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18 September 2016


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ex-PFC Chuck

Col. Lang: " I am being driven towards Trump. I doubt that he is a risk taker."

Same here. If someone told me a year ago that I might vote for him I would have considered turning the person in to the DEA. As for Trump and risk taking Scott Adams, the author of the comic strip Dilbert, has a provocative blog post today about just that subject. Adams has been predicting Trumps nomination and election for over a year now, based on his intuitive understanding of persuasion skills.



Look at Churkin’s bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitaly_Churkin.

Power doesn’t even come close, not in the same neighborhood diplomatically. Her bio for comparison: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Power

He’s the Russian AMBASSADOR to the United Nations. Power dismissed him as a “spokesman.” He’s her counterpart at the UN. This cheaky unprofessional upstart with an elevated view of her own importance and experience looks down on him? Her performance last night is enough to solidify my vote for Trump. 100%. Clinton would keep this broad on for at least a year just for continuity, and the two of them would start WWIII.

Obama appointed this woman. His judgment in appointing officers and advisors has been appalling (Geithner, Emanuel, Rice, Power, John Holdren, Ash Carter). He didn’t have the balls to hang onto the excellent Chas Freeman in February, 2009. Threw him under the bus when he was a wildly popular new president because he couldn’t stare down and stand up to the rabid Pro-Israeli groups that were dictating national security advisors to him. Jesus. I can’t wait for him to get out of office. My shame and regret at having campaigned hard for him for free for two years is wide and deep.


I was drawn to your depiction of Samantha Powers as the 'perfect psychopath'. The way she can lie and take offence with such conviction, my first thought was she is a psychopath. The more I look, the more I see that these pretend humans are everywhere in the corridors of power. I once thought that power corrupts, but now I see that power attracts the corrupted. These fake humans are a real danger to us all, and their assumption of power works to prevent the rest of us from picking up the torches and pitchforks and running them all out of town. With our morals and humanity, we are ill-equipped to take on these monsters. One day Humans will have to purge these parasites from our midst.


Such regret ... currently being painted on the land of 'OZ as a terrible mishap .... these things do happen you know ... 'Big Mal' has said so ...



I have read a lot of frustration with Russia over these ceasefires, usually by the armchair warrior brigade. People are forgetting America is not an army, but a mafia protection racket (sorry vets). They don't win wars on the battlefield, their army is not much more than a muscular Italian man in a tracksuit packing a Beretta and a bad haircut. Russia knows America wins it's conflicts on the battlefield of public opinion, not by force of arms. But as we can all attest, American diplomacy is getting dumber and more unprofessional by the hour. Russia is slowly painting America into a corner, with a big label stuck to her head saying 'warmonger'. Russia is countering all the future US propaganda lines of attack, leaving it one day soon with a fait accompli. Take notes everyone, Putin is giving us a master class in geopolitics; Check and Mate. Otherwise, duck and cover.


In reply to Mark Logan 18 September 2016 at 08:57 PM

"My nickel is on we confused the SA with DAESH because they pushed forward or moved to where we didn't expect them to."

Normally I would tend to agree that SNAFU is a better explanation than malice. Not this time.

The Americans has the site they bombed under observation for several days - they admitted as much to the NYT.

"The strike began in the early evening, when planes attacked a group of vehicles that American surveillance aircraft had been watching for several days, according to a Centcom official who requested anonymity because the episode was still being investigated. Military intelligence had identified the cluster of vehicles, which the official said included at least one tank, as belonging to the Islamic State, the official said."

U.S. Admits Airstrike in Syria, Meant to Hit ISIS, Killed Syrian Troops - The New York Times.

The second part of that paragraph lacks all credibility. We're really supposed to believe that American military intelligence is so dimwitted that they're unable to work out what the fact that the tanks' barrels were pointing at the Daesh positions meant?

As our host points out above the US has had the area under close observation for months and as "b" points out below:

"The U.S. destroyed 3 tanks, three IFVs with 23mm guns, one anti-air gun and at least 4 mortars says the SAA. That was a very significant part of the heavier weapons the SAA in Deir Ezzor still has."

I don't for a moment believe that the US military is incapable of working out what the direction in which a weapon is pointed means.

The US attack did what it was meant to do - to render the SAA position in considerably weaker, and the pack of fundamentalist head choppers with which America is allied did what they were meant to do and attacked the Syrian Government positions (MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Russia affirms the US works with ISIS - Fort Russ).


Firstly, the Australians took some of the blame. Then I saw the Dutch do the same, now the British. This is all the 'coalition' is good for; perception management. And if you believe the pipe bombs yesterday were false flag media management, this incident is worse than we think.

Balint Somkuti

One misdeed can NEVER justify another.

Besides those responsible for Barbarossa crimes were punished, while the so called liberators (and their toxic ideology) are still not.

Not saying Russia will act like he Soviet Union, but to pick between an irrationally behaving USA and not-so altruistic Russia...


I am not sure, if the Powers video below is what people refer to here:


I wonder if one could argue she offers something like a counter conspiracy theory, a nascent conspiracy theory.

Keep in mind the theoretical arguments around responsibilities concerning the rise of ISIS. Including arguments like e.g. Assad's indirect support of ISIS, like bying "their oil".

Minus 10 seconds--the time for her entrance up to her "good evening everybody"--she spends altogether 44 seconds or 6% of her time on the strike itself, including the regret for the loss of live. The rest of the time she dwells on the atrocities of the Assad regime. Not that some of it isn't justified, at least as far as I am concerned. But doesn't this leave a more indirect question between the lines: Can we trust him at all? After all: it's still being investigated, and it supposedly targeted Isis.


