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11 September 2016


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Reaching so hard you're going to dislocate a shoulder.

When Hillary's spox was asked about why she was around her grandchildren if she had pneumonia, the spox claimed it was non-infectious after it was put forth that several staffers also "had pneumonia". LMBO they can't even keep their lies straight, and then you come in here with this.

Edward Amame


Propagandize = anyone who doesn't agree with you.

I can't think of anything more "tiresome" (the very word I used to describe your sidekick the other day, hmmm....) than your constant mansplaining. Bet you really light up a room.

Edward Amame


I'm sure that's the primary reason. Not.

Edward Amame


All Dantee has to do is Google "Hillary Clinton seizure" to figure out who's indulging in conspiracy theories here. It's not him.


Yes, the only ones who seemed shocked by this collapse were the two NYPD officers that rushed in to assist. All the other Secret Service team treated it like a normal event. Certainly goes to their training but there was that feel that they had dealt with this before. Coincides with the agent who patted her on the back and cued her to continue talking in that event a month or two prior. I certainly believe that the Secret Service has their finger on the pulse in this situation but we will have to wait twenty years for that book to publish.

Nancy K

I was a public health nurse, many of the patients I saw were elderly, most of them still fairly active and at home. Walking pneumonia is really not a medical term it is called atypical pneumonia and the patients I saw were seen by their docs and usually place on an antibiotic, often azithromycin. As a paramedic the patients you see are usually very ill often coming from a nursing home or care facility. They were probably not exercising, drinking adequate fluids etc. Hillary Clinton is a senior but she is active could easily be treated by her Dr. with antibiotics and not hospitalized. sym would include cough, fatique, low grade temp.
I'm not sure who you think I am here to propagandize and I definitely do not know how you can say I am not arguing in good faith. I am just relating information from my 37 years in nursing.
I have no desire to change anyone's feelings about social justice or injustice on this site. I'm secure enough in my beliefs that I don't have to revert to name calling and ridicule.



Nah, you and the other Fifth Columnists with your brand of mendacious sophistry aren't here to debate, but to try and bleat down any discord.

I'm glad you can see my light over there in your ultra white Monmouth County gated estate. Lmbo unironically using mansplaining. When did your wife geld you? Honest question.


Nancy K,

Then you would know that "walking pneumonia" isn't going to be cured by a diazepam autoinjector. You know that someone with neuro deficits isn't going to magically be all better because of a trip to their daughter's apartment. You know that if there's a neuro pathophys link with pneumonia, its serious stuff.

So you're either clueless or lying to handwave all this away. Which is it?



Yeah, who am I going to believe? The media dedicated to dragging her corpse across the finish line or my own lying eyes?

The Wall is gonna be YUGE, Eddie.

different clue


I don't know any more about the Clintons' inner personal lives and psycho-dynamics than any other outside observer. I can only offer "muh feels" to the effect that it is Clinton's own inner ambition and desire for unchallenged fame, power and vindication which drives her forward. Perhaps she wants to prepare the ground for eventual ascension to the throne of the royal princess pretender Chelsea in due course. Mister Bill's desire to gather untold billions of more dollars with his family of foundations may figure somewhere in all this.

But I am not sure she would do all of this just for an establishment which always mocked her and her husband Bill when they were in the White House the last time.

different clue


Well . . . LeaNder . . . it should be possible to get copies of the news stories relating to this murder. It may even be possible to get copies of the "public parts" of the police reports themselves if one wants the unimpeachable raw data.

I remember reading a little about these stories. Nothing was stolen. Not wallet, car keys, house keys, money . . . . anything. It is almost as if this were a "send them a message" murder.

"Five bullets sealed his lips."

different clue


This is why Trump should campaign just hard and steady enough, and in far flung vote-rich places all over the country enough, to psycho-pressurize her to get back into the squirrel cage. Get her out there again running and keep her running running running.


Well . . . LeaNder . . . it should be possible ...

dc, what are the laws the in Washington State? But for whatever its worth, the "left" may have gotten hooked on the "right's" narrative in this case. But no, I did not take a closer look. ... Anyway, doesn't look like the case is closed:


On the other hand, how many willing helpers may make the work of police harder, to the extend there is still something to be found out? Weapon used? Not sure if rewards are helpful in this case.

Dante Alighieri

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