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20 September 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

Russell also argued against Fascism from a Liberal point of view, please see below:


The Porkchop Express

This may or may not shed more light on the tit for tat between WH and DoD?


What's driving these fissures? Ideological clashes? Bureaucratic turf fighting? Disrespect on both sides? It seems insane that the WH and the DoD would be as much at odds as they are considering the military is basically our only instrument of carrying out foreign policy any more.

The Twisted Genius


That clearly shows organizational dysfunction within the Administration. The Pentagon should be kept informed of these kinds of WH decisions, but the idea that DOD needed to be involved in the decision to return Iran's money is wrong in my opinion. This was more a matter of WH, DOS, maybe Treasury.

Bureaucratic turf fighting? Of course. That will always be there. It's just too bad that it moves from advocacy and healthy debate to a "Game of Thrones" like back-stabbing duel to the death. I would think if the WH doesn't want this, it could fire a whole host of political appointees. The failure to do that is, in itself, a symptom of dysfunction.


With all necessary, respect, I doubt that.

David Habakkuk


My point was not that Himmler was, as it were, a typical National Socialist. His obsessions were treated with derision, not simply by people like Speer, but by Hitler.

It was that the ‘Azov Battalion’ quite clearly chose to identify with his strand in National Socialism – that which went into the moulding of the ‘Schutz Staffel’.

People do not produce ‘light transformations’ of the ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Wolfsangel’ without knowing what they are doing.

They are, to be frank, ‘taking the piss’.


People do not produce ‘light transformations’ of the ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Wolfsangel’ without knowing what they are doing.

I agree, David. They seem to have connections to our neo-right, surfaced occasionally over here. I was often asked on the web, if I still felt free as a German in spite of all these signs being forbidden. ... or for that matter legal limits to free speech. Which obviously resulted in prevarications and duplicity over here.


Rosenberg is even more sickening, scroll a little down:


Afterthought, FB Ali,

I followed TTG's latest contribution following a question from one of the SST members to Jack Murphy. ...

In any case I downloaded the ebook version on Benghazi and found it quite interesting. As a member of the military it should be of interest to you. The only thing, I didn't like was the part of the title that said: "the definitive report"



the only question I asked myself after reading it, was, for whatever reason, how comes? Wasn't the DNI meant to streamline matters?



Re: "Are there enough 'good guys' inside these organizations to set things straight?"

Huh? First, the US in in Syria illegally. Second, Syria is not a civil war, it is an invasion by outside forces, primarily the US and its various proxies--terrorists, Gulf States financial support, and of course, the perennial elephant in the room Zionist Israel. Syria is just the latest US-NATO war crime, on the heels of Libya and of course Iraq.

We are not the "good guys" in any sense whatsoever. This is sentimental claptrap,the result of being thoroughly propagandized.It's the Russians, along with the Syrian army that have largely accomplished the ongoing destruction of ISIS-al-Nusra. The Americans support ISIS essentially. Don't you people read your own documents? The recent bombing at Deir ez-Zor is just the latest example of US gov't perfidy.


Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander "The Americans stand on our side"

The definitive proof of the US real agenda in Syria may be found in a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document declassified in May last year:



"Does the Nobel Peace Prize Committee have rules and by-laws permitting the revocation of a Peace Prize?"
I looked into that some years back.
It take a motion by a country supported, I presume, by a number of other Members to revoke a prize.
I was hoping Canada would have the guts to do it. No such luck.
Who is a major with the nerve to do it?

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