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11 September 2016


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Who came up with that buzzword "overheated?" Why wouldn't the more common term "fever" suffice?

C Webb

WRT Mrs. Clinton. IMHO, she won't continue.




That's why I asked, I thought SS is tasked to protect her life not her career.


PL - Ask and you shall receive:


Couple other points:

1. Where would the truth be wo the internet?
2. Somebody told me she has symptoms of Binswanger's disease. Seems plausible.


Because you can't get a fever from wearing a wool coat. You can however become overheated if you are stupid enough to not take off a wool coat before you faint.

RE the metal object that fell out of her pant leg. I think that proves she's not a lizard, but really a robot.

robt willmann

Back to the photo I linked to earlier--


For the photo analysts, was the photograph taken before she was escorted to the van and collapsed?

The lady in question to Hillary's right has a large black bag over her shoulder.

Now, go to the 2 video clips of the incident. Lady 'X' is the main person steadying and holding Hillary up. On the ground by one of the big posts near the edge of the sidewalk is a large black bag. It might be the lady's bag.

With my untrained eye, I do not know if the photo was taken before or after the collapse. If Lady 'X' was doing a neurological check before the van got there, then that is very significant. It is of course important if it was done later as well.

Who is that lady? A nurse? campaign worker? another doctor?


There are several kinds of pneumonia, bacteria, viral, and chemical and severity depends on many things, age, health, type of pneumonia, etc. There is also a pneumonia known as "walking pneumonia" caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that usually occurs in late summer or fall and generally causes a mild form of the illness. Symptoms include coughing spasms, fever, fatigue. headache. This bacteria is airborne and is spread among people who are in crowded spaces such as schools, prisons, or I guess political meetings. Most people are not hospitalized with this form of pneumonia; it is a mild form of illness, usually treated with antibiotics which do cause nausea which limits fluid intake. In fact in younger people treatment may not be sought.
I write this not to defend Mrs Clinton but to point out there is a range of severity of illness from pneumonia along with a variety of causes of pneumonia. In nursing home patients pneumonia is generally worse but then these patients are already fragile and have exposure to some of the nastier bugs such as pseudomonas and MRSA because of group living. The worst pneumonias are aspiration pneumonia, again common in nursing home patients.

Eric Newhill

This begins to take on all of the elements of a Greek tragedy. Ironically, the advocate for strong independent women has never been able to stand on her own two feet at the level she seeks - literally now. The husband who gave her a leg up cheats on her perpetually and vanishes when she needs him most, but she doesn't want him around anyhow. Her ambition and hubris combined with her resentment of [male] authority figures will consume her and bring about her very public ignominious end. The power brokers she sought to rule will let her do this to herself. Her husband will not lift a finger to stop it either. It's getting to be difficult to watch. She should have been stopped for her own good long ago.



With all due respect, you are the one who seems to be spinning. HRC at least has released a medical history. Trump has released a vague and oddly worded letter written in a few minutes while Trump's limo waited by a doctor who looks like an escapee from a Coen brothers picture.

As I've written here, both candidates should be more forthcoming. I also don't think it's a great idea for any presidential candidate should run for a first term after the age of 65. However, here we are. IMO neither Clinton nor Trump is at death's door or anything near it. I realize there are those who are living in hope that HRC's tongue is going to fall out, or something. I think that it would be unwise to pin one's hopes on that and the other pieces of video "evidence" floating around the internets. If this indeed a case of walking pneumonia, and everything we have seen so far fits in with that, she should be fine.


updated to show a piece of metal that falls to the ground

that's the magic needle that usually keeps her spine upright. A slap on the right spot on the backbone would have adjusted matters. ...


Mayo Clinic website lists coughing with or without phlegm production as a symptom of pneumonia. Coughing can be severe causing vomiting; there are cough medication with hydrocodone that are sometimes ordered to control cough in patient with pneumonia.

Fighting Bob

Wearing a kevlar vest?

She takes off her jacket and people say she's not dressed respectfully for a 9/11 memorial service?

"Men shed their jackets" sure, when they're in the limelight as a pesidential candidate at a memorial service? Really?

No, it's not a judgement problem, it's a "being judged" problem.
If she took her jacket off the judgement would be "Does she think she's at a picnic? Why can't she be respectful?"

