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18 September 2016


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Col, Apologies for this but the referent of your "him" is unclear to me. Is it Haydon [sic] or Trump that you intended as only taking calculated risks?


"People like him do not take other than carefully calculated risks. pl"

You have touched upon the subject.

Business people take carefully calculated risks when their own money is involved,

unfortunately these same people happily squander others peoples' money with no morals or shame.

The US GOV is other peoples money & lives - woefully under-protected by 'Human Morals', "codes of conduct', 'Civil Servants' and rules, most unenforceable rules.

The 'businessman' cannot run the oval office, it is a not-for-profit org with the sole purpose of improving, protecting, policing etc.. the hoi polloi by the hoi polloi for the hoi polloi.

Even worse in this case there is no bankruptcy court or deep pocket entities to buy out his failures.


Intentional or not is not important as was mentioned above, it is that R+6 believe it was intentional. This is what was so critical when the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999. I know a number of low level Chinese officials and academics -- these were people who had positive views of the US and some even supported the Tien Mien Square demonstrators in 1991. After their embassy was bombed not one of these people doubted it was deliberate, that they saw the US as an adversary and felt eventually a major military confrontation between the US and China was inevitable. They all felt China was not yet ready but should be in one or two decades.

So the question is: How will Russia respond?


I am afraid I have to believe this attack was intentional. To me, the reduction of Dayr ez zor is consistent with the removal of any shred of any effective Syrian governance in Eastern Syria. That then sets the stage for the alleged "conquest" of Raqqa and an overarching plan to partion Syria and create a "moderate" Sunni state in Eastern Syria.

The Geopolitical intention is to prevent the creation of a "Shia Crescent" from Iran to the Mediterranean that would provide an opportunity for the termination of one arm of the Chinese one belt road and rail network to terminate at a Mediterranean port. Such an occurrence with its concomitant Syrian and Iranian economic development would be a nightmare for Israel and by definition, American influence in the region.

Without an immediate mea culpa from Washington coupled with a detailed explanation of how these coordinates mistakenly found their way into mission control computers, I am afraid that whatever trust Kerry and Lavrov enjoyed is lost. Churkin seemed visibly angry on the video clip I saw. This is not good for any of us.



My friend, to quote the Bard, "all the world's a stage". Ambassador Power is in same role as Adlai Stevenson was in '63; Ironic, isn't it, that she of the temper tantrum is neither "the smartest man" nor the most honest. She may think she is being heroic but the play is turning to tragedy. Russia, lead by Putin, will not kneel in submission to repeated presentations of false evidence or the duplicity that the US has displayed most recently in Syria. I'd prefer a little less red(head) and more humility otherwise we'll all see to much red blood. God knows she complicit in (by proxy) shedding enough of it in Syria. She should climb down from her unicorn.

As to the "savior" , well your history is off. The taming of the shoe was in October of 1960 and in direct response to the statement of head of the Philippine delegate to the UN (Lorenzo Sumulong) that "the peoples of Eastern Europe and elsewhere which have been deprived of the free exercise of their civil and political rights and which have been swallowed up, so to speak, by the Soviet Union". The "smartest man" didn't order USSR nuclear weapons moved into Cuba - sparking the crisis - until two years later. He and Kennedy could have come to some damn agreement regarding nuclear weapons without going to the brink, but that's another tale.



"Lefties are another basket of deplorables."

Like Trump said, he needs a bigger basket.


Of course the LOCSTAT of our eminent NWO Australian PM (who is a former employee of Goldman Sachs to boot) was purely circumstantial to the involvement of RAAF aircraft in the mission ....


Per Mare Per Terram


"I am being driven towards Trump."

See, Col. Lang!? The odious raven said you were becoming more like Tyler, and there you are almost a complete Deplorable!

Most devilish of you doing these provocations, like that one about all things secession if Hillary was elected.

That Gen. Hillary picture is great (the "stood by my man" medal is priceless.) Whenever Hillary wears green clothes she becomes outright cartoonish, besides giving the impression that the first thing she will do after taking them off is smoking them. The character that green Hillary most reminds me of is Mother Gruesome from The Impossibles, or rather Grandma Gruesome in her case:


And the poor imperial America hydra, heads not good for cutting, but necks quite good for tangling. With a head in the sand, another in the clouds, yet another in its own ass, still it fights itself to death, even though all the countries around would rather have it stand in good health (especially of mind.)


"...enlightenment is dawning among the nation's movers & shakers..."
I am afraid that this is of no avail. Big money and power make people into subhumans; nothing sacred exists for the major war profiteers and supreme ziocons. There are no mechanisms of accountability to punish them for harming the large numbers of innocent people.
They would not stop from the deadly war-making till they lose everything, including their own children and grandchildren... There are too many caligulas-in-power nowadays, playing with WMD.


I call bullshit on General Hayden. He’s just another DC insider they rolled out to discredit Trump. Hayden has never impressed me.

Green Zone Café

How did a girl from Dublin get to be so bloodthirsty? Listen to "Zombie" from the Cranberries.



Wonder when Putin is going to draw his red line in the sand, as it's the only way I see that is going to get the immediate attention of errant OSD Carter and SECoState Kerry's tunnel-vision.

As I see it, S300/S400 immediate emplacements for Syrian support would do the trick. It would only take Moscow a few hours and then the Syrian regime would have a ring of protection that would make the errant secretaries think twice.


They had performed careful selection:
The bloodthirsty liar Samantha Power for the US ambassador in UN, the zioconish Ashton Carter for the Sec of Def, the unprincipled Nuland-Kagan (a Jew fraternizing with neo-Nazis) for the State Dept., a "perfumed prince" Michael Morell and cowardly John Brennan (see torture story) for CIA. And the Noble Prize Laureate as a cherry on the cake... Sigh.


