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29 September 2016


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Hidehi Tojo comes to mind.

robt willmann

Gary Johnson and William Weld are a kind of odd couple. And kind of odd being the selections of the Libertarian Party, where everything was done at one wide open convention with no prior primary votes.

Weld is a "blue blood" Republican who is personable and articulate. While governor of Massachusetts he ran against John Kerry in the 1996 U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, but lost. He was Chief of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice for a while when Ronald Reagan was president, but resigned in March 1988 when there were investigations of Attorney General Ed Meese over the Iran-Contra matter and some other things--


President Bill Clinton appointed him to be the ambassador to Mexico in 1997, and Weld resigned as Massachusetts governor to seek that position. I remember that controversy, and C-Span has a video of the fascinating "meeting" of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on September 12, 1997, when Senator Jesse Helms, the chairman, was refusing to hold a hearing on Weld's nomination. A few recognizable faces are in the video, 19 years younger, including smiling Joe Biden and John Kerry--


Kerry tries to raise a point of parliamentary order, but Helms shuts him off. While reading his long statement, Helms says that he sent a four-page letter to President Bill Clinton offering to have Weld be ambassador to any country except those in which drug interdiction and narco-corruption are an issue, which includes Mexico. A copy of Helms's letter to Clinton is here--


Helms writes: ""... I personally will not object to Mr. Weld's serving in any diplomatic post, anywhere in the world you choose -- provided drug interdiction and narco-corruption are not principal U.S. foreign policy concerns there." And: "Before Mr. Weld's unfortunate outburst, the White House suggested India as a possible alternate posting for him. I indicated at the time that I would not oppose that."

One of Helms's objections was Weld's support of medical marijuana. Helms was locked into the wrong belief that medicinal marijuana would automatically lead to total legalization.

Nevertheless, the Senate committee meeting and Helms's letter provide a good view of political maneuvering and the obvious desire of Senate committee chairmen to maintain their prerogatives and institutional authority.

Probably the main negative thing about Weld is his being one of three co-chairmen of a "task force" of the Council on Foreign Relations, called "Building a North American Community". It is one of the steps taken to try to promote an eventual North American Union of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, which is very bad, in my opinion. The report of the group was issued in 2005, and you can download it for free from the site--


The report lists the members of the group, which includes Heidi Cruz, who became publicly known when her husband Senator Ted Cruz ran for president in this year's Republican primary.

It is a small world after all.



Fightin' Joe never chose to serve and Hayden is a USAF non-aviator. pl

Chris Chuba

A poster on another message board commented on the Johnson statement in the following manner ...

How would Vladimir Putin have answered that same question? Given his rhetorical history, probably something like, “I have no favorite foreign leader.

It made me chuckle, this would be a classic Putin response. I would have responded that my favorite world leader is Putin, if for no other reason just to see the look on Chris Mathews face.


I'll just toss this out to our American friends. Primary season starts in 3 months. If you don't want the same class of candidates in 2020 you have now then get off your @$$ and make sure some one good runs.


I voted for Gary last time, when I knew there was no chance, and in spite of all his flaws, I'm probably more excited to vote for him this time. He may not be articulate, or quick on his feet when it comes to trivia, but from all I've seen he appears to be honest, humble, decent, non-corrupt, reasonable, a non-militarist, willing to find ways to work with people across the political spectrum to achieve libertarianish ends, and for getting government's nose out of tasks it shouldn't be doing, and then making sure that what it is supposed to be doing is done well and efficiently. I wish he had a better chance, and I wish he didn't stick his foot in his mouth as much. But even though I live in one of the swingier of swing states (Colorado), I fully intend to vote for Gary.

I'm also planning to research what it would take to get an imitative on the ballot here in Colorado to change elections (presidential, US house/senate, governor, and state legislatures at least) from the current plurality first-past-the-pole approach to an Instant Runoff Vote approach. That would make it a lot easier in the future for people to vote their conscience, not just voting for one of the two major parties out of fear that Tweedle-dee might win if they don't vote for Tweedle-dum.


PS Did you see Elon's Mars settlement presentation this week?


The vast majority of immigrants are from middle eastern, west Asian, and central & south American countries ravaged by decades of American military interventions. The only ones who aren't related to immigrants are the indigenous Americans getting their lands raped by foreign companiesw US affiliates. America reaps what she sows. (Considering that most of SW used to belong to Mexico just some generations ago, most of those peoples are living where they always have.)


You might consider making your own sign.



Well, if you actually think we are going to give Mexico back the US SW, you don't know much about us. If you want to see a lot of people die come try it. pl


Chris Chuba

This is not a message board. pl


Remember Roger Clinton telling an undercover cop that his brother "has a nose like a Hoover vacuum"?


Other than having been governor of MA, the only thing I know about Mr. Weld is his comment last 22 May on CNN w J. Tapper referring to Trump - ".....I'm hearing the glass breaking on Kistallnacht on the streets of WARSAW....! Being from a Polish-American immigrant family with my Godfather, Matthew Judycki, a Bronze Star Tanker in the Battle of the Bulge, I took offence and told him and CNN so, since Mr. Tapper did not correct him, in an email. I don't believe this should disqualify him from office, but after all, he does claim to be a "Harvard Man." He should get his holocaust history straight.