And yeah, 79 degrees, in the sun, in a crowd, if you're wearing Kevlar, you can get hot.

Fighting Bob


I understand your sentiment,

but it may be that SHE insisted that he continue with the planned campaign schedule so as not to disappoint those who had worked hard to plan these events and were counting Pres. Clinton's attendence.
Who knows?

And she may have downplayed her illness, "walking pneumonia", in her conversations with him.
Wives are like that.

Who knows?

Many thanks for this blog.

Fighting Bob

A very insightful thought.


David Shuster tweets DNC calling Emergency Meeting

David Shuster tweets Democratic party operative stating they are in “unchartered political territory."


Old Microbiologist

All of it is BS. She would never be out and about with pneumonia unless they want to kill her. It is obviously something else and has been a problem for a long time. It is definitely not an infection as it would be a crime to knowingly put others in jeopardy by exposing them to an infectious disease. None of her handlers are wearing any PPE so it is not even logical. However, there are forms of pneumonia that are not from infectious agents and are all linked to either severe neurological diseases, divers decompression, or altitude sickness. Of this choice only neurological disease is logical. Time will tell. I imagine they will be doing some major damage control today.

I think this dog won't hunt any more so now they have to go to a plan B. Who that will be is a mystery but it is a most interesting election. Maybe Bernie will be back? He has been toeing the line in a suspicious manner for weeks now.


Agree with Tyler.
I found that striking too.
Clearly business as usual, moving closer together to minimize evidence.
Things are getting trickier...


The tone of some of the reporting implied that pneumonia is a minor ailment. It isn't - it killed a friend of mine in his 40s.

Also, given Clinton's lifestyle - she doesn't go yomping in the mountains - it may indicate an underlying illness.

All in all, a big fail for the MSM who were suggesting that stories about HRC's health were the preserve of foil hat wearers.


[bursting into laughter] What a mind you have



Yes. Old Doc Upton knew his stuff. He worked in the Pentagon clinic and was physician to nine chairmen if the JCS. He had been brought to America from Hungary as a teenager without knowing a word of English. He finished high school in a year, then went to CCNY and got a degree in a couple of years. His father was a jewelry maker. Les worked his way through med school. Several of them. As you can imagine it took a long time. Along the way he worked as a waiter and the like. In WW2 he was a captain in the US Army medical corps. The Navy would not take him as a doctor because he was a Jew. I was in Washington studying Spanish as a Lt. when I had some kind of medical problem and by the luck of the draw was seen by CJCS's doctor, Les. We became friends and he treated me whenever I was around here. I delivered the eulogy at his funeral. pl

Allen Thomson

> "walking pneumonia"

A useful summary is here:



Symptoms include:

Cough that may come in violent spasms but produce very little mucus
Mild flu-like symptoms such as fever and chills
Sore throat
Lingering weakness that may persist after other symptoms go away

A. Pols

Yes, she is a "brave, driven, type A woman"
And, like an old boxer whose time has passed, a comeback bid is often a bad idea. Her moment of destiny was 2008, but it passed and now it's too late. Even if elected and able to stumble through one term, she would be a failure.
If the "Weltgeist" ever called to her, it no longer does. She would have been better off to have used the suasion she possessed to support someone else.


There are such and there are such wives.

I completely agree with Pat, if she indeed had pneumonia, additionally assuming he should have a pretty good insight into specific physical weaknesses over all these years, and never mind someone above suggested it was a pretty 'meaningless' ritual after all. Shouldn't he have been there with or without whatever condition he knew his wife was in?

The Guardian seems to have tagged something under a thought/question on my mind. Odd, never stumbled across such a link.

Nancy K

I agree with you completely. I'm going to be 70 soon and in good health for my age, however I would not have the stamina to keep up with a presidents schedule. I feel all candidates for president should be carefully vetted and given independent medical exams and also their taxes should be released and their business dealings scrutinized. Actually a mental exam by an independent psychiatrist would not be a bad idea also. President Reagan was apparently suffering from early Alzheimer's in his 2nd term.

Nancy K

Many marriages are one of convenience such as Rich older men and beautiful arm candy wives.

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