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11 September 2016


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Sam Peralta

Col. Lang

It seems from the video that she was dragged into the vehicle kinda face-planted as her legs gave away. This ought to be a big story that the MSM can't ignore this week. It will be interesting to see how much airplay this video gets. Her campaign I'm sure will call it something innocuous.


Another angle below


Was on the fence about this until today, but now it seems clear that something is not right.

David Habakkuk


‘Where is her husband?’

In Britain, these days, we – in general – confine the principle of hereditary succession to what Walter Bagehot called the ‘dignified’, as distinct from the ‘efficient’ parts, of the Constitution.

In a reasonably functional ‘aristocratic’ society, decision-makers came from a mixture of the more able and experienced ‘hereditary’ elements, with ‘meritocrats’ inducted into a system of ‘aristocratic’ values: that is how Kutuzov (from an old Russian family, who regarded the Romanovs as rather ‘parvenu’) and the Baltic German bourgeois Barclay de Tolly wiped the floor with Napoleon.

Both had ‘worked their way up’ in the Army, which, as remodelled by Peter the Great, was intended to win wars: not to indulge in 'virtue signalling'.

In such a society, George W. Bush would have been giving his commander officer heartburn: on the one hand, you couldn’t give an incompetent dried-out alcoholic any serious job of work, but if you made clear to his powerful patrons that you knew he was useless, that might be the end of your career.

As for Hillary Clinton!!!

Rarely did the hereditary principle in European monarchies produce such a patently incompetent candidate for supreme office.


As I said before, she would have taken a header into the van if the SS hadn't caught her. She is not a healthy woman.

Let's see the sophistry from the usual suspects here on this one.


Gotta love that WP headline for the video.

"Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign"

Thanks for giving us permission, Bezos.

As for Bill, the convention is over. He's most likely off doing what he wants to do. I'm sure he could care less.

Tom Cafferty

Just part of the ritualized mourning, lamentation and wailing that goes on around iconic American events like 9/11. She was probably even a little restrained...no rending of garments, smearing of ash, loosening the hair and so on. Oops, is it ok to say something like this? Or have I violated a patriotic safe space like the NFL bowls games?


another angle:


Nancy K

Maybe with Trump's wife. She never seems to be around either.


why wasn't she taken to doctor or hospital? Because everyone in her inner circle knows and has known what her medical problems are? Why take her to her daughter's apartment? Does Chelsea now have a medical degree? Why did it take 90 mins. for the campaign to make a statement?

Tom Brokaw suggested this a.m. on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Hillary Clinton, “I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her.”

Brokaw continued, “It also comes in the context where there has been a very vigorous campaign, both above ground and below ground by the Republicans to raise questions about her health. Rudy Giuliani has been on the air constantly saying, ‘Well I don’t have any facts, but if you look at here, something is amiss.’ Just this morning I had a rather detailed message from a Republican who was inside, and he was raising questions as well saying ‘I didn’t know if this is true, but here are the incidents that we are all watching.’ So that’s in play. We’re already seeing today the social media activity that is going on. I think that she should go to a hospital, see a neurologist, and get a clean report if it is available to her. This is not something that is going to be dealt with at her daughter’s apartment, in the context of where we are.”

At least Brokaw is not afraid to speak... but then, he's retired. Apparently current reporters/correspondents have rec'd a gag order wrt Hillary's health... like Rowling's 'name that must not be spoken' - any question wrt her health must not be spoken. Does 'nothing to see here, move along' work in this day of internet and cell phones? The video the Col. links to was captured by an individual who simply came to pay respect, and happened to be in the right place at the right time. Otherwise? would we be forced to accept the explanation the campaign finally came up with - 'she became overheated'? (76 degrees and 47% humidity),

For whatever it's worth (nothing actually), I took my 76 y/o body outside this a.m. here in (always hot and sunny - 88 degrees and humidity 41%) South Carolina and washed the car. Then I pulled weeds for 30 minutes or so, after which I went inside to finish my household chores. Haven't stumbled yet.



Don't be petulant. I'm sure that's just the "heat" talking.


America's top commander, General David Petraeus, fainted during a congressional hearing as he was being grilled by senators sceptical about US strategy in Afghanistan.

