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29 September 2016


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Or Lords of Flies, to use the appropriate plural?


The Syrians call Aleppo "Halab," if I am not mistaken.


Nobody needs to teach Russia a lesson, and Bill Weld should have been at the top of the ticket.

James Loughton

If you don't inhale, then why would you cough? I have more confidence in one of the committee's suggestion that perhaps he imbibed orally, or just lied.


"Well, if everybody didn't vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement, wouldn't it?"

Wouldn't such a powerful statement deliver the selection of the president into the hands of Bibi's congressional clients????


I agree, Fred, and I can assure you, I deeply dislike this type of comparison.

Actually dislike isn't strong enough to express it, disgust is much closer to what I feel about it. It may have driven me to overreact to Bill Herschel's curious off topic comment above. ...

Babak: At the time our clashes happened, I still had some type of inquisitorial fervor. Trying to figure out why Babak seemed 95% percent pretty rational but on some issues seemed absolutely irrational to me. Ahmadinejad (irony alert): Personally, my impression was at the time of the UN speech the Mossad couldn't have invented a better antagonist then Ahmadinejad. Although the mystery may well be, they don't need to invent people like that. He may return as candidate in the next election.


Please get the chemical basics right, that changes the context dramatically:

1) Russia is at the moment the largest producer of elementary titanium, that is correct. But Russia is of course not an important producer of titanium containing ores.

2) The processes used to convert titanium ores (ilmenit, rutil) are well known, there is no technological bottleneck, only one of production capacity.

3) Only a small percentage of titanium is used in elementary form, more than 90% simply as pigment (TiO2, titanium white), toothpaste, paints for construction and artists, sun blocker....


Colonel, TTG,

I-dot Scarborough at the coaching of his errant Hayden has no clue regarding "teach the Russians a lesson.".

Here is something Scarborough might want to watch:

1 October
1 октября — День Сухопутных войск

And Joe Scarborough and his Hayden buddy think war is a game?


Couple things came up. One, Kerry apparently had a couple very revealing things to share meeting a few "opposition"-characters last week, which was recorded and leaked to the NYT:


Titled thus:

"Audio Reveals What John Kerry Told Syrians Behind Closed Doors

-It includes, among other things, this oxymoron right here:

"At the meeting last week, Mr. Kerry was trying to explain that the United States has no legal justification for attacking Mr. Assad’s government, whereas Russia was invited in by the government.

“The problem is the Russians don’t care about international law, and we do.”"

-Shows at least some awareness who is not the enemy in Syria, as well as the realization on Kerry's part neither People nor Congress want a new R2P-war:

"At another point, Mr. Kerry spelled out in stark terms distinctions the United States was making between combatants, which have upset the Syrian opposition: The United States wants the rebels to help it fight the Islamic State and Al Qaeda because, as he put it, “both have basically declared war on us.” But Washington will not join the same rebels in fighting Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia allied with Mr. Assad, even though the United States lists Hezbollah as a terrorist group like the others.

“Hezbollah,” Mr. Kerry explained, “is not plotting against us.”

He also spoke of the obstacles he faces back home: a Congress unwilling to authorize the use of force and a public tired of war.

“A lot of Americans don’t believe that we should be fighting and sending young Americans over to die in another country.”"

-As well as a very specious understanding of the democratic process on the part of the "opposition" assembled there:

"One of the Syrians in the room assured Mr. Kerry, “No one is requesting an invasion,” but he insisted that the rebels needed more help.

As time ran short, Mr. Kerry told the Syrians that their best hope was a political solution to bring the opposition into a transitional government. Then, he said, “you can have an election and let the people of Syria decide: Who do they want?”

A State Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said later that Mr. Kerry was not indicating a shift in the administration’s view of Mr. Assad, only reiterating a longstanding belief that he would be ousted in any fair election.

At one point, Mr. Kerry astonished the Syrians at the table when he suggested that they should participate in elections that include President Bashar al-Assad, five years after President Obama demanded that he step down.

