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11 September 2016


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How can she be so stupid as to not know when she needs to drink water?

i was confronted with a dehydrated friend once. Admittedly having a seriously bad conscience after the event, since I did not pay the appropriate attention. In his case it should have obvious: diarrhea. Although the diarrhea was only the symptom not the core reason. ... I started to pay attention when he gave me the impression of an imbecile, I know he isn't. ... At least to this extend neurology matters (MB in mind here)

I am not that much younger then Clinton. I always drank a lot all day long. Some feel too much, although always not only after this event. But the elderly sometimes forget. Not the type of Clinton, mind you, the ones in care. Thus what I realized at that point is well known. ...

Medically dehydration is more complex ... considering we humans wouldn't exit without water.


Where are your references for this assertion? As a home health RN I have cared for elderly patients with pneumonia who did not require hospitalization or became bedridden. These were patients who were over 75 years of age.


you seem to be an expert. Besides one never knows on the web.

If I may misuse Pat's blog for personal reasons: How much do we know about epilepsy by now? What do the registered spike clusters mean?

I never ever had a visibly as far as outside observers are concerned noticeable seizure, but I had many. I loved them -- never mind context -- but it was somehow relaxing to escape into an environment where no defined "I" existed. Wide space, stars.


cue twilight zone theme? seneca and petronius have been repeatedly popping into thinkspace lately.



I watched another video compilation that shows she is always holding on to someone or some thing. I broke some vertebrae last year and I do that now. What IS her excuse?


I vaguely agree, but only as far as tyler's allusion to the elderly go. Being one of them some around here keep record, so ask them.

that said, to what extend do the offered explanations make sense? No doubt the efforts to spin coherent narratives out of it, don't make sense either.


Check out @SilERabbit's Tweet: https://twitter.com/SilERabbit/status/775430850162733056?s=09


David Axelrod is unhappy too. He said pneumonia can we cured with antibiotics. What is the cure for someone who has a penchant for unnecessary secrecy that causes problems.

Dante Alighieri

@Sam Peralta, "she is fit to run a marathon"? But why should a US president have to be?
@johnA, "why would she not come out and say exactly that?" I think that's what she just did.
@crone, "who travels like that?" A presidential candidate on antibiotics for pneumonia, perhaps?

Please guys, don't mistake me for a HRC supporter. I'm a foreign observer with no stake or right in supporting or dissing any US presidential candidate. That is your prerogative entirely. I'm just asking you to apply a modicum of Occam's razor to any wild hypothesis.

I don't go for such jumpy conclusions like "blue tinted sunglasses? proof she's an epileptic!" or "black Chevy SUV, she's about to die" or "she hates drinking water? proof she has rabies!" etcetera. That's all.

Nancy K

You are wrong the elderly do get walking pneumonia especially if they are active, not bedridden. I am more concerned about Trump's possible financial ties to Russia. I'm sure there are many of us who would like to see his tax returns. "tiresome little man". Is that all you can do is deride those who do not agree with you. What ever happened to discussion, debate, the right to differing opinions?


Yap, I should have known better, there is no evil going on without the bad, bad old Putin having his hand in it.



" Try to understand how the dead happened..."

It happened by five bullets in the back. The motive for the killing is what is in question.


"What ever happened to discussion, debate, the right to differing opinions?"

You need to ask that question to the "social justice" crowd who have made it their business to destroy anyone whose opinion deviates even marginally from approved dogma.


My recollection is that he didn't last very long. He'd be better of being Vespasian.


Perhaps Trump is raging with fever as well!

Is this his "red line" as Prez?


The way the agent grabbed her right arm, almost as if he was bored, is what struck me.



As a paramedic and any responsible text on geriatrics on the matter of pneumonia. You're telling me that elderly just shrug off pneumonia? Lel. I'll pray for your patients.



No, I am right. This is not your social justice nonsense where because you believe something it happens.

I deride people like you disagree with me because you've earned it with your sad antics. You're not here to argue in good faith, you're here to propagandize.



No, you're an entryist begging the question and being snarky to handwave away the fact the woman had a seizure with "conspiracy theory".


Hmm, for how long do you have this easily recognizable image of the enemy?

Couldn't one argue that Trump is a "social justice" seeker too. Only seeking--at least on the surface--social justice for Americans only? Leading them into the bright dawn of A Great America again? Strictly, on a more theoretical ground, I would like to watch that happen. ...


Five bullets in the back? Reliable source? That surely would make no sense in the case of robbery. I wasn't sure if I could trust the shot-in-the-back-parts of the message.

Maybe I was distracted by close-to-home?

thanks, Fred.



I'm reserving judgment. I expect the issue will be moot if it can get passed in the lame duck session. In any case, both Clinton and Kaine have come out against it in its present form. You may not believe them, but Trump is a slender reed to place your hopes on, with a notable tendency to reverse himself and back again on a nearly daily basis. Pence is a strong free-trader. The third party candidates are dubious quantities and have no shot. If free trade is your make-or-break issue for a presidential nominee, then none of your options are ideal here.

Fighting Bob

Oh Tyler,

Not eveything is a fight.

I have no desire to "drag her corpse across the finish line, come hell,or high water"
You're making assumptions about me and you couldn't be more wrong.

Second assumption,
"being 'overheated' does not cause a person to go limp ...unless one is in the terminal stages of heat stroke".

That is absolutely bogus and i am insulted that you think anyone would swallow.

I personally have witnessed two people fall over, pass out, from being "overheated".
They had some water, moved slowly, and within an hour they were fine.

Is that what happed with Clinton?
I don't know and neither do you.

But "near terminal"?

It is fine to have a vigorous discussion but you do yourself no credit when you make assumptions about fellow posters and go so overboard in your statements.

And to lecture me, "you need to accept that".
It's hard to take you seriously when you engage that style and I want to Tyler because you have had some interesting things to say in the past.



The above comments re "walking pneumonia and elderly" by "Dr. Tyler appear to be further evidence of his "quackery" As noted in this link, among others, 15% of pneumonia cases in persons over 65 yrs are of the "walking" variety.



Fighting Bob,

Plz stop with the sophistic paternalism.

1st: My assumptions are backed up by evidence. You're crying because I say you have no clothes. Boo hoo.

2nd: I can guarantee I have treated more people in terminal heat stroke than you have ever seen. Someone kicking their legs in a seizure and losing full consciousness is heat stroke right before it goes fatal, which is what is viewed on the video. That is not something turned around by "some water".

Stop dissembling and trying to turn this into an argument about how to argue because you don't have an argument. You need to accept that.

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