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22 September 2016


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Colonel the SOS Kerry, is asking the Russians to declare no fly zone on themselves, (at least temporarily) till us and our allies can move much needed supplies, meaning ordnance to our jihadis so we can continue our little proxy war.

Bill Herschel

With reference to Kerry, in my opinion, it is much worse than that.

The Russians were set up. The entire cease-fire was designed with one goal in mind: have an aid convoy "bombed by Russia" just before the U.N. met so that Kerry could become hysterical and force the Security Council to endorse a "no-fly" zone over Syria.

Why were the terms of the cease-fire not published? Because Russia troops were guarding the Castello Road to permit the aid convoys to reach jihadist Aleppo. It would have appeared odd for the Russians to bomb there own troops.

Without question Russia had nothing to do with the destruction of the aid convoy.

Without question Kerry is a duplicitous self-promoter, who should/will go back to the salon and commiserate with his hair dresser.

Trump or abstain. What a choice. But the Clinton side is certainly attempting to make it easier.


If BLM continues to give Trump gifts like this, he will win NC by 10 points.

As for Syria the R2P'ers are all claiming now that Russia/USA policy is forcing Aleppo's Thomas Jeffersons into the sad clutches of ISIS and bemoaning the futility of uprooting this ideology from its "native" support among the locals.

Really? If ISIS is Syria, then all the more reason to use more force, more airpower.

As to the futility of military force, wasn't Patton's Third Army quite effective in uprooting "native" Nazis.

Former 11B

I wish I could look at it as funny theater of the absurd with the confidence that no one could possibly believe such utter horsesh*t. And then supposedly intelligent eat it up with relish and ask for seconds.

I hope the cockroach mutant survivors do better.



Cognitive dissonance is rising. The social divide in the country is also rising. The Borg is getting antsy. Their certitude that the Borg Queen would sail through this election is on shakier ground now as the polls tighten in the battleground states. Russia is not playing ball. The Borg has now decided to go all in with the MSM shaping operations to prejudice the public. We can be certain how the debate on Monday will be spun. Yellen gave the Borg more time to keep the financial markets elevated.

In the next few weeks we should expect a significant ratchet up in IO operations. I'm not so sure Les Déplorables are buying. If Trump manages to pull this off it will be epic meltdown time.



In addition to those expansions of Federal powers there is the exploitation of Section 8 recipients by farming them out to the suburbs. In this example via "non-profits" that own the homes, receive the income stream and shield the politically connected recipients of the largess. Where the poverty culture goes there goes the crime. I'm sure we'll see plenty of examples of the "failures" of fly-over country to solve urban problems outsourced to them by big city pols.


Damn right. I read the comments in the syria news articles, and its getting increasingly hard to find people who believe the problem is Assad. My suspicion is that blogs are undermining the carefully crafted lying narrative. I think Col. Lang should take care. His efforts may well be annoying our betters.

Eric Newhill

Fred, The community I live is rural farming with a NY state college branch; very "white". We began receiving the section 8 folks from the city (Rochester, about 35 mile away) a couple years ago. All of the sudden burglaries went on the rise. One of our two liquor stores got robbed for the first time ever. Crack and heroin dealing and use are sharply up. In fact, the drugs are everywhere including the high school. We aren't happy.

Certain county officials confided in me that they are working to do something about the apartment complexes involved. The Sheriff has been arresting these people, and associates, left and right. They look for any excuse to pull them over and, when they do, they are rarely disappointed in their searches for drugs and weapons.

I imagine that one of these days one of the LEO stops will result in a shooting and we will get to have our very own riot right here in River City.


The AP has "leaked" one of the 5 COH documents:


"Both the U.S. and Russia in recent days have spoken of making the document public. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the agreement. The document is time-stamped Sept. 9 at 10 p.m.


Reducing Violence, Restoring Access and Establishing the JIC

The Russian Federation and the United States (hereafter - "the Sides") intend to undertake joint efforts to stabilize the situation in Syria, with special measures for the Aleppo region. Delineation of territories controlled by ISIL, "Jabhat Al-Nusra," and moderate armed opposition forces remains a key priority, as does separating moderate opposition forces from Nusra.

The Sides will designate a date and time at which the following measures will go into effect (designated as Day "D'')..."




I made a choice long ago not to be afraid. If they want me they know where I am. pl


"Russia to Test Modern Weapon Systems in Syria:" http://thesaker.is/syrian-war-report-september-22-2016-russia-to-test-modern-weapon-systems-in-syria/
How correct is this information? - "Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/09/22/unconfirmed-russian-med-ship-launch-missile-attack-to-kill-foreign-command-center-near-aleppo/


The new information technology makes it harder to erase lies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GptAR8TDjl8



I agree. Syria is the summation of all the errors of a dysfunctional empire collapsing upon itself. History forgotten. Science ignored. Facts denied. Propaganda cannot hide that West is supporting and killing Islamists at the same time in a World War that risks escalating into a nuclear holocaust. The forever wars are being fought for profit and at the bequest of Israel and the Gulf Monarchies. The collateral damage is spreading globally. The left right conflict of the 20th century is gone. Today it is top down.

Peter in Toronto

Very pithy posting, and on the mark as usual Col. Lang. Thumbs up.


