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29 October 2016


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The Twisted Genius

This would also explain Abedin's telling the FBI, under oath, that she turned over all her email devices. She didn't have a clue that the laptop used by her no good shit of a husband was collecting her emails... probably for years. This whole email server in the basement scandal is due to a whole flock of technologically ignorant people trying to be too clever. It was like giving a box of straight razors to a bunch of toddlers. That and an overly secretive and suspicious HRC.


TTG, Sir

Yes, indeed. An email client like Outlook can be configured with the appropriate POP, IMAP or Exchange credentials. The email client will continue to receive emails as long as the credentials remain correct.

There's got to be something there. I can't imagine Comey doing this knowing it would be such a big deal considering he made such a big deal about not recommending indictment earlier.


Weiner is a sleaze. (Trump said so in Aug 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvFP2lfAIUo That is not what formed my opinion - its just obvious)

I find it quite possible that he took emails from her to find some dirt - just as self protection to counter accusations against him. Then again TTG may be right though I do not know of anyone who would buy a laptop to share it with someone else. These things have become too personal.

The FBI does not know what is in these emails. They have no (legal) access yet. But there may well be classified emails beyond them or emails that Clinton ordered deleted at the start of the investigation. I think Comey is doing the right thing here. He did wrong when he shut down the Clinton case in the first place. Several good people have been indicted for not being careful enough with less confidential stuff than Clinton was circulating. The fact that she used a private server alone should have been a full case.
That Loretta Lynn met Bill Clinton while the case was active is enough to take her completely out of the chain on the whole issue. That she tried to block Comey now is another violation.

Babak Makkinejad

The email client requires an email address and a password to connect to an email server and download a copy of the emails on the server. In principle, the same email client software could connect to multiple email servers (each with a different account and password). The email client would then have copy of the emails of each account to which it was connected on the hard drive. If the emails were not deleted on other devices, they would remain on this hard drive.

Tom Cafferty

Sloppy, stupid and really cheap. Just use the freebie gubmint computer to send all your dicpics. Washington, where competence goes to die.

rakesh wahi

how would that work? unless downloaded the emails are on the server they originate from not on your computer. Try disconnecting from the internet and see if you can access the email account and find old emails.


rakesh wahi

If you set the client so that a copy of these e-mails is downloaded onto the laptop then they are. My e-mails are downloaded on all my devices. pl



"I do not know of anyone who would buy a laptop to share it with someone else" Have you no one at all? pl

The Twisted Genius


Once the emails are downloaded, it doesn't matter what happens to the email server. You can delete the whole account and destroy the server and the downloaded emails will remain on the laptop.

The Twisted Genius


As Colonel Lang said, you must be a lonely man. Every family I know has a family computer, often a laptop. The individual devices are the smartphones. SWMBO and I have a family computer upstairs and I have a laptop. We have no smartphones, just camera-less, GPS-less burner phones.

The Twisted Genius


Comey is in a position where he was going to be lambasted with any decision he made. He was already catching hell for failing to indict Clinton. If he kept this info secret and it turns out to lead to an indictment after the election, he will be accused of perverting justice to sway the election for Clinton. He decided to let this info out now and take the heat for seeming to sway the election for Trump. It's probably better for him to be considered a dick by both sides. It was a no win situation.


the first servers placed in HRC'S house were transferred from the Foundation so it is entirely possible for Abedin to have taken a laptop from work and then simply handed it over to Weiner w/o deleting her mail accounts.
Praise the lord that Weiner was active on the internet so Abedin's mail account was continually accessing and downloading here email.
You think he did not notice that his wife's email box was filling up with hundreds of messages, all marked unread?


Well, the NYPD (or whoever is investigating Weiner) finding them first is probably what forced the FBI's hand here, however I believe another copy of the 33K emails exists somewhere also. I still stand by my prediction that the missing emails will be released, and even perhaps that Hillary will be off the ticket before 11/8.


Not phones but my kids and other family use my laptop often.


The illustration at the beginning of the post is beyond snide; I love it. If she weren't so potentially dangerous, not that she hasn't done enough damage already, H Clinton would be a figure of fun by now. That she is becoming so is a measure of her delegitimization.


I use my wife's old smart phone. She demands new kit. I am happy to use old.


Outlook or another e-mail application run on a pc can be set up tovdownload everything from the e-mail accounts it's connected to.


That (your thesis) does not convince me. (although it makes Huma, the woman, the innocent and trusting victim of an evil and debauched man, which seems to be the theme of the year (decade?) so far). Any decent lawyer specializing in digital evidentiary issues , worth his or her salt, would have gone over this scenario with a fine too comb. You push the client, and when your done, you push some more, on all POSSIBLE (never mind how possible) vectors where digital artifacts MIGHT reside. And you start, right at the top, with the spouse.

And so would the FBI and they may have asked.


The hilarious thing is that the emails were filed as "Life Insurance". I wonder who named it so, Weiner or Abedin.


Assuming Huma's e-mails were populating on the family laptop-now Anthony's unknown to Huma then the following questions arise.
1. Were they just sitting there undisturbed.
2. Were they opened on that laptop. Assumed to have been read. Then by whom.
3. Were they printed out from that laptop. Then by whom.
4. Were they re-sent to another e-mail address from that laptop.Then by whom and to whom.

Now would Comey go through all this hullabaloo if it is just #1 probably would of waited, #2 maybe, #3 certainly or #4 OMG.



He may not have had the password to her side of the computers or to Outlook. pl


how many people take the trouble to secure their own computer/email setup at home? Not many.
But this is all conjecture - hopefully the FBI will fill us in.
One point that came up in the emails already released is Chelsea's pique at Doug Band for having the audacity to dip his snout into the foundation trough putting old Bill's income at risk.
Did she ever stop to ask herself if old Bill was blameless?
Appears not.

Old Microbiologist

It is possible this laptop has every email ever sent using the Clinton server, as well as all of Huma's commercial emails like yahoo. However, Kimdotcom has sworn he has all missing email and is going to release them some time this week, perhaps tomorrow. These will not be filtered or redacted and will contain all the nasty things they say about each other in private plus whatever classified crap is there. The FOIA avoidance scheme which is the root cause of all of this, sure isn't working is it? We must all not forget the real reason any of this is pertinent and that is the Bhengazi coverup which will hopefully get resolved soon once the dust falls.



The Chelsea/Band thing was in the WikiLeaks releases from Podesta's e-mail, not the Humaesque potentials. pl



Bernstein: FBI Would Not Reopen Case Unless New Evidence Was "A Real Bombshell"
"Right now we're all talking in a vacuum but I want to add here that in the last, oh, 36, 48 hours, there has been an undercurrent of kind of speculative discussion among some national security people that something might surface in the next few days about e-mails, and I think the expectation in this chatter -- and I took it as just chatter but informed chatter, to some extent -- was that it would relate to another round of WikiLeaks e-mails, which our Justice Department people seem to be saying is not the case, but there has been some noise in the national security community the last day or two of this kind of possibility of some kind of revelation. "

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