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11 September 2016


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Nancy K

What would happen if Clinton bows out of the race? Has anything like this happened before?


Scott Adams on the 'symbol'.
< If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

Hillary Clinton just became unelectable>


OT? for Col. Lang and the group - If you had to recommend one historical/political book on the Middle East from WWI to the present, what would it be?


"Resentment of male authority figures" usually has more to do with the absence of authority than the presence of a membrum virile.


I live in the same town as Col. Lang and I get "overheated" in summer wearing shorts and a tee shirt--high temperatures and high humidity. I would never associate that with some illness.

ex-PFC Chuck

Kerim: " . . moving closer together to minimize evidence."

With seeming nonchalance.



What part of town? pl


Bernie has a logical argument: I had more DNC delegate votes than anybody but Hillary even with the "rigged" process--Super Delegates and DNC collusion.


The old Hunting Towers apartments.


Allen, I was already a bit further. Strictly fainting is a complex symptom not something easily one-way-related. And the medical trade is occupied by humans. There are clear symptom clusters of the easily recognizable via the standard road and there are others...

The problem, and to be honest this is some type of a deja vu for me - watching the US divide -- different people have addressed quite exquisitely here.

The human organism is a rather complex affair. If I may, the "Parkinson Alley" is pretty disgusting to me, personally. Allow me to not go into details, but I know it a bit for very, very long now... Really by now the huge topic over here is Alzheimer. But no doubt the huge financial returns for Alzheimer drove some of the members of the trade I met several decades ago.

Back to the complexity of human organism. Strictly, there are psychological factors too. Imbalances and as some pointed out weakened natural defenses. I would assume candidates work over time and after have a hard time to stop their heads to be able to sleep. At least some. I don't think Trump has that problem, admittedly. He doesn't look like.

I surely wouldn't want to be in her place. I stumbled across something that might explain whatever strikes me, and cannot be simply explained away. But for what it is worth: I consider a large part of the Hillary health debate bit hysterial, after all a perfectly well diagnosed patient could die of a heart attack tomorrow, simply since no one is around. Or overrun by a car for that matter.

Apart from that does the US need dynasties? I have to join David Habakkuk on this.

Besides, thanks for the link somewhere else. I prefer not to interfere into experienced exchanges in that context.


Beta male who did not receive one primary vote, tough climb.



Yes, we beta males are a sad lot. Low T, low energy, unattractive to women, doomed to labor in tiny cubicles for paltry remuneration. pl



You are correct. Its not only the Sugar Daddy and Gold Digger convenience. There are those who hang together for kids and other reasons. Relative to half of American marriages ending up in divorce. Maintaining monogamous long term relationships are less the norm I suppose.

Edward Amame


I can't wait for this election to be over.

ex-PFC Chuck

morgan and OMB:
The Borg will never sit still for Bernie unless they come up with a plausible plan for rendering him a figurehead.

Dante Alighieri

Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that nothing really serious has happened to her. A mild case of pneumonia not requiring hospitalization, refusal to skip 9/11 against doctor's advice, side-effects of antibiotics such as dizziness and dehydrating diarrhea, no reason for handlers or Bill to start jumping around. But maybe such a hypothesis appears too sober these days...



I'm with you in not buying the pneumonia story. It would be criminal to expose others. And she hugged the little girl when she stepped out of Chelsea's apartment. We can be certain the MSM will not pursue that line of questioning if Hillary was negligent in potentially exposing others having just been diagnosed. Even if it was not contagious there ought to be a culture report of what caused the infection.

I suspect by the behavior of her team and what transpired noting that Chelsea has a newborn, it is something else. Likely neurological which would make her incapable of handling the stress and sleep deprivation of the presidency.



I agree with you that there should be a medical certification by an independent board as a basic qualification for running for office of the president.

Sam Peralta

"I can't wait for this election to be over."

Unless of course if grandma loses. Emigrate and pile on Trump for every one of his gaffes?

When your team is down end the game. When your team is up mock their opponents. I get the tribalism.

Edward Amame


Cases of walking pneumonia are most common in the late summer and fall...BUT IT COULD BE WALKING EBOLA!!!! WHERE ARE THE HAZMAT SUITS FOR THE SECRET SERVICE??!!!!

Sam Peralta

The "pneumonia" is just one of a long list of "medical episodes" in the recent past. What would a sober hypothesis be when you consider them? She is fit to run a marathon!

Sam Peralta

I don't think so. I'm sure some back room deal will take place if comes to that and the sheep will fall in line. It will not be Bernie.

But this is the problem with "private" political parties and rules made up to insure only certain people who the political and financial elites anoint can hold the highest office in the land.


Suppose all you say is true.

Why would she not come out and say exactly that?
Instead the dog and little girl show??

After all, she is a strong leader, right?


IMHO Sir, individuals are who they are psychologically and that cannot be changed. Hence, I feel sorry for the A types. Socially however, we can move from beta to alpha and visa versa within our respective packs. Hubert Humphrey failed at that transition, and I believe Tim Kaine will have the same problem.


True. There’s also the example of Paul Tsongas, who assured everybody he was “cancer-free” - which may have been technically true at the time -- and would have died during his first term in office. I think an examination by your own doctor, who knows you best, might be sufficient, although Trump’s stunt with Dr. Bornstein has made me rethink that a bit. At the least, it would have been appropriate for both Clinton and Trump to take physicals and report the results.

In the unlikely occurrence that Clinton has to be toted across the finish line in the fireman’s carry and then keels over in the manner of William Henry Harrison, I have a reasonable amount of confidence in the experience and abilities of Tim Kaine. I have no such confidence in Trump (or in Pence). That said, while a president's death in office can be coped with, it's hardly desirable, and older candidates who take the plunge should expect, and get, extra scrutiny.

"any presidential candidate should run"

That should have read "to run." Sorry.

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