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29 October 2016


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the emails must have been in the computer for the FBI to find them?
If Weiner didn't have her password how did the FBI get it?
Regardless, you would think that any decent spouse would have alerted the significant other about "these emails to you that keep arriving".

mistah charley, ph.d.

Speaking also of Podesta's email, not Huma's, the following is interesting:


Briefly, it seems Podesta received an email "You need to change your password", asked for professional advice from his staff if it was legit, was told "Yes, you DO need to change your password", but then clicked on the link in the original email, which was sent him with malicious intent, as he suspected at first and then was inappropriately reassured about - rather than on the link sent him by the IT staffer. Result - the "phishing" email got his password info, and the world now gets to see all his emails.

Personally, my hope is that Huma and HRC will be pardoned for all their crimes, by Obama, before he leaves office. Then I hope that Huma's divorce will go through, and that once Hillary is sworn in she will at last be courageous enough to divorce Bill (who actually performed the Huma-Anthony Weiner nuptials - you don't have to make these things up). Then it could happen that the first same-sex marriage will be performed in the White House, probably by the minister of DC's Foundry United Methodist Church, which has a policy of LBGQT equality. Or maybe Hillary, cautious and middle-of-the-road as usual, will go to Foundry UMC sanctuary for the ceremony, recognizing that some Americans' sensibilities would be offended by having the rite in the White House.

As Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan wrote, "Love is all there is, it makes the world go round, love and only love, it can't be denied. No matter what you think about it, you just can't live without it, take a tip from one who's tried."


True, but I am sceptical about the following statement:

They just sat in the in box unread while Abedin dealt with them on her other devices.

Every e-mail client will obligingly inform the user that N new messages have been received (each time upon being fired up by the user, and afterwards upon polling the e-mail servers at regular intervals), and indicate in which folder they have been put.

If Mr. Weiner continued to use the e-mail client, which itself was still configured to retrieve those Clinton/State Department messages, then even somebody with low computer literacy would have stumbled on at least some of them with high probability, and therefore Mr. Weiner would too.

To say that this affair looks fishy would be an understatement; it stinks like a whaling ship.



"It is possible this laptop has every email ever sent using the Clinton server," If HC had a standard address group that included Abedin that is certainly possible. pl


Even if e-mails were on the laptop disk and deleted,they remain, windows don't destroy data just change the first letter. They are so many software that can recover data.........unless you have used a soft " eraser" type.


What surprises me here is that the emails ended up on a personal computer at all. I've never had current emails stored on any personal computer--they all reside on the ISP's server or on IT's server, where they can be easily accessed from various devices via password.

That said, I do occasionally clean up my email account on the server and then delete garbage and outdated stuff and then intentionally download the remainder as backup.

Apart from [intentional] backup, there is no point to keeping emails on a personal computer. As far as I know that's the way it has always been.



IMO you are being deliberately obtuse. The presence of the e-mail mass in her inbox was an accident caused by her forgetfulness of the presence of an inbox of hers on her husband's laptop. pl



The e-mails do not seem to have been deleted. pl



Are you a visitor from Brooklyn? You have a different experience of computers than I. I use Outlook. In my experience the program does not tell you anything about the state of the e-mail account of other users on the same machine. to get that you have to change user. To change user you need the other user's password. pl



Yes. The e-mails were present on the hard drive of Weiner's laptop. How would the FBI learn her password if there was one? Come now! Do you really think that the FBI and NSA cannot figure that out? pl

The Twisted Genius


Have you ever used an email client like Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird? They all work by downloading the emails from a remote server and are widely used. Even Pine, a text-based Linux client often used on shell accounts downloads the emails from a server. The situation you describe only occurs when you log into a web account. Both methods can be used with email accounts like @gmail.com, @verizon.net or @yahoo.com.


