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20 October 2016


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But an insider certainly fits, and I forget the guy's name, but he was killed the next day which fits in with the Clinton modus operandi.

OM, I am aware of the specific case in Bill Clinton's time, consider me skeptic on this issue. Beside consider me as basically someone that realizes that some riddles in our personal life cannot ever be satisfactorily resolved.

Someone around here alluded to the recent case. What mattered to me most in this context, admittedly, to the little extend I checked, was that the family objected to the partisan misuse of their son's murder. In a case of murder, its easy to understand a family member wants to know, cannot ever be satisfied with easy explanations or fast partisan explanations, it is also easy to understand: They want to understand. Beyond fast given partisan explanations that is. That indeed is a misuse of their son's murder.

To the extend I recall the earlier case it was ruled suicide* and there was quite a bit of partisan dirt digging and evidence production with quite a few rather dubious characters involved in the larger political context. Meaning/Question: didn't it only draw public attention because of the larger dirt digging production going on at the same time? Can it be ruled out the suicide would have escaped public attention without this attention context?

* suicide and mystery always reminds me of a private story, a former prof that had offered me a deeper more serious exchange on a specific topic. Maybe because there is another deeper story below it? When the friend mentioned below, finally pushed me to pick up on the offer after quite a while, it took me several phone calls to find out he had killed himself. This fact was just as mystifying as his suicide, really. Why wouldn't the lady responding to my call have given me the desired knowledge? Sorry, you cannot talk to him he killed himself. What was the reason behind her first answer: He doesn't work here anymore? Is the only reason we censor those matters in our society usually?

If there hadn't been this 98% number by you, at one point in time, maybe I wouldn't have written this. Is as far as I understand my "intrinsic motivation" ...

Once again not seriously proofread.


thanks, kao.

Larry Kart

Doesn’t this piece suggest that HC in recent years has become indecently cozy with some current or former high-ranking members of the U.S. military, including our old friend Jack Keane? If so, I'm not sure that this change of heart, on her part, if it is one, is at all a good sign.



Larry Kart

IMO she sees Keane as a politically useful means of bullying the armed forces leadership. A lot of the "Walmart managers" who are now in charge are easily bullied. They don't understand personal sacrifice for the honor of their profession. pl

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