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11 September 2016


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Team Trump has been confused by Trump has been insisting on wind sprints as part of his pre debate prep, but it's gonna reap dividends if the opportunity presents itself.



You tiresome little man. Elderly people don't get "walking pneumonia". They get knocked down by pneumonia, full stop because their immune systems can't handle it. People under 40 and the young get walking pneumonia - the elderly get bedridden.

It's been a rough week, huh buddy?



Critical Care Nurse is my guess.



If you're familiar with all this, you should know that walking pneumonia is a phenomenon associated with those under 40 and the young.

Hillary is neither. Nor does it cause you to go limp like a rag with your leg kicking so hard you lose a shoe.



Because he's setting himself up to win the presidency by campaigning at all points of the compass, not sitting in a hyperbaric chamber for weeks at a time meditating on the Dark Side of the Force.


The finger is squeezed by one hand and then by the other. It can be a bad sign if one hand is much weaker than the other in squeezing the finger as this indicates something is going on in one hemisphere in the brain, but not the other. For someone who is known to have epilepsy, and has had a seizure, often one side of the body
will become weaker than the other. The return of strength on the affected side is a sign that the person has recovered.

If someone is not known to have epilepsy, than a big difference in hand strength is a sign of a stroke, particularly if that person has a history of strokes like Mrs. Clinton.


I agree, knowing you are having pneumonia and touching and hugging a little girl is depressingly deplorable.



Please stop with the mendacious dissembling.

Being "overheated" does not cause one to go limp like a sack of meat, having to be supported by two people unless one is in the near terminal stages of heat stroke.

I get you want her to drag her corpse across the finish line, come hell or high water, but this is a very sick woman and you need to accept that.

Edward Amame


Disarm the "deplorables" you say. Gotcha. So THAT'S what's driving all this.

Keith Harbaugh

For the record, here are the full stats for that time from the NWS site (this will disappear from their web site after 3 days):
11 09:51 NW 9 G 28 10.00 A Few Clouds FEW029 FEW045 79 61 54% NA 80 29.96 1013.6
Clinton was noted by the press corps as being MIA at 9:36 AM.
That's 79 degrees, dewpoint of 61, 54% relative humidity, heat index of 80.

And on the "dehydration" front,
if she needed water all she had to do was to signal to one of her aides or a Secret Service agent, and tell them she needed a water bottle,
and they would have brought it.
How can she be so stupid as to not know when she needs to drink water?



There's this little document called the Constitution. I understand your team doesn't pay much attention to it unless it comports with your social engineering.

The primary reason this registered non-partisan can't support the Borg Queen is her consistent and proven track record of fostering death, destruction and anarchy in places we have no national interests. She is in the exact same box as Dubya, when it comes to molding others who care not, who I know you loath.


Pneumonia is apparently a side effect of Parkinson's Disease... dehydration a result of difficulty swallowing, another side effect of Parkinson's.

Before you call for my tin foil hat, check out this video by a MD talking about Parkinson's and HRC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr1IDQ2V1eM&feature=youtu.be

Another video on Parkinson's, totally w/out discussion of HRC, discusses 'blue glasses' and how those suffering with Parkinson's use them to 'arrest' tremors. Found video to be very informative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrcO2oRv75I

btw, Hillary was sporting 'blue glasses on Sunday


I'm sure we all wish Mrs. Clinton a prompt and complete recovery from her pneumonia and other ills. What I was impressed with yesterday is how her aide and the Secret Service team responded with such professionalism. She and We as a nation were well served by their actions. Where we were not served well is by the ongoing secrecy exhibited by her campaign staff which falls on her shoulders.
No matter how well she comes back it will be quite difficult for the voter to cast a vote for Mrs. Clinton with the memory of her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial.


Fighting Bob,

Did NYC declare a heat emergency? How many other NYC residents aged 70+ we sent to cooling centers due to the heat and humidity? Here are the standards from the city's website:
"Based on the heat index forecast, the National Weather Service could issue:

Heat Advisory: Issued when the heat index is forecast to reach 95°F to 99°F for at least 2 consecutive days, or 100°F to 104°F for any length of time.
Excessive Heat Watch: Issued 24 to 48 hours of an event when the heat index values are forecast to reach or exceed 105°F for at least two consecutive hours.
Excessive Heat Warning: Issued when the heat index values are forecast to be at least 105°F for more than 3 hours per day for 2 consecutive days, or heat index more than 115°F for any period of time."

Maybe we need a Hilary Heat Index - can't stand the heat of press scrutiny? find a cool place to hang out until Nov. 8th.


I suppose we are all coffin dodger types but her husband seems to be a coughin' dodger.

Jay M

Galba like, Biden stares into the abyss of the Obama succession.



In another shot it appears that the woman holding her arm was also taking her pulse.
Also the NY Post reported that she refused to go to the hospital to keep her HEALTH secret.
Bring back Sanders.



HRC. Things are so bad with her I may start to beleive that she has a body double if she starts to look better.



One incident. HRC has had one too many! Last week she was allergic to Trump now pneumonia?! Why hug the child in the street for a photo op if this was the case?



NPR reported that the DNC is talking about contingency plans.



She was at the scene after the towers fell on 911. Perhaps she has cancer or COPD like many of the first responders. What is her stance on seeing that their lifetime medical expenses are paid?


The woman and the black guy next to her are not SS -- they are trained medical aids, at least. The guy holding her right arm might be SS.


Sorry, wrong, it IS blamed on Putin...


Anna, if you are seriously interested. Meaning not only in the way Assange directs you, dig a little.

If you want to honor Seth Rich. Try to understand how the dead happened and not simply misuse it as piece in the puzzle pointing in the direction of your already established lines of thinking, that is.

I am aware of the National Prayer Breakfast and/or the arguments around it. Yes, I found it interesting that it surfaced in the recent article on Clinton's college speech. ... But apart from that such circles are often simply misused to establish political connections. ...


Fighting Bob, that would have been my second guess.

Be careful though concerning specific fast googled up medical explanations. Not too long ago I was pretty stunned to see a moderator faint live on camera. She fell over on the desk in front of her with her interview partner behind it. They interrupted and shifted to a news feature. Probably the next one planned.

I checked videos confronted with this new matter, it seems to be more frequent then I thought it was. ...

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