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10 October 2016


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Belligerence toward Russia is certainly troubling; at least that's talked about.
What does Hillary mean by "taking US relationship to Israel to the next level?" Complete capitulation to Israel as against mere dominance of influence? Will she sign an actual treaty? Will the Senate approve (YES).

I'd also like to see more discussion of the Bridge of the Horns project. I think that looms large in State Dept. planning, and Israel expects to be a major player in what is expected to be a commercialization of Africa to rival the East India Company, and to edge out Iran by installing Mordechai in the place of Haman- Rohani. Don't forget: at the heart of the zionist ideology was the festering sore of Rome having defeated Jewish rebels in the first century AD; zionists want to BE the Roman empire, or the Persian empire, or both. That's not hyperbole, it's the stated mindset; so say H Sacher and Yossi Alpher.

I recall HRC mentioning the US "Silk Road" project once or twice, but the Chinese laid out "One Belt One Road" a couple years ago, http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2016/07/one-belt-one-road-fb-ali.html
As well, the Bridge of the Horns has been in the works since at least 2008. Some very wealthy Americans are involved in Bridge of the Horns --http://americanmei.org/news-story/madeleine-albright-to-speak-at-pittsburgh-middle-east-institutes-third-annual-conference/ the kind of folks that Hillary hobnobs with, now that she and Bill are no longer "broke."


Would a demonstration of capabilities, lent to willing actors around a Bab-al-Mendab, by second or third rate weopens and/or operators be a less dramatic and a more likely warning shot?

Former 11B

100% accurate.Nice call Tyler. It smoked out all the fakers.


Same can be said about keeping her composure when hearing of the raping of Gaddafi with a knife, by Al-awards linked rebels. At least she should have behaved like a statesman/woman and suppressed her psychopathic (not meant as an insult but clinical diagnosis of pleasure in another's suffering) laughter, in public.


You just gave the clinical definition of a psychopath


So you equate "raping a minor by a violent offender" to Assange's inability to withhold ejaculation during consensual sex, once the condom broke?


If that's the standard, the battles of Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Berlin were "holocausts" that make Aleppo look like a campfire.

Former 11B

Things are good for you. Not for me though and not for a whole lot of other people. And I am not down with borgiost agenda. Shining house on the hill we are not. Rather we have turned into a place where fraud is a business model and justice is only applied to proles. You think that's sustainable? The answer is yes with the condition that you have a police state. No thanks.


Hillary Clinton has several paths to 270 Electorial votes and Donald Trump has few. He does not seem to realize that he has to seriously expand support beyond his base to prevail. It appears that her contention that he is unfit for the office is gaining traction and unless he can reverse that, she will win.

I suspect that after the election there will be a lot of broken glass to deal with as all those crystal balls either implodes or explodes.


Do they pay you by the word?

The whole post is absurd.

Insanity - doing the same old same old and expecting a better result.

"Loves war" - where did that whopper come from.

The war lover would seem to be Hillary and yes she is the conservative choice , if a poor one.


Russia has no incentive to shoot at Israel and Israel has no incentive to provide the Russians one. Israel seems to be hedging their bets as to who can best serve as the outside power broker in the region. Russia has more to offer Israel in dealings with Iran than the US does. Even the US was bailed out by Russia once they'd painted themselves into the war corner over Iran's nuclear program.



All due respect, I think you are projecting far too much of what you want to believe onto them.

Cold War Zoomie

Trump did better than I expected and Clinton worse in this "debate" (it was anything but). Based on polling data to date, I change my prediction to Clinton winning by a plurality with 48% of the national vote, Trump 43% of the national vote, and 3rd parties/write-ins capturing the remaining 9% of votes. Clinton's ground game will eek out the win.

Trump succeeded in stopping the defections but will struggle to garner more than 3 percentage points of the remaining undecideds out there. Clinton will try to run out the clock. I expect one or two more videos to counter more Wikileaks releases, canceling out each other.

That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it (until other factors make me change my mind yet again!).