Mr. Kerry described the election saying it would be set up by Western and regional powers, and the United Nations, “under the strictest standards.” He said that the millions of Syrians who have fled since the war began in 2011 would be able to participate."

Aside that, jumping to the aforementioned Hayden's and Scarborough's support is a Charles Lister, PR-person for the unicorns employed by Qatar, who has this oh-so convincing piece on "winding down Syria" - by destroying it some more via the US and downplaying what else that might lead up to:


One "argument" he makes there is this:

"Since Russia’s intervention in Syria in September 2015, the threat of force has undoubtedly acquired an additional level of risk. However, the question remains: to what extent does Russia have any interest in counter-escalating against the United States and risking open conflict with a superior military actor? Skeptics of an assertive U.S. approach to Syria have frequently used this question as an automatic veto, but they themselves have never justified in any level of detail why they think Russia itself actually would seek a “World War III” scenario."

It's a shame the think-tank caste isn't called upon to man the front-lines of the wars they promote, otherwise this tripe wouldn't be published, much less written. Then again, might this be merely a sign of breakdown occurring among the likes of Lister? Hopefully the type that leaves the many-headed hydra of regime-change in Syria too confused to commit to any new, grand strategery that may end up giving us all another "Great War" a century after the first.


People around here with much more knowledge on scientific matters may please forgive me, this nitwit question:

I am wondering a bit why Mars has been sorted out among terrestrial planets. Admittedly I always have the mythical Mars at the back of my mind. ... Help me get it out in this context.

At one point in life I have been quite fascinated by a "crazy biologist", whose studies and writings suggested to me, that humans ultimately always tried to somewhat imitate nature. Making me realized they also failed producing some type of unified theory in psychics (non biological, but some type of mathematical law of the universe).

In a vague way this reminded me of Babak's response above.

Long introduction: Why Mars????


Not sure if that would make much of a difference given the way things are going ;)

Given the context of that statement (and the article as a whole), which was preceded by "Asked what would happen if the average voter took his stance and didn't vote for Clinton or Trump"... it appears Jeb was talking about people not voting for the Dem or Repub candidates and instead voting for 3rd party candidates, not staying at home. Although he may have meant both of those.

The disgust with the 2 major party candidates is going to trigger many to either vote 3rd party, write in a vote, or stay at home. After all, those are the only ways people have or letting the establishment know they don't approve what's being offered.

I vote 3rd party for president on principle, because I refuse to give my assent to the current ruling paradigm.



You posted your question on the wrong thread.


it's closer and not as hot as Venus; same daylength as earth with more summer vacation days as a potential incentive.

different clue


A big read ball? Who read the ball? What did it say?

different clue

James Loughton,

I believe Clinton did indeed ingest serious amounts of edible cannabis.
But Clinton didn't just lie when he said " I tried it but I couldn't inhale". He demonstrated the razor-fineness of his brilliantly shysterly mind in conveying a big-lie-sized false impression with the tactically clever use of an oh-so-exquisitely micro-correct micro-tiny micro-fact. I don't remember exactly how the questioner worded the question to Mister Bill to begin with. But if the questioner asked Mister Bill whether he had ever "used marijuana" or even more accidentally-leadingly "ever SMOKED marijuana", he gave Slicky Bill the perfect opportunity to answer the exact question exactly truthfully . . . exactly as asked.

" It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." Clearly the reporter did not know his Bill.


The facts are dripping:
"Western Journalists and Public are in a Collective Coma Regarding Death of US Servicemen in Syria," by Theodore McIntire
"The mid-September 2016 a series of events that could be interpreted as retaliation in kind appears to have been intentionally overlooked and totally buried by Western mainstream media.
17 September 2016: U.S. admits carrying out airstrike that Russia says killed 62 Syrian soldiers
21 September 2016: U.S. Coalition Intelligence “Operations Room” Inside Syria, Destroyed by Russian Missile Attack: Thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Officials Killed
Why is the public deprived of any further explanations and analysis of key events associated with what “appears to be an intelligence failure.” of the United States? By any chance, are there any journalists in the United States press corps located at the Pentagon, State Department or White House who are willing to follow up, ask difficult questions and report on this newsworthy item?
More importantly, what will each of us say to ourselves or to future generations when the realization hits regarding our participation or negligent toleration in the Global War on Terrorism was actually a Global Demonstration of Stupidity?" http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/western-journalists-and-public-are-collective-coma-regarding-death-us-servicemen-syria

