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16 September 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

You are right, all it was a pose - all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Its only enduring legacy has been the drug culture.



You keep commenting here about your superior knowledge and that very few including you are the only ones that know federal accounting. Among those you claim are idiots who have no clue how the federal government accounts fir it's receipts and expenditures as well as its balance sheet are Krugman, billionaire macro investors like Paul Singer, Howard Marks, Stan Druckenmiller as well as bond investor and fund manager Lacy Hunt and long term observer of financial markets Jim Grant. As I have noted to you before if you have this superior knowledge you must be more successful financially than these billionaire "idiots"? Are you? Or are you another Internet jockey peddling snakeoil?
One does not need anything more than common sense to know that creating money out of thin air to expand a central bank's balance sheet and government deficit spending to infinity is a ludicrous proposition as it always ends as it has in history when confidence in the underlying monetary system and currency evaporates.



You got dropped off in the middle of nowhere France. Boo hoo. How is that related to Jerry Sandusky's decades long rape spree at Penn State University or the complicity of the university administrators in covering it up?



"reduced women to whores available all the time" for this you can thank that great achievement of the patriarchy - feminism. They were the great proponents of sexual liberation and still are.


I can't figure out what they hope to achieve with this "cessation of hostilities". They must have known that the US wouldn't keep it's word. Everyone who's paying any attention must realise by now that the US doesn't keep to any agreements they make. Any negotiations are only ever used as stalling tactics or for propaganda purposes.

They already tried this once and it was used by the headchoppers to regroup. It's just prolonging the agony at this point. They just need to hit the terrorists as hard as possible and never mind the handwringing from the Western media.


Dr. Brenner,

I see you did not address me directly, am I to conclude this response is meant for me comments?
" The rape phenomenon on campus, and its mishandling, is a national disgrace - on several grounds."

Not a single university president, chancellor, vp, or provost has been fired due to rape on campus. Rape is criminal conduct and should be addressed as such. The left does not wish to do so but to "redifne" terms in the best of cultural marxist traditions.

"racism is very much alive in America " I agree, I've been on the receiving end of racist conduct for decades to include discrimination based on "diversity" and "affirmative action". Sadly the Obama era has only made that worse.



I don't remember saying that. Refresh me. pl


Fred, jld

MRW it seems has this faith-based belief which jld correctly labeled "loony", that infinite government spending is the path to wealth nirvana. Taken to its ridiculous conclusion no one need work and we can all be on the beach as the government replenishes our bank account each month for a nice luxurious standard of living. Except of course there'll be no one to produce anything. Ah! But MRW will likely claim that the Mexicans and Chinese will be happy to take our paper dollars while we lounge in the sun.

I don't get why he keeps up with this tripe on threads where government finances are discussed.


The following words by Col. Lang...

"IMO American society began to disintegrate in 1964. In that year the national narrative based on a mythic effort to construct something like an opportunity driven society began to fall apart under pressure from college kids who had been raised by parents who were survivors of the depression and WW2 to expect a very high level of good living and freedom from any kind of want. That standard of expectation was unreasonably high. Dsappointment led to rebellion and the beginning of social disintegration. This process has continued ever since. American society has been falling more and more apart ever since then, with its elements driven farther and farther apart by people with revolutionary ambitions and dreams, some of whom dominate the media. Those who run the Obama Administration bear a heavy responsibility for the most recent and accelerating phase of the disintegration. Their scorn for traditional American mores and insistence on pursuing a "hope and change" utopia has cut the guts out of anything that was left of a national consensus and sense of a common destiny."

Are corroborated and put in a concrete context in this article by Harry Stein...