TTG, Colonel,

Speaking of real weiners....take the case of the near miss earlier this Month in the skies over Syria:


IMO the whole flight crew of the U.S. aircraft along with their three back-end commanders need to be permanently removed from flying status. And the aircraft's mission liaison at CENTCOM needs to be reamed as well.

"By less than 500 meters"......cringe


Rodrigo Duterte swears off swearing and Comey gets a laptop full of HCR & Co emails,
Someone has been doing some good work.

Allen Thomson

Does Outlook have a provision for encrypting the emails it keeps on disk? If so, does it use AES-256 or other cryptoware?


some points
. people using yahoo, gmail, hotmail, livemail, etc. these people use the webbrowser to look at their emails. there is a mozilla utility for actually downloading gmail (for one) to your actual computer). Otherwise, the stuff stays up in the cloud

. just b/c you delete an email, does not mean it is gone. it gets refiled in the TRASH folder. you then have to delete the trash folder to actually kill the stuff. i'm sure that even then, it's probably archived in the cloud somewhere anyway. The commercial email companies mine email for commercial purposes to send targeted ads.

. these people don't even know how to use secure email & they actually want to run the country. (sigh)

. if HRC wins, she needs to pardon Snowden in return for teaching her computer security.


Looks like Hilary has even lost Obama's home town paper:

ex-PFC Chuck

Or there could have been a scheduled script that ran daily, hourly or whatever, and backed up Huma's computer to his over a local network. As TTG suggests this might have been part of the original set up when the computer was shared and forgotten about when it became Weiner's toy.

The Beaver


You are assuming it is Outlook.
However, Huma said that she had a webmail account (Yahoo account specifically) to handle the State Dept emails for printing and for sending PReleases and then a fourth account ( don't know which one) for the political activities of her husband when he was running for mayor.

The Beaver

From what I heard through scuttlebutts: it is the office of NY AG, investigating the hanky-panky activities of Weiner who found the emails and then informed the FBI. From what Yahoo is saying ( exclusive ??? news from yesterday) FBI does not have the warrant yet to go through those emails and their content.

I would assume the AG office saw the a/c of folder full of read or unread mails( who knows?) and w/o cracking the PW or getting it voluntarily from Huma ( unless her ex has it) can't do Zilch about it and hence the involvement of FBI.

Babak Makkinejad

Only if there in further communication with the server - synchronizing deleted items.


The point is that I have no inbox on my personal computer--the inbox file is found on the server of the my email service, my ISP or of my company. To get the email onto my computer, I have to intentionally transfer it to a local file, download it, or back it up. This is the way it has been for the twenty years I have been using email.

What is the point of having email on a remote device, when you always have to be connected to a server to communicate via email? And what is the point of having tons of SPAM and other useless email gobble up memory on a remote device?


You have to love the MSM as they run around screaming Comey did not even have a warrant to look at the laptop and still goes to congress. Well there was a warrant to search the laptop regarding the Weiner dalliances and just imagine what a Keyword/phrase search turned up. That is why we are where we are.
Comey should get some support from Lynch, Obama, Congress and the American people for doing his job promptly.



I don't care what you choose to do. A lot of people have e-mail downloaded automatically to their device. pl

The Twisted Genius

The Beaver,

An @yahoo.com email account can be accessed through any email client. I read a Yahoo account and two Gmail accounts with the Thunderbird client. It's just more convenient than logging into Gmail or Yahoo with a web browser. If Huma had at least four email accounts, I'm not surprised that these "lost' emails were found on the Weiner laptop. Neither of these two seem especially competent in their IT hygiene.


OK. You are correct. Outlook allows you to keep your file on the server or on the device.

Outlook also allow a user to delegate access, which 'gives others permission to receive items and respond on your behalf,' a permission that would have been especially useful for Hillary to grant to Huma Abedin.

That suggests that of all Hillary's emails could be stored on Weiner's computer. It also seems like a great place for hackers to target--administrative assistants' computers, where permissions could potentially be further delegated.

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