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14 September 2016


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We live in a matrix. At the same time as Kerry is working for a ceasefire, the Israelis are actively helping Jihadis in Southwest Syria. And yet the media "reports" that Israel is only responding to SAA "provocations," when in fact the Israelis are arming jihadis and treating them in their hospitals.

And the US media won't go near that story.



You choose. See http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/09/saudi-arabia-terrorism-funding-214241#ixzz4KEqlF1QY

Option 1: American ally struggling with problem it can't control, confronting its shortcomings.

Option 2: Recipients of Saudi money desperate to protect the Kingdom from an honest legal accounting.


The British House of Commons released a report excoriating David Cameron for intervening in Libya to depose Gaddafi without having any plan for the aftermath. Coincidentally (?) he resigned from Parliament earlier this week. Since Hillary Clinton is the acknowledged Obama administration proponent of the US intervention in Libya, what does this say about her judgment?


I have not yet read the "Strike the tent" trilogy - been saving it like a nice bourbon.. But I am not well versed in the Civil War history. Are there any books you or others on this forum can recommend to set the stage?


Is this a result of "deplorables"?



Obamacare seems like it is slowly unraveling.


Rising health care costs are the biggest fiscal issue for us. Unless we get to the bottom of why per capita expenditures on health care in the US is twice any other western industrialized nation we'll face a health financing crisis sooner or later.


Trumps "red line" in the sea re Iran:
"When they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water, OK? Believe me."




IMO an actual attack on a US naval vessel should be met with full firepower. pl



Not sure yet. pl



My standard recommendation in such cases is Shelby Foote's "The Civil War, a Narrative." pl



"actively helping Jihadis in Southwest Syria." Yes, I think providing Close Air Support (CAS) to the jihadis against the SAA would qualify as that. This while the Izzies have deigned to accept 38 billion dollars over the next ten years for military funding. pl

The Twisted Genius


Obamacare is unraveling because medicine continues to be viewed at a business first and foremost. Can you imagine if serving in thew military was viewed as a business first and foremost? You couldn't afford us. As long as the acquisition of wealth is our greatest goal, we're screwed.

On a happier note, I'm putting the finishing touches on the porch roof on the house up in Halfmoon just as storm clouds are gathering. No TV and internet only on my daily trips to Lowes.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

I got my basics with the Shelby Foote trilogy. I suppose there's a lot of newer scholarship but at least I got a sense for the flow of the period along with a lot of the type of nitty-gritty military history people like me enjoy.

The Beaver

Oh Oh

"In new emails leaked by a hacker, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell offers unvarnished and highly negative opinions about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton."



Newer does not mean better. pl


Imho, Obamacare was envisioned to keep the for-profit health insurance business creaking along for a few more years. Given the fact that many of those insurers are pulling out, hard to say whether it was successful or not since in the absence of Obamacare and its subsidies, the companies might be even worse off.

I don't think there's much of a mystery why our healthcare costs are double other nations'.






Chelsea Clinton Is Buying a $10.5M 4BR in NoMad
By Hana R. Alberts

Chelsea's apartment shares the SAME address as the Metrocare Home Svc, Inc in New York , NY

Metrocare was a Senior Citizen Health Care Facility. It seems likely that a good portion of the facility is still functioning and has been taking care of a VIP patient for years…


In reply to The Twisted Genius 14 September 2016 at 01:02 PM

The problem you have is that all sorts of things that should not be viewed as a business first and foremost are, healthcare, prisons, military logistics, how long before the emergence of "free companies"?

Congratulations on your construction project :-)


What book(s) would you recommend on the Middle East from WWI to the present?


the Saudis said their first use of Islamic terrorism was against Nasser. He was a secular threat to their monarchy. Nasser was demonized in the U.S. His favorite movie was "It's a wonderful world." He was an interesting character. The Union with Syria was intriguing. Why in the world did they ever think it would work?

The Israeli fire support for al qaeda has been going on for a long time. whenever the headchoppers need fire support, they lob a mortar into occupied Golan, and Israel responds on the SAA. But now interestingly, they claim they are being manipulated by the Islamists and even that the ruse is being abused.

The Israelis do the same thing in Gaza. If anybody shoots anything, then Hamas is responsible and they take out their pre-selected target list. Just mowing the grass occasionally- that's a phrase they callously use.


The Druze live in the Golan, in fact some call it Jabal Druze. The headchoppers consider them kaffir par excellence. It's about time an Israeli Druze MK (member of the Knesset) made a speech on Israeli support of al Qaeda, and one is finally in the news.




A few suggestions; "A Peace to end all peace" by Fromkin, "One Palestine Complete" by Sagev, "A Soldier with the Arabs," John Bagot Glubb." Start with those. Others will have differing suggestions. pl


TTG, Sir

There's nothing like some physical "work" as therapy. I spent the summer replacing our deck, building a new gazebo with fire pit and rebuilt the BBQ station. Now, I am waiting to harvest the grapes and make some wine and my home distilled brandy and liqueurs based on a recipe passed down by my great great grandfather.

As far as our health care costs are concerned I've no idea why it costs us twice relative to Germany or Canada. All I know is that at 9% CAGR, it doubles every 8 years and it will blow up financially in the next few doubling cycles.

Eric Newhill

Steve, I work in healthcare insurance and exclusively on the ACA since May of this year. I'm with one of the Big 5. We lose $ on our ACA program; that's even after the govt reimbursement for risk adjustment and reinsurance (totally a few hundred $million/yr). The other companies were losing too. That's why they're getting out. Believe me, we tried to accommodate the program and the feds. Tried to be good partners.

The main problem is that the healthy people did not enroll to offset the high use/cost of the very sick people. The incentives were not established correctly. We recognized that going in and were cautious. Some of the other in the Big 5, as well as smaller companies, were not so cautious.

When talking about company profits and such, you must keep in mind that many of the Blue Cross/Blue Shields are still not for profit and they are encountering the same issues. The ACA is just one big steaming pile of moral hazard and adverse selection...both kryptonite to insurance. Only a ding-a-ling (or govt committee) would have designed such a scheme.

TTG - what about food and shelter? Are these not more fundamental than healthcare? Should these not be provided to all for free as well?

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