"Thirty Israeli, American, British, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari Intelligence Officials Killed." -
For what ideals did they die? Who is this incompetent prick that allowed them to be killed - in a company of Al Qaeda "freedom fighters" no less. Let me guess, some "warrior" with an agenda. A very special agenda expressed in dollar signs and various comforts provided for VIP. Again what was the rationale for the presence of the US servicemen in Syria? - pipelines or the Golan Heights, or both?

Babak Makkinejad

It is you who are irrational/emotional; Ahmadinejad insulted your cult - the pseudo-religion of Shoah - and you guys went through the roof; in Europe as well as in North America.

Since, in my opinion, our mutual discords - which are unresolvable in any case - are, in fact, increasing, for example; on such questions as "What is justice?" and "What is Sex?" - we need to create more Cease-Fire Agreements such as JCPOA.

Let us say that we will refrain in - correctly, mind you - the Cult of Shoah as a False Religion and may be you can stop insulting the Honor of Islam and the Prophet?

Or perhaps, you can accept the 99-Year cease-fire deal of HAMAS and help stop the wanton murder of Palestinians by Israelis; which, through the actions of your democratically and legally and popularly elected government, you support to the hilt.

Another such cease fire deal could be in Syria and indeed the entire Shia Crescent; whereby NATO and her erstwhile comapnions - A.K.A. the Gulfies - will pledge themselves to butt out of the old territories of the Great King.

A few more such cease fire deals and all will be fine, I should think.

Needless to say, I know all of that is a fantasy; people who have provoked the Russian Federation to the extent that her president has to explicitly mention her countries and nuclear weapons (with the implicit potential of annihilation (Shoah) are not interested in concluding cease fire deals with their stinking inferiors....

different clue

ex-PFC Chuck,

Thank you for the detailed comment and the link to the book. I haven't used cannabis since 1986, when I had to give it up in order to become a Pharmacy Technician. But I enjoy thinking about it unto this very day. And I sometimes stop and take a moment to look back and remember the good times.

I am sorry to hear that your experience with ingested cannabis was so awful. The logical thing of course was not to do it again. I hope your experiences ( if any) with inhaled cannabis smoke were better. I could pull a Clinton and say that I never ingested any trace of hash brownie. And that would be oh-so-exquisitely micro-truthful. But I did eat some crude cannabis-leaf and stem brownie on three separate occasions.

The most memorable one was this. It was in the early pre-summer of 1979. I was living in a student co-op. I had dropped out of school for a while and was eking out a survival living as a security guard. One night I came back home from work and found a huge pan sitting on the kitchen-center worktable with a whole bunch of brownie-residue mass in it. No coherent brownies any more but lots of brownie debris. My first thought was: " #@$-*@@# those %^#***s! They've made brownies with MY MONEY and eaten it up while I was gone!" So I ate a lot of the debris real fast to get it eaten before anyone else could come back and get any.
Then I ate some more slowly and notice it tasted funny. So I took a look at it. "Why does this taste so bad? . . . and what are all these little sticks and twigs in it? . . . . oooOOOOHHHhhhh ... Oh HO. Well , too late now. I might as well eat some EVEN MORE and just see what happens."

