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10 October 2016


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Not only offensive on that count, what about her continued violation of the debate format as she interrupted, bullied and contradicted according to her whim? Donald could have gone farther calling her out on that, but probably wagered she was digging her own grave.

Martin Oline

I believe that Trump won this election by promising to put Hillary in a jail cell. There are a great number of disaffected democrats out there who were going to sit out this election or vote third party. They will now vote for Donald in the hopes of seeing her in the docket.
The wild card will be those computerized election machines. Election fraud can win for Hillary by concentrating on just a few states.
I agree with Jim Jordan that many more voters will be at the polls in November. They came out in the primaries by the millions and they won't stay at home, unlike those who the democrat party who will stay home, thankful this embarrassing charade is over. Someone said last night that the "debate" was a cross between TMZ and Jerry Springer. I agree.

Allen Thomson

In latest news, Paul Ryan had a talk with House Republicans a couple of hours and,

"Mr. Ryan initially urged his members to focus on their own re-election campaigns and to make individual decisions about how to handle Mr. Trump, according to two people who were on the call, who spoke on condition of anonymity."

Reminds me of Heinlein in "Starship Troopers" (the really good book, not the not so good movie): Sauve qui peut!



Maybe a Kasich would require the Clinton campaign to distort, but you have to admit that Trump provides a lot of quality raw material. After the distortion field of the general election recedes, we'll collectively shake our heads and wonder how we ever nominated him.


Her hostility to Russia was clear, as was her willingness to avoid a discussion of how best to deal with radical jihadis in Syria. This is the small print that will be lost in the discussion until after her inauguration. In her her world Russia = Assad = bad.


Saddest comment so far, WikiLeaks is actually doing more good than harm.
Traditionally, our media would do the job of vetting candiates.

The current media is in the tank for Shillary, hence the necessity of WikiLeaks.

Old Microbiologist

Actually, I am curious to see if the much vaunted ABM systems even work at all. The Daniel Cook was shut down completely nown in 2 separate incidents and is one of the Aegis ABM platform ships we are relying on for our ABM defense. Russia will not attack unless attacked first but will very definitely respond and overwhelmingly so. These nuts in the US leadership actually seem to believe their own hype. Russia may be relatively small, but they still have a debt free economy, and have much skill at defending against American soft aggression including economic sanctions. It isn't painless though but has served as a rallying point for Putin against a common and well understood enemy. But, they have been steadily upgrading everything and a complete reorganization to a smaller but better military. If needed though they can crank up the entire nation quickly. I doubt the children in the US would respond the same way. I hope we don't see it but I believe Russia might possibly survive more or less intact should we launch nukes at them. But, to think we would survive? Far less so. I find it amazing that this is actually on the table. We are in deep caca.

David Lentini

With regard to Kathy Shelton who had been brutally raped by a man named Carter when she was twelve, I don't see anything wrong with HC's conduct. She was Carter's court appointed attorney and successfully got the scumbag's sentence reduced. It was her duty to do that. Enough said.

Two thoughts. First, as an attorney, it is more likely that HRC should have quit as counsel once she knew the truth. And lying to defend a client is a huge ethical violation and would likely carry legal liability. Second, her behavior speaks for itself. Laughing? Come on. At least she could have kept a grim face.


Tyler: I wonder why Trump doesn't announce that he will ask people at his rallies to pledge not to vote for the local Republican candidate for Rep/Senator unless that candidate endorses Trump.


David Lentini

I am not a lawyer but used to be around them when I was doing expert witness work. I was unaware that it was possible for a lawyer who has been appointed by a judge to withdraw so easily. Did she lie in court? Tell me. pl

different clue

mike allen,

" Bob Graham" of Florida? Do you mean "Lindsey Graham" of South Carolina?


“holocaust” is a generic word meaning destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire. It’s a few centuries old.

Jews don’t own it.


Trump could be a syphillitic warthog (who casually uses the n word according to the rumour mill on the next revelation)

Donny Deutsch said the opposite on Morning Joe a few weeks ago. Said he’d known Trump for a few decades, never heard racist talk from him ever. He asked people he knows who’ve known Trump as long, and all of them, he said, never heard a racist word come out of his mouth. Jes’ saying’.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

I have to agree that there are still the formalities of a democratic republic, representational democracy or whatever one wishes to call it. But they are tattered and under constant attack by authoritarians from right and left. The refinement and application of psychological warfare techniques are never spoken of in the Borgist media save for someone like Maddow to denounce 'conspiracy theories'.
I'm always having to ask myself if the kind of elections we're having are much different than the Tammany Hall orchestrated elections, or the kind of elections they had in Jefferson's day where the candidate rolled out a hogshead of rum and bought votes the old fashioned way.
And speaking of old time pols, how come no one mentions how the sainted Abe Lincoln threw habaeus corpus out the window? I see the appeal of Trump since at least he casts aside sacred cows from time to time.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

Her behavior on hearing of the grim murder of Quadafi (a guy who had bent over backward to court the Empire's favor after the Soviet Union imploded)is a pretty good indication of her utter lack of empathy. Or worse, her delight in the suffering of others.


Yes, it was the cold-hearted laughing response that got to me. Not unlike the gleeful cackle at Ghaddafi's brutal murder.

mike allen

Colonel -

The rapists name was Thomas Alfred Taylor, not Carter. He asked for a court appointed lawyer. Hillary specifically told the judge that she preferred not to defend a rapist but was given no choice by appointing judge, Maupin Cummings.

She did not get him free, but did manage to get him to agree to a lesser charge for which he was imprisoned despite the right wing wurlitzer's charges that she got him off free.

She did, to her shame, discredit the girl's story in court a la Julian Assange.

mike allen

Yes, Lindsey. Sorry too much coffee this morning.

mike allen


mike allen

Count me in as one of the deniers that Hillary wants a hot war with anybody. So what if she thinks Syria and Russia are war criminals for Aleppo City airstrikes. Apparently they think we (all Americans, you included) are war criminals for Deir ez-Zor.

jim jordan

Even they fail to produce the tape the slur is already out there http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/10/trump-tapes-british-apprentice-producer-under-pressure-to-releas/

Zachary Smith


The key part is the first minute. Hillay had the duty to do her best for her client, and she got him off. But as the audio clip indicates, she knew he was guilty. THAT may be standard lawyer stuff, but laughing about the event years later is beyond the pale.


I'm w/ Bob on this one...


MRW: I agree that Jews don't own it. But destroying Jihadis in Aleppo has nothing in common with the actual Holocaust or the (Khmer Rouge) Killing Fields of Cambodia, or the Genocide in Rwanda.

Raddatz's suggestion was cheap, dishonest propaganda.


I think the only path for a candidate who can depart from "party elite" views to have a shot at the Presidency may be someone:

1. Like Trump with name recognition and substantial personal wealth, at least enough to build momentum;

2. Who "gets" this country's core problems and recognizes that party/deep state conventional wisdom is not going to address our many problems and challenges; and

3. Who is not a career politician.

I think that those who dismiss Trump due to his manner and history (many of my liberal friends/colleagues) may be missing the point that if we really want effective change, more "polished" personalities are unlikely to be be able to deliver such.

I would also add that I live in a fairly liberal area of Mid-coast Maine where it appears there is close to zero enthusiasm for Clinton. I saw the first HRC bumper sticker about a week ago and two HRC yard signs three days ago. Driving to town there must be 30+ yards with a campaign sign for the democratic State senate candidate, but not one of these yards has an HRC sign. Interestingly, my local neighborhood is mostly working class but I have not yet seen a Trump campaign sign. I have seen (only) a few Trump bumper stickers.

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