Whose policies do you think are more likely to lead to the use of nuclear weapons, Trump or HRC?


General Hayden is an exemplary careerist devoid of any scruples; people in power like him have inflicted grave harm to the US. You might want to check a story of Trailblazer Project, a minor episode in a thoroughly corrupt Hayden's career. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trailblazer_Project

"Hayden was the first NSA director to betray the country’s trust by ordering wholesale violation of what was once the First Commandment at NSA: “Thou Shalt Not Eavesdrop on Americans Without a Court Warrant.” While Hayden has implicitly offered a second-grader kind of excuse for his law-breaking, that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney “made me do it,” that does not let Hayden off the hook. Hayden also lectured a press conference on Jan. 23, 2006, about his detailed knowledge of the Fourth Amendment, insisting that it does not require a showing of “probable cause” before a warrant is issued for searches and seizures." https://consortiumnews.com/2013/12/28/gen-michael-no-probable-cause-hayden/
Comment section: "Currently, Hayden is on the advisory board of LIGNET, an Israeli advocacy group and a principal at the Chertoff Group.... Chertoff is a US-Israel dual citizen and son of one of the founding member of Israeli Mossad." https://chertoffgroup.com/about-us/our-team/244-michael-hayden


CNN's interactive graphic is interesting.


It would have helped if Powers had meditated a little over it. Seems her performance wasn't diplomacy but kindergarten.

I was puzzled by the camera shots and editing of the short UN report with Vitaly Churkin and Samantha Powers over here. It seemed as if she only entered after he had finished. Never seen something like this before. Now I understand, that's exactly what happened.

Churkin was upset with US ambassador Samantha Power, who lambasted Russia's support of the Syrian regime to the media outside the meeting while he was speaking.


Wearing my paranoid hat can I ask the assembly: if as a seasoned decision maker an accident should befall you, is it:

A. An accident, a quirk of fate.

B. Retribution by an enemy for earlier accident(s) - nothing personal. Or

C. Convenient targeting of you by internal rivals to make a false flag and remove a rival?


Quite so, and Trump is singly risk adverse by business standards.


and as a response from the SAA, had several of their crafts shot down.

Seen this, but did you see an Israeli confirmation? I checked and a couple of days ago I found no independent confirmation.


Indeed sir, but that particular band of weak little men are not intimidating.

Mark Logan


To me, that we would deliberately kill anybody in combat with DAESH as an extraordinary assertion requiring extraordinary evidence. I have a hazy notion that we have begun the long road towards reversing our ridiculous stance on the Syrian civil war, and sought to send a message by action, which our self and presidential campaign obsessed media would be very likely to miss. This change seems to me certainly not uniform or universal within the labyrinth of the US foreign policy system...if it exists. The Russo-phobes did not wait for the Russians to arrive and work deconfliction. Unwise at best.

My nickel is on we confused the SA with DAESH because they pushed forward or moved to where we didn't expect them to.

Power's hissy fit (exactly the words in my mind when I watched it) misses the need for the Russians and the Syrian people for some kind of reaction for this terrible tragedy. A true statesman would have sought to apologize and commiserate, offering compensation to their families...thereby ameliorating the damage and embarrassment and would have done so immediately after being informed(IMO). However she and her ilk are but self-important scolds. Disgusting.

Chris Chuba

If intentional how many would it take?
Let's assume that it was deliberate, what is the minimum number of people needed to go on Syrian Army hunt to kill mission?
1. At least one high level officer.

2. I would think at least one or two drone operators to spot the target.

3. The pilots? Maybe not. We know from the Afghanistan hospital incident that the guys actually running the mission can easily mistake targets on the ground. I've never flown but there are enough incidents of friendly fire that it leads me to believe that it is not all that easy for the pilot to determine who the people on the ground are once they get there.

I don't know the answer to any of these questions but I wanted to look at it a little differently.


Remember: Obama said he'd get out of Afganistan, and close Gitmo. Those were his two, publicly stated objectives. He got nowhere implementing them, and did nothing about it. This "team" failed their coach miserably, and now the players are just doing their own thing. Obama tuned out long ago.

Per Terram

I find it hard to not link the LOCSTAT of the Australian PM (once an employee of Goldman Sachs) during last week with this event coupled with the involvement of 'coalition' RAAF aircraft involved in this airstrike.

In our 'do nothing' Senate & Federal Govt structures here 'down under - on the island of 'holes & houses' I expect little in the way of serious debate about any ADF involvement.


michael brenner

Now that the shock of this latest juvenile escapade has been absorbed, one can offer some hypotheses as to what happened. Here is one.

1. Kerry and Carter had a meeting of minds on the need to "push back" against the Russians. The former has been arguing for months the importance of doing so as essential leverage in his negotiations with Lavrov to offset direct Russian involvement on the battlefield. The aims: get Moscow to sign on to the idea of a joint, coordinated command (in the name of fighting ISIL)whose ulterior motive for some time has been to impose a de facto American veto on Russian air strikes; and fudge the cease-fire terms to allow continued support for al-Nusra as Washington has finagled things for the past 6 months. As for Carter, he foams at the mouth in anticipation of stick it to the Russians one way or another. 'Ash' acts as if he were auditioning for the starring role in a remake of Dr. Strangelove.

The odd couple easily get Samantha on board. Brennan salivates at so ingenious an operation that will allow the CIA to continue its sandbox games with the "moderates" and jihadis. Together, they besiege the White House. Obama is so impressed to see his two rival Secretaries in agreement that he gives the plan the nod. Susan Rice & McDonough? They likely argue for plausible deniability so as to insulate Chapter 7 Vol 2 of Obama's memoirs from being besmirched by any negative repercussions.

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