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11 September 2016


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"This is not unlike just before the American Civil War."
I've noticed the same hardening of attitudes from both sides.


"Where is her husband?"

Making funeral arrangements.

What could possibly be that metal thing that fell from her pants? Was that some battery from a medical device? Does she need electric pumps for fluid extraction or maybe continuous drug injection?

Anyway, sure such a deplorable thing as her health must be voting for Trump.


O lente, lente currite, noctis equi!
The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike...



I am of a different time. My instinct was to question the loyalty of a husband who did not insist on being at her side. He must have known that she was in bad shape. She is now said to have pneumonia. Surely Bill C. (and her daughter) knew that. pl


A lot of people who are chronically ill die of pneumonia because they have a compromised immune system.

I don' think that Hillary fainted, or was suffering from the heat. The videos of her waiting for the van, show that she was able to hold her head upright. She apparently experienced some sort of loss of motor control in at least one of her legs.


Ah, pneumonia. Apparently, then, her fits of coughing have been due to a lung infection rather than simple allergies, as she asserted then. The public should respect the time she surely needs to recover. Perhaps delay a debate or two.


The mainstream candidates both remind me of someone:



That's a good one Nancy :))



"nefarious nonsense?" You think someone faked the video? You saw it on SST? It is all over the internet. Not much of compliment but, thank you. pl


pneumonia? diagnosed by her doctor on FRIDAY? Then why was she still going to events (fundraising on Friday night, 'deplorables), memorial service this a.m.?

pneumonia in senior citizens is extremely dangerous... doctors order REST...

I've got a bridge to sell.



IMO she is a brave, driven, type A woman, but brave is not enough. pl



I suspect theirs is a marriage of convenience. The only loyalty both of them have is to power and money. She has tolerated his philandering due to her intense, insatiable desire for The Prize. She will go to any length to achieve that, even destroy her health. She feels she has sacrificed so much already. This time it's hers. Nothing is going to stand in her way.



I would not want to see her dragged across the finish line to her detriment, even if she begged them to do it. But then, I am very Type B, although well compensated for the business of organizing death and destruction. Type A people want to believe that those not driven to compete with everything, including themselves are meek. That is not so. pl


I've had pneumonia 3 times in my life... doctor always told me that coughing was a good indicator that infection had NOT gone into the lungs. Was NOT pneumonia.



I too, have had pneumonia several times, the result of too much exposure to the elements, too wet, too cold, fatigue, not enough sleep etc. My memory is that the recovery period is extended and exhausting. What is my old (now deceased) physician, Les Upton, used to tell me? Ah, green sputum good, yellow sputum bad and indicative of a lung infection. I wonder what color hers is. pl


I think things aren't as bad as many nihlists hope-for, that the USA has seen much tougher times (in my own 6 decades, even), while cry-babies are mad 'cause they're not getting their way. But then, I have baby grandchildren to serve as comparison to the over-wrought palpitating amongst us.

Pick your poison / pick your sickness; of the body or of the mind?



I wouldn't be surprised if the detail supervisor has very specific orders in these cases on what to do. Calling for a stretcher and a medic is not one of them, at least not where cameras are.

Look at how lackadaisical they are. This isn't the first time this has happened.



Yeah Trump at a year older sure looked bother by the stifling 78 degree heat in NYC.

Spin this however you want to, we all know what we saw.



You know I do not like you but this seemed decent. Petraeus is America's premier general? No. He is a self promoting selfish jerk. I honor McCain's miserable experience in a communist jail but did not vote for him. pl

Keith Harbaugh

What's with this "dehydration" business?
That was used as the reason for her falling and suffering a concussion back in 2012.
You mean one of the most prominent people in government can't get good enough health care to keep her hydrated?
Is that such a problem?
If so, why is it?
Remember all those mothers who used to advise imbibing chicken soup to keep hydrated?
What does it say about Dr. Lisa Bardack if she can't give her patient the advice she needs?
And now we hear the same excuse used for her 2016-09-11 medical episode.
Can't she learn to keep hydrated?
Oh, and that "it was a hot day in New York" excuse.
I just checked the NWS stats for NYC this morning: 79 degrees from 8:51 to 9:51.
They call that hot?
What BS, to borrow Col. Lang's term.


You gotta wonder how much Heaven and Earth is being moved to keep this from happening at the debates. The only thing worst than videos of her going syncopal would be Trump rushing over to catch her as she falls and succeeding at doing so..


"Where is her husband?"

Deciding if he wants to remarry a blonde, brunette, or redhead.

Keith Harbaugh

Oh, and also regarding that "overheated" excuse.
If you look at the videos, she was wearing a jacket all the time she was "overheated".
If heat was the problem, couldn't she shed the jacket?
Men shed their jackets all the time when heat is a problem.
Why couldn't Hillary, if she was that hot?
Sounds like yet another judgment problem.

robt willmann

The first cover story of today (11 September), that she became "overheated", is of course fiction. The next story from her physician is that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, 9 September, and became dehydrated (again? no fluids or potable water in New York City?) . However, Friday was when she attended the campaign event for the LGBT people, and said that half of Trump's supporters are "deplorables". She was strong enough, with pneumonia, for that event? She was not coughing pneumonia all over the LGBT people in attendance?--


This photo from today looks as if the lady to Hillary's right, who has glasses pushed up on her head, is indeed doing some type of neurological check: squeeze my finger; look at my other finger, etc.--



I've run on geriatrics with pnemonia as a medic. They're never in any shape to be campaigning. Furthermore pneumonia is a disease of the winter, not the tail end of summer.

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