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11 September 2016


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Old Microbiologist,

"plan B". Like Planned Parenthood's day after pill it's a resignation immediately after the inauguration. Unless the Democrats want to prove to every voter that laws governing elections can be set aside at whim to ensure the right party's candidate gets elected. I believe the Austrians are postponing an election for the same reason.

robt willmann

Nancy K, Stephanie,

When it comes to age, it is a world of individuals. My mother taught piano until she was 91. Around that time, the bureaucrats at the Texas Department of Public Safety refused to renew her drivers license unless she qualified all over again. She did not appreciate such an unwarranted action, to put it mildly. So I got the little book given to all new applicants to prepare for the written exam, we had some fun studying it, and she went and passed both the written and driving tests.

However, Hillary has significant medical problems, as well as severe attitude and conduct problems, in my opinion.

On the issue of her remaining in the race as the Democratic Party candidate, I think she will not leave unless forced out. I read a vague article that said something like the Democratic National Committee might decide, or something, if it came down to it. I do not know what the DNC's bylaws say, if anything.

In the 2008 Democratic primary, I don't think that any Democratic member of Congress endorsed her. She did not pull back in the primary until a deal was made, which became known when she was appointed to be secretary of state after Obama was elected.

The real campaigning and political action right now is behind the scenes among the operators in the Democratic Party around the country, and related influence peddlers.



Showing no true concern for Mrs. Clinton's health is deplorable.

Nancy K

I think we all want this election to be over. I think the entire world wants this election to be over. But maybe we make them feel better as even 3rd world countries seem to have better run, more civil elections.

Edward Amame

Sam Peralta

Wrong. When the other team is being ridiculous you mock.

Nancy K

I haven't seen Trump yomping in the mountains of late either. Maybe that is both of their problems, they don't yomp enough.


did you watch the video? She was leaning against a concrete post, with handlers on both sides, and when the 'van' arrived, and the door was opened, and she was moved forward, her legs buckled beneath her. Who you gonna believe, HRC or your lyin' eyes? No choice, right? HRC, "I feel fine" - "it's a beautiful day"

btw, the Scooby'van' )of which there are several) is actually an undercover ambulance in the guise of a black Chevy SUV

who travels like that? who in the past traveled like that?

here's a link to cache of photos and info


Edward Amame


Or she could nap through her entire presidency like the Gipper!

Edward Amame


Your concern trolling is sticking out all over the place.


I take it you're a big fan of the TPP and TTIP then?


Nancy K,

Which 3rd world countries would those be?

Allen Thomson

a piece of metal that falls to the ground when she falls forward

Kinda reminds me of the Bush Jacket Bulge:


At the time, 2004, I asked a friend and former colleague who had contact with such matters about that. While not giving away secrets, he strongly hinted that da Prez carried a security tracker. Wouldn't surprise me if the Secret Service were to provide the candidates with a modernized version of such.


So far the only good news is, queen Borg' pneumonia is not been blamed on the bad old Putin, conspiring to deprive Americans of the flawless, honest, Hilly Billy to be president.


I find myself wondering why the stories about her apparently uncontrollable bursts of rage have slipped so thoroughly from sight. I understand about the newscycle and the interest in her latest bout of ill-health, nevertheless I think it's a bit strange that this ??? long-term ??? issue seems to have entirely vanished from view.

For those interested fascinating series of articles here:

War or Peace: for whom do we vote on November 8th? » American University in Moscow

(including one by Patrick Armstrong who has posted here at SST. )



It sure worked out for the mother of Canada's current Prime Minister.



As I said above we jail people who would treat a dog the way the establishment surrounding Hilary is treating her. If she is doing this to herself with their complicity then it would be called enabling. If you wish to call that concern trolling then pat yourself on the back for being loyal to the cause.



If she sleeps through her presidency it would be fine. But I'm afraid she wants to go mano-o-mano with that "thug Putin" when she can barely stand on her two feet. And try and disarm the "deplorables"???

I'm sorry that the Borg Queen is so physically debilitated and may not make it and deliver you that "progressive" social engineering that your team yearns for.


You are probably right, but he has a logical argument to make.

Sam Peralta

And do you mock your team when they are being ridiculous? Like right now.

Pneumonia and then hugging a little girl? And greeting people at the memorial?

Or is it that social norms and concern for others don't apply to her just like the law apparently.


EA if your candidate drops out who do you think will replace her, my guess is Mr. Choo Choo, he is more known than her running mate.


Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that HRC's burning ambition is to be the first female to be elected President of the United States. That's the spot in history she wants to have. Reasons of health be damned, she won't voluntarily step aside from pursuing that life long venture.


She is the establishment and the Family's "chosen:" http://www.alternet.org/story/87665/worse_than_fascists%3A_christian_political_group_'the_family'_openly_reveres_hitler
And yes, she is becoming a sacrificial whatever on her own volition.
By the way, what are the chances to find the truth about the executioners of Seth Rich? - A 27-year-old 'murdered Democratic National Committee staffer was the source of a trove of damaging emails ... posted just days before the party's convention.' http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/08/wow-breaking-video-julian-assange-suggests-seth-rich-wikileaks-dnc-source-shot-dead-dc/


Another version: https://twitter.com/johncardillo/status/775000466304315393/video/1

This appears to be shot from directly behind her.



I see a man who can do multiple events across the country vs. a woman who can't stand up in the stifling 78 degree heat of NYC without being supported by multiple people and being bundled away like a sack of meat.

You don't need a doctor to know that one is healthy while the other is not, even if you are, as Hillary's doctor is, one who has a license but isn't engaging in continuing education.

Keep spinning Stephanie. Borg Grandma ain't healthy. Hope you're getting paid enough by your masters to look like a fool.



Stephanie is another idiot nice white lady who has no opinion someone hasn't spoon fed her on MSNBC. Same with Nancy.

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