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10 October 2016


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Morongobill: As long as Hillary follows the advice of the CFR, her "mistakes" are irrelevant. Did any Iraq War supporter lose his/her job?


the above refers to "Well said!"

mike allen

Babak Makkinejad -

Was that matriarch from one of Faulkner's works?

That brings to mind my years in East Asia: Japan, Phillipines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea. The women there let the men strut and bloviate, but they typically ruled the home with an iron hand.

mike allen

Doug Colwell -

It seems you are implying that only manly men support Trump. That has not been my observation of the Trump supporters that I have met personally. No aspersions on you or anyone else here on this blog. But those I have had face-to-face dialogue with, both men and many women, appeared to be very insecure.

mike allen

Different Clue -

I believe you are correct. That was a much better explanation than mine. I have tried to follow those principles.


Pacifica Advocate,

If you really think that, then you must be paying little attention to actual voting trends as they are playing out in this election. Because of Trump, Clinton is making inroads to what would normally be Republican territory, including demographics such as married white suburban women who often vote GOP.

I should also note that there is nothing wrong with “making up your mind before the election.” Generally if you are well-informed and have well-defined political views, whether you vote Republican or Democratic not going to be a matter of great suspense. It is true Republicans face a special dilemma this year but not one that's overpoweringly difficult to resolve. A vote for Clinton over the Republican top three, Trump, Cruz, and Ohio’s answer to Elmer Fudd, John Kasich, seems reasonable enough.


Let me give you a clue about Trump that's easy to overlook if you're a half-planet away and prone to dualism as an outcome (rather than merely an analytical tool).
He's a lousy patriot to pin one's hopes upon. Yes, a 2nd Order consequence of a presidency like his might indeed be a revolution... but one more likely to end up like On The Beach more so than a More Perfect Union. He has temper without temperament, at heart a dictator and in mind a con-man. Impatient nihilists love him because they hope he does great damage to the USA.



Yes, I do. But its always nice to meet a fan. I should be in stores sometime in the next year, otherwise Amazon is the best place to buy me.

"Ecred" is slang for "internet credibility".



I always appreciate you not having an original thought and cutting and pasting whatever the MSM spoon feeds you.


mike allen,

Because if the source has a history of being wrong, you can discount it.

Stop with the autistic parsing. You know entirely what I meant.



Trump let them know, repeatedly, not to go low. The Clintons, with their typical hubris, thought they were dealing with another cucked Republican who would take the high road.

Trump was Liberty Prime, hucking nukes everywhere and making clear the sins of the Clintons.

I'm hoping the third debate is the one where he really opens up the flames.


I concur. Animus towards The Other is far higher than it has been in many years. I wish people could just focus on SEC football - collective hate for innocent individuals is best left to spectator sports.


To LeaNder, Agreed, Trump handling the tax issue re not paying went well..but still his refusal releasing current taxes due to "audit" not selling well with public. Now that public knows he has not paid Fed income taxes, why not release his last filing? How much debt, who holds his debt. After all, he ridiculed Obama for only paying 20%! lol


Here is a mirror from a prior posting of yours, "All due respect, I think you are projecting far too much of what you want to believe"


As is the Trump campaign! We are in this "either or" world of politics that results in "neither"! What a FARCE all the way around!



"My guess is she has learned from her mistakes in Libya. I have no sympathy for Hillary or Obama on Syria. The whole foreign policy establishment has failed to discern that the true enemies are the jihadists."

You contradict your own point. If she was a person who learned from her mistakes, she would not have made the mistakes she made in Libya, a result of learning from her support for the disastrous Iraq adventure. If she had learned from her mistakes in Libya, she would be able to accurately analyze the situation in Syria. My knock against her all along is that she is a person of incredibly poor judgement, who does not learn. Ascribe it to hubris or cynicism or whatever. Who knows why? Her track record indicates that she simply cannot get these things right. The fact that the people who surround and provide her with "evidence" and "advice" themselves display an even worse penchant for poor judgement and analysis only compounds the problem. She is hardly a mere policy wonk. She is a true believer in a fantasy world that will (already has) cost millions of lives in her and others' attempts to realize its fruition.

