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19 October 2016


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mike allen

May you get 150 million more.

And Acre? Was that the siege by Saladin or the later one by the Mamelukes?


mike allen

The mamelukes in 1292. That is the Grand Master of the Hospitallers (Jean de Villiers) fighting in the front rank. pl


Agree with Mike Allen. Many, many more people need to be regular visitors. It is an education without peer and just might keep us out of war.


Well done sir.



Thank you cuz. It would be easy to give up. My hat is off toe the GM of the Hospitallers. BTW many Muslims fought in defense of Acre in 1292. They did not want to live under Mameluke rule. pl



"Deus lo veult" or "Allahu Akbar," whichever you prefer. pl

Eric Newhill

Sir, Congrats! You and the committee make a difference. There isn't another place on the internet that equals this one.

Thank you and God bless.


This mameluk, spoted the contrast between the picture of 007 surrounded by girls posted by Fred, and the picture of the Siege of Acre posted by Col. Lang. It says that while the life of the masterspy is supposed to be, ahem, interesting, in truth it really turns out like being the herdsman of a nasty clowder of warring cats.



You sound like a driveling idiot. What are you talking about? Fred and I are two different people. pl



Ah, we are not supposed to be human, eh? Once again what Fred posts is his own, not mine. Are you another troll? ol


Colonel Bravo, this a very good informative site, to be on. Thank you

The Twisted Genius

15 million. Not too shabby. Congratulations and here's to many millions more.

Every time I hear about the Grand Master, I think of the death of another Grand Master. Ulrich von Jungingen and his Teutonic Knights met his end at the hands of Vytautas and his Lipka Tartar allies. My ancestors probably had a hand in the demise of that Grand Master.





Well we did have clowns scaring the kiddies in the neighborhood recently so why not one on the internet. Unlike what happens in Hollywood the Siege of Acre was a defense of Christendom, you'll have to ask the Col the details about that since I'm neither him nor an expert.

I noticed that no one on the left called out Kanye for his conduct either when it occurred or in relation to what I poste. Trashing a successful young woman is acceptable to too many. Pointing that out in the era of the "nations first black president" would get one labeled racist; Doing while Monica's abuser was in the Oval office, where his wife and associates would character assassinate one, well that's no longer a subject for the memory hole though some of my associates on the left really wish it had stayed there. How would Frank Luntz put it? Don't think about the about the war on women?



I obviously offended...the only thing I can think of is perhaps you were offended by the "feed the organ grinder". If this is it, please don't take offense, it is a very old family saying meaning "pay for what you listen to". Nothing more.

If it is something else, I am clueless.

Ishmael Zechariah

Congratulations. Thanks for providing a sane voice in the wilderness against those so well described by Tacitus:
"Auferre trucidare rapere falsis nominibus imperium, atque ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant."
Ishmael Zechariah


Well deserved. Thank you very much for your time and effort, same to all the regular contributors.


thanks for the site & your steady hand at QC... most forums could learn a lot from you.
you (& other posters) help some of us to better consider positions contrary to our own.
it won't be long to 16M, or 20M!


Congratulations Colonel. That's quite a milestone. Your time and effort is appreciated.


well deserved, and many more. Congratulations.


Congratulations. You and the folks you have assembled on this site have earned every view and then some.

I've just made a contribution to express my appreciation.

Sherry Long De Mandel

Congratulations. Thank you for such an informative and insightful site. And, thank you also to all guests who post and those who comment.


Congrats. Just got done watching the debate. So is the fact that it takes 4 minutes from the time POTUS gives the order to the time nukes go flying a state secret that Hillary so casually let out?


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead.

It is an honour to be here, thank you Dear Host for your time and energy.


Congrats Pat - to many millions more. I would be a real loss if you would ever stop.

(Just for information - no competition please - MoA is just 3 days short of 18m right now - but that is only because I, at times, allow some crazies to abuse the comments - solely for my amusement.)

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