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04 September 2016


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Laura, who is John K.Wilson ????

ex-PFC Chuck

She certainly didn't listen during the days before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to one of her own constituents who also happened to be probably the most informed person in the world with regard to that country's weapons of mass destruction status.



A few highly publicized "show" trials with harsh sentences handed down to employers of illegals would work wonders in stopping the flow. The word would get out to the street down there. The problem is would the big corporations that are benefitting from illegal immigrant labor be treated as harshly as bubba who hires a couple of men to hang drywall? If they were and a few executives did a perp walk to prison, that would really help shut off the flow.


HUMBUG!!! Trump is not messianic...speaking of which, did you vote for Obama???

Think calculated risk -- or maybe political triage.


LeaNder...I thought I was pretty clear that the author had a serious bias...however, I still thought the questions and answers were about issues I had not really considered before. Just an offering...


Eric Newhill, The border has changed a lot in 25 years. It is tighter and harder to cross. Not impossible but much harder. There are many more border patrol agents and they are very active every night.

Eric Newhill

Sir, The other day I was re-acquainting myself with Black Jack Pershing's military incursions of a hundred years ago. IMO, the current situation is more of a law enforcement situation than a military one.

I think Trump could and would work out a mutually beneficial agreement with Mexico city. There are a lot issues on the table. There must be an opportunity for trade-offs via sticks and carrots. That must be attempted before any major wall construction and, most certainly, before any shooting commences. Though a joint US/Mexico operation to wipe out the cartels in El Norte might not be a bad idea.

My sense of Trump is that he is one who asks for the sun and stars knowing he will negotiate down to just the moon. The wall would be one such initial pre-negotiation posturing.

As for possession of the US SW, it's ours today regardless of any history. The solution to keeping it that way lies within the cultural values of the US citizenry. The white multi-cults are accepting of blame and shame and are happy to maintain a most optimistic outlook of what happens when culturally very different tribes live in the same geography. As long as we have a consensus like that, the invasion will continue. Some people are getting fed up already, but not enough to stop it yet. Or maybe we've reached a tipping point now. If so, then immigration levels will be lowered and de-incentivizing for immigrating will occur and the SW is preserved as US owned. If not, the trend will continue until, some day in the distant future, long after you and I are beyond the concerns this plane of existence, there will some kind of a revolution and a return of the land to Mexico. I live and work in totally unrelated areas now and beyond an abstract notion of nationalism, don't really have skin in that game. Nothing in human endeavors last forever and the only constant is change itself.

I would not be in favor of war and nation building in Mexico, a la Iraq. We do not seem to be good at it; if anyone is.


rjj--He is an academic (U of Illinois?) who has written the following books. Yes he is a liberal and not a Trump fan but I still think his observations MAY be of value as he raises concerns worth considering! John K. Wilson is the author of Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire (www.trumpunveiled.com), to be published on Sept. 1 by OR Books. His previous books include The Most Dangerous Man in America: Rush Limbaugh’s Assault on Reason, Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest, and Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies.

Joseph Moroco

Just because one's day job is in the groves of academe doe not mean one is not a hack. From the titles you mention, he is an ideologue.

I visited his Amazon page, and if you cannot predict his stand on any question, check your pulse.

Grain of sand time.

Eric Newhill

Maybe I should add that spending a fair amount of my youth with my father's people, Armenians, including living with my grandparents who survived that genocide (barely), that I have an ingrained pessimism about human nature, multiculturalism and all that. I've tried to shake it in order to be a better person, but it keeps coming back. In the interest of fair disclosure, that background colors a lot of my opinions and, of course, I'm prone to seeing evidence that supports my ingrained biases. So that's a fair disclosure for anyone who might take what I say into consideration.


Just by the titles, he sounds like another left wing propagandist hack....
synonomous with most academics, these days.


Walrus, doesn't the Trump campaign itself give you pause when you say "He need to have experience in hiring an managing people that do have that experience"? That is exactly what I do not see. Hillary's campaign people are NOT part of the news story and Trump's are. Shouldn't a really competent businessman have a team that is unremarkably competent? I don't see his great managerial skills...but I would like to know that he has them.


I agree...but I still think that any reasonable voter should at least try to consider what a President who believes in conspiracy theories would be like. Because Trump has promulgated such theories repeatedly. It might pay to believe him and ask how would that color their responses..would they continue to read those sites or listen to the intelligence community?

And, if his (admittedly provocative) assessment of Trump being a violent isolationist is even somewhat valid? What would that look like on the ground in the Oval Office and how would that translate into military action?

If we can spend time gaming out Hillary's proclivities, shouldn't some thought be given to these? Dismissing out of hand might not be entirely wise. Just saying...the truth is usually somewhere in the middle, not out at either end of the continuum but you must consider the ends to find the middle.