4. some type of planted dis-information?

What special interest parties wouldn't be too fond of a US-Russia cooperation in Syria. Turkey? Saudis? ... some in the career department of the American military?

I only looked at this cursorily. What is the solid knowledge core of the military vehicles attacked? Sorry, not good in the precise military terms.



I do NOT believe this was an accident. I read an interesting tweet from a Ken Roth (HRW) saying it was done to pay Assad back.

Watch how a professional handles this situation

Dear Samantha Power, in order to learn the meaning of word ‘shame’ I would advise you to visit Syria and meet people there," Zakharova wrote. "Not with Nusra, nor with the moderate opposition, about delivery of humanitarian aid for which Washington is worried so much, not with those living in the West who are so concerned about the prosperous future for that country, but meet people, who live there, despite the fact that for almost six years already their country undergoes a bloody experiment, with an active involvement of Washington."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova


The Beaver

Samantha Power is auditioning for a job because, come next January she would be out of the limelight, no matter who is in the WH. However,t should HRC win, Nuland could be the next Sec of State ( would like to see her against Lavrov) and Power may get a Bureau to manage just to stay in that power matrix.

Personally I doubt HRC would keep her after being called a monster by the Irish woman back in 2008 but anything can happen.

Should Trump win, I guess it would be back to academia like Anne Marie Slaughter and hanging out with the rich and powerful,


ABC News is still referring to it as '...the bungled raid ...'. Non-Australians may not be aware that PM Turnbull is a highly skilled barrister. He made his name in the 1980s when he defeated the British Government's efforts to suppress publication of the book 'Spycatcher' by ex-MI5 officer Peter Wright. Turnbull is a very smooth talker- please make allowance for this.

Defense Minister did a press conference today, but added nothing other than saying that they would be waiting for the incident report from the US forces. Pressure must be very much on US military to come up with a narrative that not only holds water, but doesn't let any blame travel further up the line.


Britain lent a hand to bomb the SA?
Who exactly has not bombed the SA recently?
Obama probably too busy campaigning for HRC to care what the children are up to.


That's one way to look at it. The trouble is:

(i) Anyone who has been paying attention already knows that the US position is that Assad has to go and, if that means Syria is overrun by jihadis, then so be it. And that is one of the more charitable interpretations.
(ii) Syrian Government forces are already exhausted. I don't see how they can take much more of this messing about whereby hard won gains, won at the cost of precious troops which are in short supply, are surrendered back to the terrorists in the next horseshit ceasefire.
(iii) Does the US even care if their machinations are exposed? Who's going to stop them?


According to Al Masdar News, the SAA captured Jebel Tardah from ISIS on June 6th and until yesterday there were no reports of it being recaptured by ISIS. What were the USAF/RAAF doing attacking a target so close to Deir Ezzor since the USAF has never offered CAS to the SAA nor the SAA ever requested CAS from the USAF.
Also, there are reports that ISIS had a drone overhead on Jebel Tardah on Friday, did they already know something?


considered turning the person in to the DEA

interesting way to put it. ;)


There is no evidence that the Red Army ordered or condoned the rape of about 300,000 women which it appears was largely carried out rear echelon troops, and the Russians were not the only ones raping Germans, although that is no real excuse.
While it was unacceptable it is perhaps understandable in respect of the casualties suffered by the Red Army when further resistance by the Germans in Berlin was totally futile bearing in mind that the Germans including the supposedly principled Wehrmacht had never respected the laws of war with their treatment of Russians and other Slavs, why should the Germans have expected or had any right to quarter. The Germans needed to learn a lesson and they did.

Bryn P

Given the large level of resources allocated to the raid this was a well-planned operation and not an accidental one I have read elsewhere that, in addition to the US aircraft, British, Australian and even Danish forces were involved. I am just surprised that the casualties were not even higher than they were.


How far does it get you to sort her out as psychopath? And what exactly does it mean? Something similar to reptilians?

I somewhat liked Kevin Dutton's work on the topic. But without having taken a closer look, I am not too fond of a narcissist - psychopath juxtaposition either:


Seems labels are around again lately. No wonder.

ex-PFC Chuck

Speaking of "torches and pitchforks and running them all out of town," the writers and editors of The Onion are on the case:


Babak Makkinejad

So, Danes are enemies of Iran and the Shia. That is what I had observed last year on this forum.

How did that happen?

When did Danes decide that the more rational Muslims are their enemies and the emotional ones their friends?

ex-PFC Chuck

Syria declares seven day cease fire over:


For once I find myself as confused as enlightened by the conversation on this site. I am persuaded that the strike was deliberate, but from there the conversation degenerates into the deplorable personal and ideological characteristics of various officials. If this was done deliberately, then it was done for a purpose. As Col. Lang notes, these are not casual risk takers whatever their personal views. The strike was too small and seemingly too incoherent to constitute general throwing around of our weight. That incoherence gnaws at me. Did this stop some particular action that we did not want? Was it in response to some (unreported?) action on the part of the SAA or the Russians? Why this and why now? Who was supposed to be intimidated? And were they?

The Russians are furious, but they seem to want this cease fire far more than would be indicated by the reporting I have seen? Why do they want it so badly? If we are trying to intimidate them, we would seem to have succeeeded. But I don't believe that for a moment.

I think that the strike was coherent and specific for the people it was intended to influence. Nothing I have read so far has given me much insight into what it accomplished or who the intended audience was.


Apologies, Danish not Dutch.

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