let them fight squirrels in the park for the nuts under the trees.


Let's say I have two accounts stored in Outlook or Thunderbird, for example.

1. When I start the application, I'll either be automatically logged-in or I'll be prompted for my username/password. Password info is normally stored in the cache automatically but you can change these settings so that you're prompted every run-time.

2. New messages will only be downloaded to an account when I'm logged-in to that account, and will be downloaded according to whatever push settings I've set-up.

3. The 650,000 emails might have been downloaded in one go, or they may have accumulated over time.


Abedin's account settings may have been stored in the client, along with her Husband's. If this was the case, then the client may have continued to download messages for her account each time Wiener started-up the email client (even after his wife moved out).

If her account settings weren't stored in the client, then the client would be unable to download any new messages and would prompt any user for a username/password when they tried to click on that account. Only people who knew those account details would be able to download messages.

It's possible that Wiener knew his wife's account details, or that she stored them in the client herself. In either case, she would have given her husband access to her emails, illegally.


It's also possible that Abedin changed the settings of the client so that she'd be prompted for her username/password each time. The 650k emails may have been stored in the device from the time when she left Wiener; it's possible that no new emails were downloaded from the server to the client since the last time she used the client. He might not have had access to them at any time.


In any case, if there is any classified information contained within these emails, they should never have been sent to the device, regardless of whether or not Wiener had access to them. The device wasn't secure. This alone should see her sent to prison.



have heard Trump and his surrogates talk frequently about so-called 'bleaching' and 'acid-washing', even referring to software known as 'BleachBit'. It's claimed that this is "expensive" and inferred that it's an intensive or complicated process.

I'm sure I'm not the only person reading this who uses BleachBit. It cost me nothing. No chemicals are involved. That's not how BleachBit works.

I use it all the time, in the same way I use my document shredder. Then again, I'm not required to keep a record of my correspondence for posterity...

You can't 'delete' data from modern harddrives/flash memory. The best way to 'delete' data is to encrypt it.

One thing that has shocked me this cycle is the discovery that these people don't even have the slightest notion of OPSEC. Yahoo and GMail accounts; no encryption; unsecure devices; and so on. If I'd had the will...

The US is not secure so long as it allows people with this level of access to manage their own communications.


They'll be lobbying--successfully--for the squirrels in less than a week.



You've never been in a workgroup with a distributed team that argues for a living, have you? ;-) I've been in engagements where I easily received 2000+ emails a day, without counting spam or other solicitations. So that number could come together in a year, no sweat.

What intrigues me more is the twitter stinkbomb about the Bill Clinton/March Rich pardon investigation docs. It almost seems like someone timed that to embarrass Comey and whoever is driving the email investigation.



There are a great many possible email configurations. It is tempting to extrapolate from ones own situation, but that may lead one down the wrong path.

Let's start with information that is publicly available:

1. one of HRC's stated goals was to use a blackberry to access her emails.
2. HRC liked to read documents in paper form.

A typical configuration for this is a blackberry/smartphone only client where email is kept on the server and web clients (like outlook web access) are used to access email when on a laptop. Circa mid-2000's many firms, wanting to support a mobile workforce, moved away from the desktop email client and it's security and compliance headaches. That dinosaur became the province of small businesses and private individuals. (I myself haven't downloaded emails to a laptop since 2007).

Again, no email is downloaded to a laptop. Given the number of blackberries and smart devices one sees in the Clinton entourage, there is some evidence for this scenario.

It also seems that one of Abedin's jobs was to download docs and print them out for HRC. That seems to be for what she used at least one of her accounts. That might account for the use of Weiner's laptop.

Now there are all sorts of other things that one can do with email, automatic forwarding -- where a duplicate of each email is forwarded on to a different account -- being just one of them.

Suffice it to say that even educated speculation is likely to be wrong in the face of so many possibilities.

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