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19 October 2016


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Champagne pour tout le monde! Caviar pour les autres.

Balint Somkuti

Congratulations Sir, and thank you for your work!

Martin Oline

Very impressive. Congratulations on your work, which has appealed to so many. I only wish it were 150 million, then perhaps this would be a better country.

Lee A. Arnold

Congratulations!! All the best to you!


Congratulations and thank you



The question of allowing the uncivil and the whacky to comment is difficult. pl


Colonel, congratulations. Getting the attention of 15mm over the years is a singular feat. Reading SST has become a daily habit, and a rewarding one, for me and thousands of others. I'm hopeful thousands more will do so as well and I hope other readers and participants will help spread word of it by quoting and linking.

Sensible thinking and the writing of it born of deep experience and well considered thought is hard to find, but I find it here daily. Thank you.

tim s

Congrats, Colonel. I'm sure I'm not alone in my appreciation of your not giving it up a few months back. All the best in the future.


Just for information - no competition please ...

b, Pat drew us here on his own, you took over the audience of one of the most prominent American bloggers at one point time.

Facts are sacred - comment is free. If you don't mind.

sorry Pat, couldn't help. I'll watch it.


Congratulations, Sir!

I know of no other person that provides reality based analysis available to the public in the US. Sir, you and the SST correspondents are providing an invaluable service in these days of mass propaganda by the MSM in the service of the Borg. May SST continue to grow and provide a beacon of hope for those that resist the growing tyranny of manufactured information.


Congratulations, and many thanks for your wonderful site.

Edward Amame

That is amazing, and well deserved -- congratulations!

Sam Peralta

Bravo Col. Lang!

Thank you for the "no spin" zone. I can't imagine being without SST which I now check out every day.

David Habakkuk


A remark in passing from an ‘ideological mongrel’.

If we are to get out of the infernal mess in which we are in, it is important for people to realise that traditional distinctions between ‘left’ and ‘right’ are only partly relevant to where we are now.

It is an enormous help that very many of those who have commented here over the years, while they may disagree – on occasion violently! – about very many matters, have enormous respect for you.

My own nightmares – reflecting both the experience of the English Civil War, and also your readings of its American successor – echo that famous phrase of W.B.Yeats: ‘the centre cannot hold’.

It may be of more use than is immediately apparent, in in preventing a process of polarisation leading towards disaster, if there are places where people of very diverse views can, as it were, ‘sniff each other out’, and – sometimes at least – feel their way towards some kind of common ground.


David Habakkuk

I am voting for Johnson/Weld. Woof. pl


Sir! Congratulations! Long time reader, first time poster. My sincerest thanks for all you have taught and above all for being a truth teller. Bless you.

different clue


I have mentioned SST every so often over at Naked Capitalism in hopes of bringing some regular readers from there to here as well. And the fact that certain SST articles are now posted in various "news roundups" many days at Naked Capitalism would seem to indicate that some new regular readers have indeed joined.


Congratulations, sir! To further quote Yeats, "what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

Thank you for providing a way to see through the propaganda and the fog, and to discern the "rough beasts". Seeing clearly is the first step in dealing with matters.


Those are my thoughts as well!

Congratulations Prof Lang, and many thanks for providing the best ongoing graduate level seminar on the internet!

robt willmann

Great! After all, according to the first song after the intro, "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!--



Col. Lang,

Well deserved. I mentioned after finding SST that I admired you for scaring Douglas Feith just by being in his presence.
Keep it up!


Congratulations, Sir!
The in depth insight on many themes common people know little about as well as a wonderful correspondence of participants from all over the world, are just two of many reasons for often visiting SST.
On the other side, a line against the Borg has to be drawn. SST and an ocean of well-founded arguments are the best place for it, and you are in command.
Good luck and keep it up.


MoA started, "took over" in your words, with some 50 page views per day. There are 25,000 to 40,000/day now.

Now crawl back to wherever you came from.

Sans racines

Col Lang
Well this is good news - is it just me or are the millions racking up faster these days? Thank you both to you and the committee for the side stories also - takes me back as I spent a fair bit of time in the wilds, did some shooting (only .22 and shotgun) and learnt joinery on the job with a staunchly leftist master carpenter working on barns etc. with some really nice big lumps of oak - a real character... as self-taught a man as you could wish for, we would go down to the local woodyard in the Aquitaine region of France where M. Bois (and that really was his name) with a girth like a redwood would lift hefty beams with a single hand to pass them over. I still have the drawings of the old wood on wood joints I sketched before recreating them to replace rotted beams... and this in an area where master joiners were remaking the old style curved tile roofs (also with massive oak beam supports) and wore ear rings as a mark of their trade - mini-chainsaw in hand and no scaffolding.... good to see the people here respect the old ways.

Lord Curzon


Congratulations, there is little to compare to SST. Long may it continue to make those who "dream with their eyes open" wary.

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