Laura, apparently he is not exactly an academic, but more like a higher education groupie and media wannabe -- not that there's anything wrong with any of thaaaaaat.


John K. Wilson received his Ph.D. in higher education from Illinois State University in 2014. He is the co-editor of AcademeBlog.org, the editor of Illinois Academe, and the author of Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies (Paradigm Publishers, 2008). Correspondence to: John K. Wilson, 1205 N. Walnut, Normal, IL 61761, USA. Email: collegefreedom@yahoo.com

Joseph Moroco

"violent isolationist"

My dear lady, you can't be serious. Would that be like a chaste groupie?

I do not trust trump in that he is a bit all over the place, but he has said in this campaign some of the most sane things I've heard, for example,

"When asked what he thinks Putin is doing in the Middle East, Trump stated, “Well, we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over, and Putin is now taking over what we started, and he’s going into Syria, and he frankly wants to fight ISIS, and I think that’s a wonderful thing. You know, I said that a year ago and everybody said oh, that’s terrible. If he wants to fight ISIS, let him fight ISIS. Why do we always have to do everything. But he wants to go in. He wants to fight ISIS. Now, he wants to keep, as you know, he wants to keep your leadership, your current leadership, Assad in Syria. Personally I’ve been looking at the different players, and I’ve been watching Assad, and I’ve been pretty good at this stuff over the years, cause deals are people. And I’m looking at Assad and saying, ‘Maybe he’s better than the kind of people that we’re supposed to be backing.’ Because we don’t even know who we’re backing.”"

If Frau Clinton has said anything as intelligent, I'd love to hear it.

Chuck Marvin

I know I'll attacked for being silly here, but Trump beat 16 of the best that the Republican party could produce at this time. Now these so-called proffessionals are all pissy and took thier ball home with them. The "Lamest 16" as I like to call them couldn't ever win because they'd be falling all over themselves to grovel at Queen Hilary's feet.

I believe that Hillary is just plain evil and would only finish the ruin of this nation that Obama has started. I can remember just 8 years ago all the intellectuals fainting during his speeches because his retoric was so soaring. Now we all struggle with just a couple of positive GDP points a year and everybody is now working part time. Obama plain lost the war with Islam and Hillary just plain protected ISIS until it is a real threat to the west.

People need to face reality, Republicans are cowards and Democrats are just evil. So, a guy like Trump might just be what this country needs at this moment.



Be careful to use the term "slave labor". Different society, market, and cost of living. Do you know how much is minumum wage for Chines workers? how much is an average skilled laborer make in China? And most of all, how better off an American worker earning minimum wages living with US cost of living, comparing to a FoxConn worker with China cost of living?


Maybe quality is the problem. Not that it was poor, on the contrary it may have been too damn good. I have a Frigidare refrigerator, made in Dayton Ohio and purchased in 1987. Other than some easily replaced worn out fans, is still going strong.


Conspiracies are the norm rather than the exception.


Chuck, Obama started the 'ruin of this nation'? You are either ignorant or a partisan. Go away, don't come back until you can try to be objective.


Reagan and everyone that followed failed in degaussing the jobs magnet through E-verify. Business interests piss & moan about the 'burden' it places on them and the politicians cave.


Sorry Laura, I am sometimes very, very unfair. ... The three points you make are interesting. The first is online in the excerpt, the myth he opposed the Iraq war:


Could be, I have a slightly Pavlovian response to two things: The "unveiled" in the title, followed by Trump the Narcissist in the introduction.

Concerning Chapter 4: Paranoid Trump, the point you end on. Does he compare Trump to Nixon? I can see he gambles with some of the topics, but does that tell us something about him?

If you ever want to be unfair to me, be my guest. ;)


Thanks Eric. No harm meant. I got the mules idea.

Sorry about the association, I am quite interested in the topic. The alternative base I spent some time in apparently followed the grand theory of CIA involvement. Apart from that it was quite open to all type of fiction. Could well be the story about the Chinese at the border was spread with intend. But I somewhat doubt considering the quite apparent love for all type of fiction coupled with a special state of mind.

The place may have seen better times earlier. In the end it was for me only some type of self-awareness trip, not least due to the group dynamics ... Easy grasp versus collective objection and/or following the leader's assessment.

I'll try to keep that in mind.


A recent story caught my attention, no idea why it made into a feature of here. Maybe since it involved weapons?


It is there because the Israelis consider themselves to be at war with the Palestinian people. are we at war with the Mexican people?

Excellent point. (Appreciate the dispassionate observation. So fed up with the tendency to overly dramatic over-simplification and lack of accuracy.)

Furthermore, Israelis are occupying Palestinian land. See http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/brwh1939.asp. Specifically, the language under Section 1. “The Constitution”, which few Americans know, realize, or give a shit about.

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