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10 October 2016


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Col. Lang said... "IMO the success of such PR techniques will mean the end of actual democracy in the US if it continues."

Nancy K said... "I think Hillary will win as a result of the women's vote."

I hear a voice from the past saying that women should not be allowed to vote. Maybe that voice will prove right after all. Totalitarianism, courtesy of women's rights.

The country where women demand combat roles in war, but become hysterical because of mere locker room talk. It would be fitting should the last american president be the first woman to reach that office.

But I'm being evil right there. Fortunately it seems that many women will not vote for the criminal Kewpie doll anyway.

By the way, first debate, Trump let Hillary throw those inane accusations without retort, claerly intent on seeing how low would she go, setting the stage for a justifiable, in the eyes of the people watching the debates, unleashing of low level accusations at Clinton and Hillary at the next debate. It is interesting how some, like Origin, in lawyery fashion, no less, said that Trump had become dominated by Hillary, when it was clear that he was both lamenting the direction Hillary had decided to go and giving her rope so he would be able to attack without regret at their next encounter.

In the end, it is interesting that the one candidate that speaks the truth about the state of their country is the one americans think unfit for office. Perhaps, it is the office that has become unfit for the truthful citizen.

mike allen

Hasbara? Do the Isaelis hate him too? About time those bastards got something right.

Doug Colwell

Mike allen, "if Snopes is run by a cat lady, then I would assume she must be a Trump supporter." Do you understand how stupid that sounds?
I cannot say for certain but I suspect our cat lady would support Hillary. She does not seem to have a firm grasp of what is happening in the outside world.

different clue

mike allen,

It may be that Clinton does not specifically want a hot war literally. It may be that she wants the fruits of victory without having to earn the victory ( actually without making other people have to earn the victory). It may be that she shares the DC FedRegime consensus-view mentioned above that the Russiagov will "fold" when its "bluff" is "called". In which case she would back the US into a war she didn't literally "want".

But whether a Prez Clinton would literally "want" a war, or merely create a war through making a bad bet . . . well, as the Clintron itself said in another context . . . " what difference would it make?"

different clue


Well . . . we'll collectively remember all about all the brand-name Republican nomination-seekers and understand all over again how we ever nominated him.



"The strategy is always this: first the infidels, THEN the apostates."

I wish ISIS/Al-Qaeda listened to your advice, then they would be liberating the ME from the Anglo-Zionists rather than killing their co-religious brothers and sisters for them.

different clue

mike allen,

My memory may be off, but what I remember is that it is our host here who has instructed us from time to time that the information-itself should be considered separately from the source-of-the-information. The information itself should be used as a kind of data-flashlight helping us to look for other data-bits to support or counter-support the info-bit which we are considering. (If I am remembering/understanding correctly what I have read).

One could go further and regard the source-of-the-information as being a piece of information itself. One could then try doing various kinds of kremlinology on both the source-of-the-information and the information-from-that-source as to what's and whose's agenda is being advanced or countered by pieces of information coming from particular sources at particular times.

Old Microbiologist

I was merely assuming a tit for tat. But, didn't consider the cyber warfare aspects. I believe they would shut off the entire US infrastructure. Most of the very best programmers come from Russia or India. Many now work in the US and many of those are at DoD or in sensitive positions. I myself employed 4 senior Russia scientists in my biodefense program as an example. All Russians, just like the Chinese are loyal to Mother Russia. Ask any one of them (assuming you are close enough for honesty) and in a war between the US and Russia they would support Russia. Many are "Jewish" but that has no meaning as they are perhaps genetically descended but have zero religious affiliations. The same is true for the majority of the Russian Jews who emigrated to Israel and make up a large percentage of the population there. None are interested in the religion at all and just like in the US most would support Russia over Israel despite Israel having one of the strongest pro-Israel propaganda programs I have seen (similar to that we have in the US).

As for Americans response, it would be weak to minimal and consist of protests and even those only with the permission of the government in places far out of the eye of the press which we all now know is a unified propaganda instrument of the administration. Even Viet Nam protests took 10 years to have an effect so I wouldn't count on the American public giving a damn as merely 1% of the population is in the military and they are from the bottom 1/3 of the socioeconomic strata. Plus Russia is our historic boogeyman and the meme is easily re-energized. Americans need to always hate someone. ISIS wasn't sufficient so now we have the evil Russians (again!!).

different clue


Could there be a way to deny Clinton access to all her paths to the magic 270 Electoral votes? It is felt that Vermont will go Clinton. Could enough Bitter Berners vote some kind of Not Clinton to attrit her numbers below the Trump numbers in Vermont? Could the same happen in critical parts of New York City where people still remember the State Party DemoCrapparatchiks dropping people off the voter rolls or falsely changing their party registration to prevent them from voting in the DemPrimary? Do enough Bitter Berners remember versions of that sort of thing in California?

Do enough Massachusettsians think well enough of Weld so as to vote Johnson to "get" Weld?

In short, is there a path to "path denial" against Clinton so as to get the election thrown into the House of Representatives?


Apologies to my American siblings for what is to come. I want Trump to win for two important reasons. And before you say why should an Aussie have a say about who runs the US, remember my country is run out of Washington ("...nothing will save the Governor-General").

