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15 October 2016


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the Joint Staff is a coordinating body that exists to draw the relevant aspects of a plan or operation together. Thus, the Joint Staff has sections for; personnel (J-1), intelligence (J-2), operations (J-3), logistics (J-4), plans (J-5), etc... The J-2 section is in charge of making sure that the intelligence aspects of the plan are part of the process of writing the plan but the J-2 is not a research institution. DIA ia research and collection of information institution, something like a university. This is where the in-depth knowledge and expertise are lodged. The J-2 section os a consumer of the DIA product. pl


Thanks for this; I was just about ready to put the link up. I have always had a great deal of respect for Freeman's expertise and judgement.


Obama has decided to start a cyber war with Russia:

Remember, what can be done FOR us, can be done TO us.
What could possibly go wrong?

I'll start the list. Not my specialty, so speculations:
--air traffic control
--power station control
--water station control
--nuclear power plant control
--railroad station control
--gasoline company delivery schedules
--food company delivery schedules
--Amazon servers DOS attack, no one buys on Black Friday
--SWIFT banking attack
all these seem so obvious I see no harm mentioning, but feel free to edit.

mike allen

J -

Wasn't Naryshkin an old friend of Putin in St Petersburg in the nineties?

He is also reported to be on the board of directors of Russian shipping & oil companies, and a TV network.


There was a study a long time ago that America was so vulnerable to attack, because of so many high-value targets, that it is critical to get along well with neighbors. There is so much to lose, that we take for granted.


Thank you.


Kooshy, keep in mind a very large segment of the news watching public are metaviewers who are morbidly fascinated by the spectacle of an a$$h*le pageant ... and/or tune in to be outraged.


Obama's revenge is for DNC getting hacked. CIA? says "confident" it was the Russians. But if they were "certain" they would produce evidence, meaning they don't have clear evidence, just a say-so. Putin says Russia gains no benefit from hacking DNC. What are odds "confident" is politically motivated, from the top/ from factions in the middle?

Larry Stack


Just caught your blog and wanted to say hello. I was a captain in the 2nd battalion, 525th MI Group from April 1968 until April 1969. We drank some beer together, though I doubt you will remember me from so long ago. I was initially in Bien Hoa as CI Team chief and later with the 25th Div at Dau Tieng and Tay Ninh. I recall seeing a lot of you in print and on TV back in 2004-5. Keep up the good work!!!

Regards from an old buddy.

Larry Stack


Trust in the media is low and not everyone watches cable news. The latest polls were grossly slewed in favour of dem leaning voters. Trump is still in with a fair chance, and there are more wikileaks to come.


DIA is lawful and follows the rules, whereas CIA has a talent for being chaotic. Clapper even lied to Congress (as did O.North). Cheney had a shadow gov't going. The CIA has overthrown something like 30+ gov'ts under various different presidents. Ukraine and Syria don't seem like Obama's style (I could be wrong). The first goal of any org is to preserve its existence. How likely is it that the CIA has fiefdoms/factions inside it that are quietly running pet projects, in a semi-autonomous manner, as opposed to taking direction purely from the top? How likely is it that Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Russia, the drones, were come up with by someone else, and then rubber-stamped by Obama, as opposed to originated/directed by Obama?

Could some of this be coming from retired/outside, e.g. Diamondback's Kappes / Kagan? It all just seems so weird, sir.


Larry Stack

Good to hear from you buddy! I remember being in 3rd Battalion but as you say it was a long time ago pl

The Twisted Genius


The CIA does have fiefdoms/factions, but they would not run pet projects without authorization. They will aggressively champion and market their pet projects to leadership and to Congress to keep the funding (and authorization) flowing. They will use "restricted access" to control info about their project and will use deep insiders as contractors for their ability to influence as much as their expertise.

Although these pet projects may originate within the CIA fiefdoms, they are not run without proper authorization. Rogue CIA operations exist only in the movies. That doesn't mean they don't dance around the edges within these projects.

FB Ali

b reported this in a comment on another thread (Who done what?). He thought the captain of the USS Mason, and others up the chain of command, should pay a price for this.

No way! Egregious error, so long as it's against the bad guys, is not punishable - in fact, the contrary (eg, the USS Vincennes).

In fact, where policy intrudes, even one's own can be sacrificed (eg, the USS Liberty). Perhaps the modern version of the saying should be:

Oh Policy, what crimes are committed in thy name!


Thank you.