On a personal note, I found the whole thing last night incredibly depressing. Why oh why can't we go to a shorter campaign season? This ain't the 1890s when candidates crisscrossed the country by train to deliver their stump speeches.

Oh, and turnout of the voting age population will barely make 50%.

That's what we call a SWAG in Gubment circles.


Various talking heads are talking about using "stand-off weapons" to disable Syria's air capabilities. They seem to be not thinking about the capabilities of Russia's air defense systems, which as the centerpiece of Russian air strategy are beyond our own. I can think of no disincentive for Russia to deploy against such a standoff attack - downing missiles on their way to targets is not the same as downing aircraft. If Russia's air defense systems are successful against cruise missiles etc., it would throw the Borg's strategy into a crisis - either double down with much higher military and political risks or back down. I almost wouldn't mind it happening just to watch the ants scramble and to see the expression on Charles Lister's fat face.


"Stand by your Mad (eleine Allbright)"

"There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women."

"500,000 dead Iraqi children -- it's worth the price."


Not sure what you mean that a lawyer can't represent a client who is lying. If you mean that a lawyer can't put a client on the witness stand to knowingly lie, you are correct, at least in the sense that the lawyer would be guilty of suborning perjury. If the client insists on taking the stand and committing perjury, the lawyer then has a duty to inform the court that he can no longer represent the client.

For that reason, many criminal defense lawyers never ask the client if he or she committed the crime. Sounds weird, but it's true.

But, if a lawyer knows a client is guilty, there is no legal ethical problem with the client proclaiming his innocence in any manner outside the witness stand. And of course there is also no problem for the lawyer constructing a defense which exonerates his guilty client. Again, as long as no perjury is involved.

The only prohibited lie would be in court.


Loved this post.

The long penultimate paragraph is perfection.



I don't claim to be a typical undecided voter. I can't vote for Clinton mainly based on her venal political hypocrisy, her foreign policy leanings, and her plain disrespect for the intelligence of the American voter. I can't vote for Trump because he is a nasty human being and I frankly don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth or have faith that he would be a competent administrator of our government. But he still sorely tempts me because the entire political establishment in Washington is against him.

I've never not voted. My trouble is deciding to vote Green or Libertarian. Or might I just do the unthinkable and pull the lever for Trump. I don't know.

mike allen

Tyler -

You still doubt the cat lady? She will be disappointed that your tent is not big enough for her. But I am sure she will vote for Trump anyway. This morning she was ranting an raving about what she calls "Hillary's smarmyness" at the debate.

As to making up stories I was never very good at it. But as I told you before I have read your online sci-fi here online, and would like to read more. Where can I buy hard copies? Will you autograph it for me?

But I don't always catch your code talk. What is "ecred"?

Tol Tapen

I thought you were.

The oligarchy which controls the US political establishment shall be severely weakened if its foreign dominion desintegrates. Therefore, the points that I raise have everything to do with the Americans getting control of their country back from...

This is my last comment in your blog.

mike allen

Well said!

mike allen

But Tyler, you yourself have said on this blog in the past that the source of info should not automatically be ruled out, consider the info also. I believe Colonel Lang has said something similar.

Were you lying to me way back then? Or have you changed your mind? That is cricket I guess, if politicians and women do it, why can't you and I?

And what is wrong with cat ladies? If Snopes is run by a cat lady, then I would assume she must be a Trump supporter.


In that particular group of battles you should add in the Battle of Kiev.


At various points in his campaign, Trump has said he will bomb Syria into the stone age, put 30,000 troops into Syria and Iraq, and put no troops into Syria. How do we know which of these is his real position?



used to be when a Dem candidate took a strident "conservative" position on foreign policy, it was so they couldn't be outflanked on the right. old habits die hard. anyway, I think Origin makes some good points. I live in the deep south and the economy isn't a disaster - I've seen worse in recent decades. however, extremism is gaining strength... as displayed by $55,000 coal-rolling pick-up trucks.

In olden days America, when things got hard, people picked up and moved on, tried something new somewhere different.. these days, not so much.

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