I had several interesting effects, but the most interesting was this.
I was arguing politics with a conservative School of Bussiness student who had moved to Ann Arbor from Los Angeles strictly to go to the U of M School of Bussiness and who was in the co-op only long enough to be able to find other housing. At some point in the discussion I suddenly realized that I had no idea of what I had just been saying for the last little while. It was like my self-awareness had been "somewhere else" and suddenly snapped back to him and me and the discussion. So I stopped what I was saying and asked if I had just then been making any sense lately. He said " yes, for a liberal". I explained why I had stopped to ask that and he laughed. But it gave me confidence ( rightly or wrongly) in the power of my brain and mind. If my awareness could dissociate into separately-functioning brain-mind modules . . . and "I" could be lost in one of those "other" modules . . . and yet my "political-discussion" module could keep functioning well enough that my co-op mate did not even realize I was high, then my brain must be pretty strong. Or so I flattered myself to think.

Some years later, I achieved a mild utility-grade marijuana-type high without even expecting to by combining a whole lot of high starch/fat/protein food with 7 or 8 cups of coffee with 2-3 spoons of sugar per cup and then starting at noon 4 or so glasses of champagne and some more food, coffee and sugar at an all-I-could-eat restaurant buffet.
So for those who would like to experience a mild weak-marijuana high with using any marijuana, huge amounts of heavy food, coffee, sugar and then champagne over several hours might give one that experience.


My personal gesture will be to don cape, elbow length gloves, picture hat with flowers, and strappy, spikey manolos to repudiate the Obama policy by choosing what seems most likely to bring it to a halt, when with a sweep emerge from the voting booth for my curtain call.


next step: sending NATO servicemen to join Ukrainian army (including Ukrainian neonazis) in fighting a civil war in Ukraine (hi Mrs. Nuland-Kagan): http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/10/nato-makes-europeans-accomplices-to.html
"...this is indeed a violation of international law. The UN Charter prohibits the supply of weapons to a country engulfed in civil war. Ukraine has been such a country for already 2 and a half years."
Where is the sensitive Mrs Power to teach the world about "civility?"


Weld will never be at the top of any Libertarian ticket. He's not really one of them and he's only on the ticket because Johnson wanted him there.

Weld has been very civil about Clinton, understandably since they back a long time. He has said flatly that the e-mail issue is a "non-starter" (and he's a former prosecutor), so needless to say he's not serving very well in the veep nominee's traditional role of attack dog.


the Cult of Shoah as a False Religion

I am not a "Shoah cultist", starting with the fact I wouldn't use the word, maybe since I am not Jewish. ... Ha-Shoah, the catastrophe? The counter face the Palestinian Nabka? ... Shoa, Holocaust, Jewish Genocide... The Destruction of European Jewish live?

What words do the Iranians use for both sides. Ha-Shoah - Nabka? Cult versus what? Remember clarification of terms?

Or perhaps, you can accept the 99-Year cease-fire deal of HAMAS and help stop the wanton murder of Palestinians by Israelis; which, through the actions of your democratically and legally and popularly elected government, you support to the hilt.

This is precisely the type of statement--notice not as a Shoa cultist--I consider slightly irrational. You once challenged Patrick Bahzad along the same lines. Collective responsibility. According to you, to the extend I recall, he was personally responsible as part of the European Union collective, French in his case, for it's political decisions. Europe surely is, responsible in a way with us Germans adding the biggest share of responsibility.

Your 99-Years cease-fire remind me of the 99 years my favorite Hasbarah ones claimed applied to all real estate possession in Israel, versus all of our non-light-unto-nation countries. No one could own the land, you could only lease it for 99 years.

But apart from that. Why 99 years?

Would I still be personally responsible for my countries decisions, to leave out the more complex European context, if I hadn't voted for either one of the parties presently "in power"? And thus in the best of all positions to decide in the wider European context as one among, how many now 28? And how and why would my positions on sex or justice matter in this context, ideally in the same combination you used them?


Babak - I recently came across an article that might interest you. It can be found at: http://www.religionconflictpeace.org/volume-1-issue-1-fall-2007/letter-killeth

This is a quote from an early part of it: "After extensive work on religious violence, I do believe we are confronting an unprecedented global crisis. We have had wars before, of course. We have witnessed the nuclear decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, today we are faced with the potential for the first global religious war fought with nuclear weapons."

Babak Makkinejad

Thanks, I will read it.

Babak Makkinejad

You need to supply your own answers.

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