What part this am I not understanding? Why doesn't the Syrians just throw us (The Americans) out?

michael brenner

One of the sure signs that a society is unravelling is the loss of perspective and sense of proportion. A second is the fusing of how one interprets a particular event with a generalized, usually doctrinaire grievance about what is wrong with the country. Yet a third is the unmooring of attitudes from common understandings and reference points that previously oriented the thinking of the vast majority of the populace. I suggest that those signs are rapidly multiplying as we observe in reactions to events in Syria, in Charlotte and - a particular concern of mind - rape on university campuses.

Each of us can mull over the connections between the abstract proposition that I offer and our readings of those events. My 'take' is simply this:

1. Under normal circumstances, in a healthy polity, the lies/deceit/illogicalities/arrogance of the Obama people re. our run of disastrous actions in the Middle East would immediately be seen as evidence of utter incompetence at best and a wrong-headed attempt by mindless people to achieve purposes they are keeping secret.

2. Urban policing is in a crisis and cannot be allowed to continue along its current path without dire consequences for domestic peace and tranquility. Views will differ as to how much responsibility for this situation should be placed on police behavior. Looking at one piece of the puzzle, I would suggest that, by any reasonable standard, too many officers in too many jurisdictions lack the training and/or temperament to bear arms in a responsible fashion. Shooting people simply comes too easily. Anyone who experienced the evolution of the police "rule-book" in the post-WW II era knows this - or should know this. Compare today's methods with the close-to-reality Kojak series.

3. The flight from sound instinct, or simply acknowledging that there is such a thing, is most glaring in regard to the (mis)handling of matters associated with sexual abuse and gender "rights' on university campuses. For one thing, sensitivity training for men along with procedural fixes like signing "consent" cards, are ridiculous. I have never met a man who does not know exactly what rape is and what it isn't. Psychopaths are another matter: I don't know any.

On transgender issues, two points: 1) nobody bothers to define the term - ask a physiologist or psychiatrist and you'll discover that the number of true transgenders is infinitesimally small; 2)anyone with half a brain should know instinctively that the answer to the "bathroom" issue is very simple - go into whichever matches the clothes one is wearing. I never have seen any "examination" beyond that.

To my mind, all of this is not very complicated - even though there is room for policy disagreement. Without common points of reference, humans are unable to think and act in a manner commensurate with the maintenance of an organized society. that's the long and the short of it. Neither confrontation nor some confected "conversation" can substitute.

michael brenner

The text went up on the US State Department website. However, now only the Arabic version is accessible - not the English version.


Charlotte police won’t make shooting video public; chief says footage is not ‘definitive’


Enjoy your blog would like you join me in asking Charlotte authorities to release video to the public. I also would like u to comment on the Tulsa manslaughter charge for the police officer involve in the shooting Thanks

The Twisted Genius

Eric Newhill,

During my last trip north of the Mohawk River, I noticed the area was whiter than a bowl of rice. The area is a mix of rural and suburban with a lot of state workers commuting to Albany. Drugs and other crime are largely confined to the Tri-City area (Troy, Albany and Schenectady). I went to college in Troy back in the 70s and it was the same back then. This is in stark contrast with the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. Here the majority community of upstanding citizens and the minority criminal element are both well integrated. The divide here is not racial. This area is also heavily infested with Federal employees/retirees as well as military active duty personnel and retirees. I fit both categories.

James Loughton

Ah, the "vibrancy" of "diversity".


Trump up +5. The Trumpslide is gaining momentum as Hillary squeals about "Why am I not up 50?!"

The choices are quickly becoming law and order or anarchotyranny this election.



I respect you tremendously. Always have.

Sic Semper Tyrannis. I am not afraid.


"I made a choice long ago not to be afraid."

Yes, but apparently we are far from making the same choice.

Your post on the new McCarthism. I'm sure you would have chosen a name other than Sic Semper Tyrannis for your commitee, if it were meant to disappear because of a mere McCarthism. And I thought, this sounds much like a "get me the president on the phone. we're surrendering our position in Cuba" moment, and expected some kind of resistance to the idea, like there was a purpose behind all the chatter. Apparently people really think a die hard GB would let things go at the very moment De Oppresso Liber makes him think of his own countrymen.

I'm intrigued by the psychological downturn. I was expecting some signaling of commitment.



I saw a similar crime wave in the neighborhood where I recently sold my house. Feeding the drug addiction was generally the cause for the break ins. The "any excuse" is what will get the sheriff's dept. into DOJ trouble. The underlying problem is that the liberal policies have created a culture of helplessness and farming the problem out to a rural area isn't going to change that.


Associated Press has had it, and the leak of a COH doc mentioned above is just one indication. They conducted a major interview with Assad -- 29 minutes of tough questions allowing Assad to answer every charge against his government, and asking for his view of the coalition bombing of Syrian troops. But the real shocker is that AP allowed the entire report to be videotaped by SANA. The video is posted there and at YouTube, and SANA published the entire transcript.


Earlier this yr there was a spate of interviews w/ Assad conducted by major press/TV outlets around the world -- but AP is not only an American press service, it's in a class by itself. Their interview with Assad signals a sea change, IMO.

Col Lang, do you recall the incident at a State press briefing in early August when State spox Toner said sarcastically, “Good to see you in this exercise in transparency and democracy,” and then burst into laughter along with the reporters?

One of the reporters said, "“Is that what it is? I thought it was an exercise in spin and obfuscation.”

That reporter was AP's Matthew Lee. Some days later he made a similar remark at a State briefing.

AP isn't going take it anymore being a conduit for the wildest lies from US government -- and they're so powerful now they don't have to take it anymore. That's my view, at least. Anyhow, the interview is well worth the read. The video is posted at the end of the transcript.

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