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11 September 2016


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"It’s a tactical level drone more like a radio controlled model airplane."

I hate to think what we'll have to contend with from ISIS with these.


Just curious, does anyone have any idea how these counter battery radars fare against ARM missiles?


We did that in Mosul with 60mms - running around, dropping rounds, and then running off again to drop more rounds.

Captain Head (not his real name, but his most dominant feature) had us doing this on foot, even though we were a Stryker unit. We were also dropping illum rounds, so that any insurgents in the area could be sacked up by rifle squads waiting around. We had to talk him out of making us carry sandbags vs. finding a patch of dirt so that the base plate didn't skip.

In retrospect, I think we were being used as bait to try and draw out any enemy who was hiding, but whattaya gonna do?


The third cited paragraph of the SF link. I am a bit puzzled here. Turchinov explicitly mentions the Orlan-10 UAV is forbidden according to Minsk, but admits it destroyed equally forbidden tools?

What exactly were those? Does this only serve as some type of precaution just in case remnants are found by e.g. OSCE? Experts will find them in the released images anyway?


"Shoot, move, and communicate!" was what our mortar sections and artillery batteries preached, and practiced.

Apparently Ukrainian artillery has not gotten the message.

The Twisted Genius


We often used a pickax to dig slanted holes for the baseplates, even in a lot of the lava rock on the Big Island. Our problem was sometimes ground too soft needing a base of dirt filled ammo crates. I've dug enough holes to last me a lifetime. I damn near had flashbacks digging post holes for my deck.

The Twisted Genius


Interesting question. I have no idea.



My recurring nightmare is one where we were ambushed on the AfPak border in a massive wash, with the enemy dug in to the hillside in reverse defilade. Fine sand sucking at our boots while we run, fire the 60mm off in handheld mode, and run again while the enemy tries to nail us with an RPG. The tribals respected mortars, I will say that. Can't hide behind the trucks cause we'll just draw fire to the rifle squads, no where else to hide. Gotta move and groove for your life.

Speaking of arty, I remember the battery top bitching about doing anything but illum missions from the firebase. The SMG heard the bitching and talked to the BC, and half the battery was assigned to the border station, guns and all out there. Top was so excited he had them building gun emplacements the first night. Good thing he did cause the second night they were blowing claymores and tossing grenades back at the tribals who were trying to spike or capture the guns, which were in direct fire mode blowing up the hillside across the way in Pakistan.

Allen THomson

Ah, yes, the reconnaissance-strike complex that Marshal Ogarkov wrote about some three decades ago. And he was absolutely right. What the US military has such success with these days is a manifestation of that: see something and kill it. It works on many scales.



Dangit...I was just getting interested in this thread and then Hillary has to go and take all the air out of it.




thanks, James


Militia in the Donbas coordinating with Russia used Artillery perfectly. It deserves more than a paper, deserves to be stamped with a hot brand onto a calf skin scroll or something similarly long lived.


"The Special Technology Center of the Mikhailovo Artillery Military Academy made public materials....." ------- Sorry, may be i didn't undestand... You actually DO bielieve this piece of misinformation from russian war-propaganda?

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