As to Donald angering the Russians, what past evidence supports this assertion? Moreover, angering them and shooting at them are two completely different propositions. We've already done a great deal to anger them. The real danger, one which Trump has disavowed, is shooting at them. She and her ilk have displayed an altogether cavalier willingness to take us down that road. I will not vote for him, but I can't for the life of me find a Hillary supporter who can provide me a compelling argument for why she won't take us to war with Russia. To a person, the responses have been to dissemble, to divert from the question, or simply to state, "Donald is crazier! He'd do worse!", as if it gets worse than a shooting war with a nuclear superpower. I wait with baited breath any solid refutations of Hillary's seemingly apocalyptic warmongering.

Nancy K

It wasn't a women who got us into a war in Iraq, remember Bush and Cheny and " they are coming to get us."

Nancy K

Whose leg and whose fantasies? Unsure of what you are referring to. I can't imagine any women having a fantasy that involved Trump, unless it is the one where after losing the election, he just disappear.

Dr Puck

There's a lot of circular arguing in these comments. The new example that is prominent describes the potential for the Dems capturing the vote by hacking the tabulating machines, and/or, hijacking absentee and early voting; and, crucially, this happening in a way that cannot be found out.

Thus, we know the election was stolen because HRC won it. This would be a perfect crime. It would make a lot of media pundits very rich for the duration of her gridlock-beleaguered first term.

Mr. Trump has already done a little paving in this direction, although his implying Black Americans vote repeatedly in urban precincts, ("that must be watched over!") is on a par with his wretched understanding about other stuff.

I doubt very much a hot war with a nuclear power is a good idea, and, I'm hoping HRC feels the same way.

On the other hand, knowing the details of Trump's biography, and, knowing just the several details about his economic plan, reassert for me that he's in it for his own pocketbook.

His plan to vastly cut the taxes of the very elites he is said to be fighting against for the sake of "unrigging the rigged system," remains for me the obvious sinkhole in the (preposterous) idea that he gives one whit about the working man.

Related to this is his embrace of standard GOP orthodoxies. Take healthcare for example, where he has promised that his health care fix will keep the people with pre-existing conditions insured, lower premiums and co-pays, and, reinstate the direct relationship between patient and doctor. He called his healthcare plan the "most beautiful plan." It assumes that a deregulated insurance market will cause insurance companies to fight over the sickest and non-profitable customers. Absurd!



You are conveniently forgetting several key people, like C. Rice, Judy Miller and the Rajin' Cajun's wife, Mary Matlin. pl


He wants to shoot up the Iranians--that is really, really crazy!

Don’t forget the Iranian Agreement is not an exclusive US deal. There were what? Six countries involved with that? If Trump blows it up, we’ve lost complete credibility with the other countries and all bets are off on containing anything.


Americans are stupid enough and entitled enough that a bloodless direct hit on the power grid would be enough to make them foam at the mouth. The Al Qaeda/ Saudi hit on 9/11 caused an activated populace that eventually resulted in Iraq. The Russians would have to pick a target innocuous enough to send a message that gets through even to the sheep, perhaps the inland Nevada target-proving-grounds desert. I think they'd be smart enough to do that. I see some kind of cyber pwning demonstration for 24 hrs, just as proof-of-concept, as more likely.



Once again, "a more perfect union" in the preamble referred to creating a more effective form of government, not the creation of an earthy paradise. pl


The country where women demand combat roles in war, but become hysterical because of mere locker room talk.

In a nutshell.

Feminist whackadoodle logic.


"Will most of them re-defect to his camp? I think they will and that will be a mistake because IMO he is still going to lose"

I'm not following, how is this a mistake? Is there some rule in the US where if you don't vote for the winner, you are fined?

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