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30 October 2016


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Allen Thomson

Perhaps getting into nerdish ranges, but 650,000 text messages is, being generous, well under 10 gigabytes. It's true that for humans to look over every one of them would take a long time, but there are standard utilities, like UNIX GREP or its Windows FINDSTR equivalent that would spot stuff like "Secret", "Confidential", "(C)", "(S)" and a long list of other terms of interest -- those terms having been identified in the previous server investigation -- in minutes, not more than hours.

Similar techniques would identify files already discovered in the previous server investigation.

So, once the FBI gets access to the files, I'd think progress toward a resolution of the question should be rapid.

The Twisted Genius

The claim is 650,000 emails in total on that laptop. We don't know how many were Abedin's and how many were Weiner's. But it still shows thousands tied to the HRC email server. I wonder if that 650,000 includes text messages and tweets. That seems like an astronomical number for a laptop. Am I wrong?



The Borg Queen would not have had any legitimacy with Les Deplorables even before L'Affaire Weiner. Now, it will be even worse as many will see her getting preferential treatment compared to ordinary citizens. She and her coterie have demonstrated a complete contempt for the law.

The honorable thing for her would be to step down. But her ego and all the Borgists will prevent her from doing that. Instead they will make a total mockery of the law. If elected she will claim vindication and put a kibosh on any further investigations. That will force the GOP if they don't want a complete revolt of half their caucus to impeach. Of course the Senate will not convict even if there is incontrovertible evidence.

Sir, I believe you will once again be proven correct. IMO, if elected the Borg Queen's term will be a civil war in discourse, in the courts and in public opinion.



I checked with my IT man. Depending on the machine and program it is quite possible to have 650,000 e-mails in your in-box. He says he has 200K himself. As has been said several times here, Outlook seals the users accounts off from each other. Was this Outlook? I dunno. I will guess that an indictment is possible. pl


The number implies that this the machine was acting as a depository for quite some time, and it would also imply that either (a) Huma didn't bother to change her password for a very long stretch of time, or (b) she in fact knew about it.

According to Joe DiGenova, the laptops seized from Cheryl Milles, etc., by the FBI which were to be destroyed, were in fact not destroyed over the refusal of FBI agents to do so.


eakens IMO it is quite possible that she did not understand the e-mail programs and systems well enough to be worried about this enormous liability. pl


Maybe having the most wounded president in history was the goal.


Trump can bring this home. Don't believe the media gaslighting.

Conservative Treehouse even accurately predicted on what *day* the media cycle of manipulation would end:



Meanwhile, key swing states are looking good for Trump:


Karl Kolchack

I'm a retired federal agent (not FBI, but I did work with them on occasion). My guess, knowing how agents think, is that Comey was facing a rebellion in the ranks for the many irregular ways this case was handled, particularly the decision not to refer it to DOJ prosecutor for an indictment/declination decision.

Hillary's people bashing Comey shows again how profoundly arrogant and stupid they are. Had Comey tried to quash this and several agents had gone forward to the press or congress as whistleblowers with what they knew, not only would the "smoking gun" (if there is one) already be out there but the political damage would have been far, far worse. Given that this is probably the BEST case scenario for Hillary under the circumstances, she is in deep doo-doo indeed.

How ironic is it that a former member of the Watergate committee may end up as a repeat of Nixon--winning the election only to be forced out of office by information already readily available before the polling began?


We don't know the brand of machine , how old it is, etc. Give us how many days it has operated in this mode and we might be able to make sense of the volume, or not.

I had the same reaction, though, to that number. It seems nearly insane for an individual to have received that many messages over just several years and even attempted to read the majority of them. I wonder how many were just CYA cc or bcc. I got plenty of those at work.


It comes of hubris, arrogance and forgetting the Ollie North lesson.

Karl Boyken

Hillary's private server ran Microsoft Exchange, so it would be a good bet that the messages on the laptop were accumulated via Outlook.