The J-2 comment is intriguing- that the DIA is the J-2 for the JCS. There is a table of the J positions in the wiki article

gotta a couple of questions: The brigade HQ company has the J- positions, is that right? then the higher groupings would also have their own staff?

was there an equivalent to the generalstab or Generalquartiermeister in the Confederate or Union armies? Do, I understand it right that in the old Staff system, the staff officer could do more than just advise. But the Goldwater_Nichols act changed that for the U.S.? In the "Strike the Tent" triology, guess Butler and his buddies would have been part of the J-2 for the Union, and C. Devereaux & J. Benjamin (actually the whole secret service) part of the J-2 for the Confeds? Would the cavalry that was supposed to screen and discover the enemy part of the corps or Army J-2 or they would report to the aide adjutant? What exactly did Professor Venable (Major Venable) do for RE Lee? i've always been interested in Venable when I found out Venable Hall (Chemistry) in UNC- Chapel Hill was named after his son who was a professor and chancellor. Also NC State has a D.H. Hill Library, named after Gen. D.H. Hill's son and Stonewall Jackson's nephew.

Interesting the Soviets had a dual command system with embedded political commissars that could make military decisions, or at least set a process in motion to remove commanders?

Have to ask another question to show my ignorance- why is there both a CIA and DIA? Is it true that Truman reconsidered and wanted to do away with the covert operational part of the CIA? Could we have managed w/o the covert operational part? I don't know who made the remark that the reason the U.S. government has never been overthrown is b/c there's no U.S. Embassy in Washington, D.C. (oh yea- it was probably the Castros)

How is the Khedive book coming along? Just finished a bio of Napoleon. The Mamelukes he defeated in Egypt were nominally under Ottoman allegiance, whereas prior to 1586 or so, they had been independent. After the British gave the French free transportation to leave Egypt, then the Albanian Ottoman Officers stepped into the vacuum and began to set up their own dynasty.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't cyber attacks been incorporated under Terrorism definition in U.S. code. And those who take part in any phase of cyber attacks, are considered Terrorist and prosecute under U.S. Law.

Isn't what the White House and CIA doing regarding cyber attacks planned against Russia, liable under U.S. law?


Google probably has my wifi password. Microsoft also. And i try to protect my privacy. So the scale what the US can do with cyber to Russia is so much bigger that it is not even a competition. But after the attack Google, Apple and Microsoft software are death in some very big countries. That is why a real cyber war is deathly for the US


"J said...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't cyber attacks been incorporated under Terrorism definition in U.S. code. And those who take part in any phase of cyber attacks, are considered Terrorist and prosecute under U.S. Law."

Further, consider the case of the U.S.-Israeli Suxnet virus. Not just an information stealing hack, but a weaponized virus that can take over nuclear power machinery and spin stepper motors out of control. It has spread far from its intended Persian target. And when did Congress declare War on Iran?

It gets me that for a "finding" to destroy a country, one of the grounds are that they are inimical to the foreign policy of the U.S., no matter how contrary to law and America first interest the foreign policy set by the Israel Firsters is.

I'm kinda slow, somebody explain these two propositions to me:
1. Why are the medieval headchoppers of Saudi Barbaria who have exported Wahhabi takfiri jihadists worldwide preferable to the relatively more modern and more ecunemical Persians?

"Saudi Arabia allows Christians to enter the country as foreign workers for temporary work, but does not allow them to practice their faith openly. Because of that Christians generally only worship within private homes. Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are prohibited."

"The government guarantees the recognized Christian minorities a number of rights (production and sale of non-halal foods),[citation needed] representation in parliament, special family law etc" proslyteziation and conversion are dealt with harshly. But bottom line, how many churches are there is KSA? zilch. In Iran, many


2. Related question. Other than the takfiri jihadist interest of KSA and settler Israel of doing in the Syrian government (delegitimized by calling it "regime"), how does it serve the interests of the American people to replace the secular multiconfessional elected Syrian government with an Islamist regime? Didn't work out all that well in Egypt.


Sorry, you told us this before. I certainly have this strong déjà vu.


The external link to the document by James D. Marchio (DIA) also seems to contain a little that surfaced in discussion here: The Evolution and Relevance of Joint Intelligence Centers


I spent quite a bit of time following links, to related matters and into some CV's. Got a vague idea what might be beneath your hesitancy towards Political Science guys from the military perspective.

Thank's Pat.



My aversion to poly sci/IR has nothing to do with the military. My problem with this academic field is that it is detached from reality and if allowed to influence government seeks to impose ideas on policy that are impossible to fulfill because they are alien to human nature. pl


stuxnet, misspelled it. has it been that long? 4 years. seems like only yesterday. And it worked on the controllers that regulated the centrifuge motors.


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