His collapse came about an hour into the hearing as a Republican senator, John McCain, questioned him about recent setbacks. McCain stopped mid-sentence, his face frozen, as Petraeus slumped forward from his seat on to the witness table.

The hearing was suspended as Petraeus, looking dazed, was led out by army colleagues. He returned 20 minutes later, blaming not McCain's questions but dehydration.


It's the same angle, just flipped over in the video. See that the van is going to the right, while in COL's video it's going to the left. The white/black agents positions flipped between the videos, and the female perimeter agent right next to the van.


If she had fainted, I don't see how the large SS guy (tentatively fingered as a neurologist) could have kept her upright given that he only had a hold on a single arm. To me it looks more like a seizure or other neurological issue.

The youtube piece by Dr. Noel linked in an earlier thread was very helpful, here is a link to a follow up interview



In that condition I wonder who told the SS not to call for stretcher a medic and an ambulance or at least a wheelchair , anybody knows?


Bill's probably off campaigning. I'm sure she's fine.

She's also fortunate in that she's running against a septuagenarian who has released even less medical information than she has. Both of them should release more IMO, following the example of John McCain, but as long as Trump refuses there's no pressure on her to do more.

Not to mention that doctor of his. Somewhere in the great beyond Peter Sellers is gnashing his teeth because he'll never get to play Dr. Bornstein.

robt willmann

The television networks are showing her collapse after she teetered at the edge of the sidewalk from much farther away, at least on CNN, Fox 'News', and MSNBC. The image is darker and they use the lighted circle to highlight her head, and you cannot see nearly as much detail as you can in the video clips from each angle linked to in this posting.

The mass media continues with its blatant effort to get her elected and to cover up her obvious health problems.


Zero Hedge has just updated to show a piece of metal that falls to the ground when she falls forward. At the bottom of this article is video of her emerging from Chelsea's apartment. What's significant: she will not say what happened. Also significant: the press corps isn't allowed in the motorcade back to Chappaqua.

I think her campaign just received a "fatal error" message. She'll have a lot of pressure to withdraw now. Imagine if she has another prolonged coughing spell during the debates or -- even worse-- if she collapses on stage. She's clearly quite ill and I wonder why she even entered the race.



Col. Lang:

Also, your earlier post about HRC's possible use of diazepam seems very relevant now.


John Minnerath

Do we even care where he is or what he's doing?
What I wonder is what sort of drug cocktails the doctors have her on to keep her somewhat upright.


This raises a cluster of issues:
- who would let someone in this condition run for Pres, let alone fund them?
- anyone exhibiting these balance issues is at far greater risk for injury... how long has this been happening?
- what are Kaine's strengths and weaknesses as an administrator?

It's worth noting that the 74-year-old Bernie Sanders appears to be in much more robust health than Hillary Clinton.
A pox on the DNC; surely, they knew things were amiss with her health last spring.

Frankly, I would dismiss this video as just more nefarious nonsense if I weren't seeing it on SST.



The woman is holding Hillary up but they collapse forward as they start to move towards the van. Without breaking a step the Secret Service agent grabs the other arm. This was a rushed departure. She was standing unprotected on one side waiting for the van to pull up. An hour later she said this is a beautiful day in New York. Whatever this was, it was not unexpected but handled with practiced skill by people who know exactly what they are doing and what medical conditions she has.

Can the Democrats switch to Tim Kaine (he reminds me of Joe Biden without the smile); or, do they drag her across the finish line?

Donald Trump was nominated to be a big middle finger aimed at the establishment. Hillary Clinton is returning the gesture to flyover America. Communication has stopped. This is not unlike just before the American Civil War.

Too much is happening; poking the Russian bear, negative interest rates, austerity, climate change, refugees or the endless holy war. Unless they are addressed; it is not going to end well for mankind.



It should but I think this week we will instead be treated to the latest Colin Kapernick scandal, this time the Miami Dolphins version. He got a million for "charity"; I wonder how much they'll ring up.



Slick Willie prefers younger woman with neither influence nor power.



I agree. I believe he was in West Virginia yesterday.


You are known by the company you keep. In Hilary's case they are willing to work her to death to gain access to the office of the President. We put people in jail for treating dogs this way. If the establishment will do this to her imagine what they will do to your children's future.

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