"I wonder how many were just CYA cc or bcc. I got plenty of those at work. " That would be unimportant. pl


karl Boyken

"Outlook?" Ah .. That explains a lot. pl

Karl Boyken

In fact, this is the problem the NSA deals with on a continual basis, how do you extract meaningful information from the huge amount of data they amass. The NSA would have tools to dig through all this email; who knows whether the FBI has access to them.


As an IT person I can assure you that every end user thinks they knows as much about computers as people who have done nothing but study them for decades. Most people can't comprehend the depth of knowledge that many IT people have. They think all there is to it is clicking buttons. For the vast majority of my career my bosses didn't understand what I did. They just knew they needed me.


Thats a remarkably socialist country you guys have down there. Most countries in the world when the underlings get ratchety the whole lot of them get fired.


Depends, if it is unwatched, how much of that is in the spam folder.

But after seeing day after day after day of Podesta e-mails, maybe the number isn't crazy

Sam Peralta

It looks like the FBI has obtained a search warrant.



The 33,000 e-mails that HRC deleted would be a good place to start and identifying them should be a trivial task.


I have always maintained that Trump was going to win and the "polling" was an attempt to shape a Narrative. PsyOps against us. When Trump won the media was going to demand that he prove he is "willing to work with the Democrats", cause a Republican win means the public wants "bipartisanship" while a Democratic win is always framed as a mandate.

Now when the Trumpslide occurs, it'll be "the FBI elected Trump". Look for positive framing of Soros funded riots as "democracy in action". Personally Trump could proscribe the MSM and Id see no problems. Of course, he won't do that, but he k is how to hit them on the business side.

robt willmann

After the slick moves in the summer that got the investigation of Hillary Clinton's illegal e-mail server closed out by the U.S. "Department of Justice", all looked rosy in the political racket. But on Friday, 28 October, when FBI Director James Comey sent his little letter to 16 people in Congress, the facade cracked and the fast-pitch game started.

Here is the letter faxed last night from four U.S. Senators to Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch--


Senators Leahy, Cardin, Carper, and Feinstein want them to provide by tomorrow (31 October): "more detailed information about the investigative steps that are being taken, the number of emails involved, and what is being done to determine how many of the emails are duplicative of those already reviewed by the FBI".

The Guardian newspaper helpfully notes that the four senators each will probably be chairmen of senate committees if the Democrats become the majority there after the election--


Sen. Leahy (judiciary committee), Cardin (foreign relations), Carper (homeland security and governmental affairs), and Feinstein (intelligence) (that would be a mistake).

Also last night, a letter from Jamie Gorelick (Clinton administration) and Larry Thompson (Bush jr.), both former Deputy Attorney Generals (the number two person), which Comey also was, put a letter in the Washington Post that Comey, with his letter to Congress, is "damaging our democracy".--


Some little group called the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, which is associated with a PAC that is against Donald Trump (confusingly called Keep America Great PAC), filed a complaint against Comey with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility, accusing him of violating the Hatch act through his letter to Congress--


Comey, the weird-o Weiner, and perhaps even Huma Abedin, can learn the wisdom of this precise explanation--


different clue


Perhaps I am the exception to your rule. As a mere end user, I am well aware of my existence as an old analog refugee lost in this new digital world.


I wonder if Weiner didn't have a folder named "Life Insurance" for all these emails, I suspect Weiner does have some amount of internet savvy.

I agree again with Tyler, Trump was going to win anyway, this new revelation gives the propaganda networks a way to save face.

different clue

Karl Kolchack,

I believe that when she was working for the Watergate committee, that Hillary studied the Nixon Coverup very carefully and analyzed all its weak points and points of entry. She did that so she could do a better coverup when she decided she needed one.

And her better coverup was indeed better, and it held for a good long while. If it finally breaks, her millions of dead end worshippers will spend the rest of their lives condemning the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy which brought her down.

And the ClintonWorld Foundation Coverup may still keep holding. And all of Mister Clinton's Coverups may keep holding as well. As brilliant shysters, the team of Clinton and Clinton did construct some very well inter-woven and cross-ramified coverups.

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