Firstly it looks like he will pursue an America First foreign policy. Not that we can believe a word he says, but I know what policies Shillary will carry out, I just have to look over my shoulder. The world needs a soft landing for Pax Americana, Trump could pull this off by reinstating the American nation-state.

And secondly, Trump's vulgar wedge politics will bring on more rapidly the 2nd American Revolution. This ties into my first point, we need a new American Republic to replace the one lost to power and greed. Easy for me to say all the way down here safe from militarised police, NSA surveillance and monstrous sociopaths. But the world will turn soon on your decision to support your government or not. And if the two on offer this electoral cycle are any indication, there is not much left to preserve.

“May our land be a land of liberty, the seat of virtue, the asylum of the oppressed, a name and a praise in the whole Earth, until the last shock of time shall bury the empires of the whole world in one common undistinguished ruin!”
― Joseph Warren

Which one will it be?

English Outsider

"While not perfect, things are really pretty good here in the USA .."

That's a relief. For a moment I thought there might be problems.

Things are pretty good here in the UK, too. I believe they're pretty good over in Europe as well. That is, as you say, down to the good governance and bureaucratic continuity we all enjoy. We only need to elect more of the same and things will remain pretty good.

Mr Origin, are you trying your hand at satire? We only need your confirmation that things are pretty good in the Ukraine, Libya and Syria and the satire will be complete.

English Outsider


"His best show was when he discussed his position on Russia and Assad and his graciousness at the end."

Women consider this less important than their lurid fantasies about his leg humping???


Origin wrote: "She is a policy wonk and is subject to listening to advice and examining evidence. My guess is she has learned from her mistakes in Libya."

I believe that a majority here will disagree with this statement of yours. Speaking only for myself, I feel that she has learned nothing and will double down with similar actions and behaviors.


gowithit, I actually think Trump did comparatively well on the tax issue. Do you seriously feel the reduction of taxes via incurred and verified debts is the only tool in the tool box? Dream on. Some ways used in tax reduction could be politically more helpful then others?

I agree with Pat, this is a campaign largely about images. What is targeted via the tax issue is the deal-maker, the successful business man. Not that he invited it himself, somewhat.


I defer to your cred as a connoisseur of the wind-egg omelet.


Babak Makkinejad

I read about a Southern matriarch who opposed women suffragists; she thought that the franchise should be confined to men since it gives them something to do, viz. Politics.

I imagine she did not think very highly of men and rightly considered woman's role to be superior.

mike allen

Steve -

Trump's real position is the one that at the moment will get him the most votes. Or the most $. He is going to parlay his election loss in November into another reality tv monstrosity to scam the American people.


My take of the situation here in the South is that we are at a critical point. Substantial progress has been made on the issue of race to the economic benefit of all groups. If Hillary wins, that progress will continue. Trump brings out the worst side of the racism that has crippled the region for centuries. If he wins, the fragile consensus of increasing racial tolerance and mutual accommodation may be damaged. To this Southerner, Trump's speeches are loaded with very familiar and subtle racist code directed at the rascists who remain too abundant here. The choice is between someone who will encourage peace or someone who will inflame the primal sin of the region. No matter how it may seem from the vantage from afar, here it is really mostly about racism. Trump knows what he is doing and he is willing to destroy our progress for his personal greed for power. This is the reason Georgia at go blue and NC too.


No, Trump would bring out the worst elements of Americans and you would like what you would get much less than what you now have. Be careful what you seek, especially when you would invoke the darker side of the American character. We can be horrific and our history is really a struggle to keep that darker element in check.

The Beaver


Part of Podesta's advices ( Circa 2014) on Iraq/Syria/ISIS from Wikileaks- same rhetoric she said during the debate:


Let's hope she can learn, else things could get really bad. It is quite realistic to worry she can't and I do worry about it. I would worry more about the people around Trump. The neocon project has been a terrible mistake. Both of the candidates seem enamored with it, though with somewhat in different flavors.


I'm waiting for them put a Yemeni child on an orange ambulance seat. (I'll be waiting forever.)


Mike Allen: the internet provides us the perfect vehicle to echo the thoughts of those we already agree with.

As I posted earlier, I have not idea if the number of "secret" Trump voters will outweigh the number of Republican women who will vote for Hillary or just undervote the top of the ticket.

Watching CBS this morning, the anti-Trump theme today was "smart people know he's already lost." That theme is obviously contrived.

Eric Newhill

Origin,The NY Times has an Atlanta office? Good for you. Is Mike Allen sitting in the next cubicle on the row?

Trump has not been in office these past few years and we have race riots and assassinations of police on a regular basis by blacks who hate police and whites. We've got a university culture where being white is considered a shameful thing.

You write well, but not well enough to make us doubt what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears. Propaganda only impacts the weak minded. Kudos for trying it here though. Must be frustrating and maybe the lack of converts will impact your bonus. Sorry.


Origin: What you call "progress" is the reason Trump has a base. I live in a rich urban area. All I have to do is drive for 45 minutes I can find lots of my neighbors who are getting crushed by neo-liberal economics. America is not Manhattan.

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