Thus come to pass that from what was once a "common tribe worth fighting and dying for," all that is left is the promise of unending discord:



fred et al

I have been chaperoned in my relations with strange women since 1963, including in grad school where I was just after the SE Asia thing ended with me still breathing. I had spent much of the previous ten years overseas and happily married. Nevertheless I would say that the general attitude of college educated women had changed greatly over that period. They had become very aggressive sexually and undeterred by such minor impediments as the presence of a beautiful wife or the supposed repulsiveness of the soldiery. So ... I would have to say that Brenner is right when he says that women were active and somewhat enthusiastic in participation in the "sexual revolution." pl



Thanks, I suppose, maybe. As a humanities person who never destroyed a fine college I can only observe and strive however badly for eloquence. pl



And furthermore, the present inclination of the collegiate daughters, or grand daughters of the women I met in the early 70s to get drunk at parties (frat or not), get laid and then yell rape the next day is just pathetic. Are the men innocent? Of course they are not but women have some responsibility fir their behavior as well. I hope Rolling Stone goes down the drain for their assault on that frat at U. Va. BTW we had no frats at VMI. pl



"I would have to say that Brenner is right when he says that women were active and somewhat enthusiastic in participation in the "sexual revolution."

I certainly agree with that observation.

Babak Makkinejad

You are asking them to take responsibility for their own actions; that would be sensible advise.

I would have supposed that their parents would have proffered such advise, yes?

Babak Makkinejad

Paul Sweezy was saying the same things in 1980s, and Patrick Buchannan in 1990s.

When a man of the Left and a man of the Right agree on something, it behooves one to pay attention lest they be right.

Babak Makkinejad

May be you can take the trouble of explaining to them why US has sovereign currency and Israel (or Zimbabwe) do not.


(Sigh squared!) What is your definition of a sovereign currency? And who have such currencies?


Under this definition Zimbabwe has a sovereign currency. And so does the Argentinian peso and the British pound, Swiss franc, Indian rupee, Venezuelan bolivar, Japanese yen, Thai baht.


Bingo. That's exactly why they account for it as debt, a borrowing that needs to be repaid in nominal terms. That's also why they issue Treasury Inflation Protected Securities.


"You don’t understand the process. Countries want USD so they can buy oil."

This is a good example of why the person who does not understand is actually MRW.

Iran does not sell all its oil in USD. And Saudi Arabia too. The Russians also sell their oil under multiple terms including barter.



I'm talking about the metal nickel that Russia produces. They sell this metal under many different terms. It is their choice what to accept for each transaction. It can be USD or Euro or even coconuts.

Market depth is basically the liquidity of an instrument specially under stress. Microsoft stock has more depth than a penny stock.



True, I shouldn't have babbled. You are right of course: (especially imagined)

"The rape phenomenon on campus, and its mishandling, is a national disgrace - on several grounds."

I am not familiar with current facts, statistics, research. I am only aware of the "the Rolling Stone case" Fred keeps referring to as symptomatic for "the left".


I am aware as a hitchhiker I must have been "asking for it" somehow. That was an attitude I encountered. Nowadays no one does that anymore.


I detect a profound lack of enthusiasm from the majority of the cadets in this picture.

different clue


That psychological posture seems capturable in two sayings:

1: "It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong, and I have to admit that
I'm a big man."

2: "The End sanctifies the Means."


"Free love," as you quaintly call it, was not an exclusive cause of men.

It never was an equal burden sharing field. Except for women that opted for some type of constant readiness. Thus no, it didn't feel at all like a joint enterprise. Why contraceptive pill's for women only? Ever asked yourself that question? Wouldn't it have been possible to create something for men? In a different field it is possible: Viagra.

There was a reason, I couldn't read Wilhelm Reich, before I stumbled across Klaus Theweleit's Male Fantasies. The Reichians were the worst among the post SDS revolutionary groups. I wasn't fond of the ones with the Red or Green bible either.

I know quite a few women under 40. Some things never change. Some do. My mother only could work without her husband's consent from July 1977 on. Up to 1957, she wasn't allowed to have her own bank-account without her husband's consent. ...



US has sovereign currency and Israel (or Zimbabwe) do not.

They are both dollar denominated? Is the Euro? Or do I completely misunderstand? Aren't we "sovereign" either, and the rest follows?

I looked up two of his reading suggestions. Admittedly, I am not so sure anymore if economics is a "science". Neither am I sure if the recurrence of housing bubbles couldn't mean something more central. ...



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