The Twisted Genius


I notice a literary spring in your step with this post. And I thought I heard the distant strain of a marching tune. Those words of Johnson certainly do cast the meaning of a vote, a vote of conscience, in a noble light. I've been reading a lot about the Libertarian Party and what they stand for. Their emphasis on individual liberty, choice and responsibility is refreshing. No more NSA and FBI spying on us would be nice.

However, I am not convinced that the free market is an answer for everything. Shkreli and Bresch are free market. Free market also means eventually paying heavy tolls on a for-profit road system... everywhere you go and all the time. You should see what it now costs for the I-95 HOV lanes. I'd hate to have to pay a quarter just to drive down the road to Chic-fil-A. I guess all that can be discussed and eventually worked out.

BTW, the Libertarian Party is selling yard signs for $3.00 (lpstore.org).

Babak Makkinejad

Lord of Flies, no doubt.


Yup, but then, since 15, I have mostly lived in BC, where we have always had good weed.

different clue

mike allen,

I don't remember any coughing spasms from my first marijuana inhale. I'm sure I coughed some, but not enough to remember it now.

On the other hand, when I tried to smoke a cigarette to see what all the excitement about the effects of nicotine was about, my airway cramped and spasmed severely enough that I was not able to get the cigarette smoke inhaled at all.

About Mister Bill telling the truth or not about "tried it but didn't inhale" . . . I once saw on TV an interview with an Oxford classmate of his who had risen to be a BBC reporter. I would know his face and voice if I saw it. Anyway, this Oxford classmate said that Bill was indeed unable to smoke lit and burning marijuana cigarettes. But he was fully able to eat hashish brownies and he sure did "inhale" bunches of those.
So if that then-classmate/ now BBC reporter was telling the truth about Bill, Bill's statement was another example of Bill's oh-so-exquisitely technical truthfulness in the very narrowest sense.

different clue


I wrote my comment up above before seeing this comment of yours. I did not know that Hitchens said Bill used to eat hash brownies. I remember a BBC reporter whose name I forget who said that. So that is two people who say they remember Bill eating hash brownies.

Which are a wonderful thing to eat, under the right conditions. But Bill macro-lied about his cannabis use with a micro-fact about "couldn't inhale" and then got all high and mighty about legally persecuting the cannabis use of others.

different clue

Will Smith,

If the person voting Third Party is a person who definitely would have voted for Hillary otherwise, then his/her Third Party vote is like subtracting half-a-vote from Hillary. It doesn't raise Trump's total any, but it does lower her total by one.

The most effective anti-Hillary vote would be a vote for Trump. But there are people who also find Trump too deplorable to vote for. If their only choice is indeed the binary choice of Trump or Clinton, they might well vote for Clinton. Whereas if they make Third Party choices, they are at least attriting Clinton's vote totals.

different clue


I think Gore would have taken warnings of "al quaeda determined to attack in America" with some seriousness and would have tried to organize or at least encourage government efforts to prevent it. Unlike Cheney/Bush " okay, you've covered your ass now".

Also, is there any reason to think that Gore would have brought Cheney into his administration and let Cheney bring Rumsfeld into his Administration and let them both bring in Rumsfeld's particular zoo of vulcan neocons?

Also, is there any reason to think that Gore would have cancelled the ABM treaty the way Bush did? Or pretended that man made global warming is not a thing the way Bush did?

There were differences between Bush and Gore.


That's a fine piece of writing, and funny as hell to me.

Will Smith

What's the point of a statement like this from the State Dept. spokesperson other than to antagonize Russia? They're out of their minds.

Anyone who think about voting for Gary Johnson should get his head examined when every war lunatic have endorsed Hillary.

"MR KIRBY: The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources – even, perhaps, more aircraft. The stability that they claim they seek in Syria will be ever more elusive, and it’s hard to imagine how a continued war – not just a civil war now, but increasingly more violent extremist activity in Syria – can be in the interest of a nation that says, that claims, and has claimed publicly time and time again that what they want to see is a whole, unified, pluralistic Syria and a stable Syria, a secure Syria, a Syria where they want to continue to have a defense relationship and a presence. So that’s what’s in it for them."


Johnson/ Weld yard signs can be purchased online. Yes, buy them. Four years ago, I bought mine from cafepress.com, and the quality was fine. This year there seem to be additional sources, with a range of designs, sizes, and prices. (How free market...) Googling "libertarian yard sign" should bring up the options.


Bill, I was close to stop here, but I went further even to the end, passing the maybe ultimate selling point of all times: novelty:

Third Reich’s relationship with drugs, including cocaine, heroin, morphine and, above all, methamphetamines (aka crystal meth), and of their effect not only on Hitler’s final days – the Führer, by Ohler’s account, was an absolute junkie with ruined veins by the time he retreated to the last of his bunkers – but on the Wehrmacht’s successful invasion of France in 1940.

I don't recall where I picked it up in Freud's writings, I don't recall either if it was morphine or heroin, but it must have been freely available at the time and widely used. If so? What new does it tell us about Hitler to focus on this aspect?


I may be completely misguided, but it may have been a footnote in his Interpretation of dreams (Traumdeutung).


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I had struggles with Babak on that issue. The problem of his quite legitimate concerns as uttered in his speech at the UN was that they were somewhat embedded in a larger semi-fictional narrative.

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