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04 September 2016


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Paul Escobar


I don't dispute most of what you have said. I just believe there is another interpretation.

The "great one" has long been a nationalist...in his life as a critic of power. That is on record. He used illegal immigrants...in his life as a businessman in a crooked system. The result is that he is on the verge of shifting from critic to one who actually wields power.

And how does he intend to wield such power? He has told us he views himself as a negotiator. He has mostly decried the use of "executive order". He has chastised his "own" in the Republican party for not understanding realities across the aisle. He wishes to be a "deal maker".

Since he is not leading a military coup, his bombast becomes vital. The campaign becomes a means of presenting high opening demands. With the intention of reshaping a hostile arbitrators presumptions about the likely outcome.

Of course, modern political campaigns are meant to be seductive affairs...not negotiations. It is interesting watching him juggle these two aims.



""Besides, getting all those damned Québécois off the Adirondack Northway would be a good thing.""

Still chuckling. Laughed out loud when I first read Dave Barry calling them "Snowbacks". Given my mostly French Canadian heritage, I feel like I have the right to smile at that quote. Lived in Burlington, VT for the last three years of my work life. When we crossed over at Crown Point, we got to enjoy their driving antics from both sides of Lake Champlain.

We do dearly miss the restaurants in Montreal. Jacksonville is a culinary wasteland.



As I just wrote to you off SST, a wall of the kind that the Israelis have built for hundreds of miles is a military defensive system. If you try to get over that wall somewhere other than at an authorized portal, the IDF kills you. Is that what we want? At various points along their wall they use it as a barrier across which they fire mortars, tank guns, recoilless rifles and anti-tank missiles like TOW at targets they like that are often in civilian towns full of families who have little kids in the buildings being shot at. Having been in Bethlehem when it was being shelled by IDF main tank guns I can testify to the truth of that occurrence. Let me describe the technique. if you are the IDF, you set up in an Israeli village or in a bermed up dirt fort. Then you put an armor piercing round from a tank gun through the wall of a house followed by an HE round through the same hole so that the HE bursts inside the house. IMO the militarization of our border defenses will lead to such results. pl


Certainly more qualified for the job than Obama was!


JL, that must be a classic, it feels, since I could add my own variation on this topic. ... On the other hand, that one categorized people, I was "the fox". Pretty sly of him.

Why did she move on, if he was such a perfect leader? He made her realize she can lead herself? But that's not really something for the public or the hip VIP life style section for the curious?

I have absolutely no doubt the move from TV celebrity to crowned/coronated leader of a him might be a final goal considering his age.

But the projection of his project to "make America great again", no doubt, allows completely different projections then the one's of his precursor in the office.

Allen Thomson


The one other thing I wish he would emphasize is coming down hard on businesses that employ illegal aliens.

Arizona tried to do that a decade ago with the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA). The history of court challenges to LAWA, like U.S. Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, and the very infrequent instances of enforcement against businesses is instructive. In the words of a recent study, "If the Arizona state government is unwilling or unable to enforce immigration enforcement laws there is little hope that the federal government will do so."

https://www.nilc.org/issues/litigation/usccwhiting/ ,



Eric, during my earliest times on the US Web I was attracted to conspiracy circles. I will never forget that at one point even Chinese troops surfaced on the Mexican border, supposedly threatening a take over.

"Some individuals came over with backpacks and returned without them later in the night."

That may not really be the important "fishes" one would like to catch? or do you believe? Seriously? In case you are referring to drugs.


Laura, no one knows better then me, it isn't easy to keep it short and sharp.

Or book, I know them, by the way. "The image of the enemy":

And while you might do the author a little disservice, it is worth mentioning that he was a student of Barak Obama and already wrote a book on him. His first? Before Obama's coronation.

They also offer a book on Hillary:
My Turn, Finally:

Stephen Calhoun

Your view is charitable in that it doesn't include some of your previously stated objections. In the spirit of not repeating, I will wonder out loud.

Who is currently in Trump's trusted, expert network? Except for the trusted part which includes only his children, we already have a growing list of names associated with subject-area advisors. Shall we vet these gentlemen and a few women? General Flynn is a pragmatic isolationist, yes, no?

Does it matter at all that confidence in Trump's ability can either lean into the myth he has promoted himself, or, alternately, take into account the concrete details of his career that has proceeded from building to (highly leveraged) brand arbitrage to reality TV star to messianic candidate?

(I note that Trump's *extremely risky* combination of supply-side tax cuts, mass deportation, protectionism, big government infrastructure and defense deficit spending, and, deregulation. could not be realized with the two houses of Congress in opposite hands. Just sayin'. )

SAC Brat

We were stationed at Plattsburgh AFB in the '70s and had the same experience with restaurants and drivers. The K-Mart used to get overrun every weekend.



"Chinese troops surfaced on the Mexican border, supposedly threatening a take over" Is that something like "Russian soldiers with snow on their boots? in "The Daughter of Time?" pl


Well, I meditate on your comment ... ;)


Now it is Target. The young folk we talked to in Montreal were pissed that they had finally opened Targets in Canada but the clothing goods (in their opinion) were much more cheaply made than those available in NY or VT.

I am now getting the Jones for creton and some poutine. Darn.


Colonel, if I may, I think slowly you are overcoming the loudness, spontaneousness Unrehearsed, opinionated reflections of Donald Trump. If so I am with you, at the end of the day we all have to make a decision between 2 bad choices, I will vote for no more “ wars of choice”, rather than wasting my vote to protest against Borg. Thank you for this good news analysis.

Edward Amame


She famously did a "listening tour" in her NY Senate campaign. I don't know that she hasn't been doing that in her pres campaign this year. Her press coverage to date has been insinuation and bogus reports on ginned-up scandals.

Edward Amame

different clue

I can't answer your questions. But she did get high marks from her colleagues in her Senate days and re-elected by large margins.


About HRC not listening, I heard the same from somebody worked for her at state, on one occasion Holbrooke left the meeting with SOS on protest.

Edward Amame


Trump makes a grand entrance in the Hamptons

While a fund-raiser for Donald Trump in the Hamptons this past weekend was kept on complete lockdown, the Republican presidential candidate certainly made his presence felt out East.

Trump was fêted at the Southampton home of billionaire distressed-asset investor Wilbur Ross and wife Hilary Geary Ross.

We’re told that as the police cordoned off the entire area on Great Plains Road, Trump made a grand entrance.

“His helicopter, of course with TRUMP emblazoned on the side, seemed to hover over Southampton for an eternity, and nobody was left in any doubt as to who was arriving,” one resident sniffed.

Top donors invited to the $25,000-a-head fund-raiser (or $100,000 to join the host committee) included sugar titan Pepe Fanjul, Richard LeFrak, Jets owner Woody Johnson and SkyBridge Capital guru Anthony Scaramucci...


Some -- but nowhere close to all -- of the Republican Party's biggest contributors cut large checks to Donald Trump in his first wave of fundraising, new documents filed Friday night with the Federal Election Commission show.

A dozen individuals cut checks of $449,400, the maximum allowed: Darwin and Katrina Deason, of Texas; Anne and Carl Allen, also of Texas; Andy Beal of Texas; Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Bob Mercer, one of the biggest donors in Republican politics, of New York: beverage tycoon John Ferolito of New Jersey; Diana and Llwyd Ecclestone of Florida; Leandro Rizzuto of Florida; and Richard and Hannah Buchan, also of Florida.



Get the stable mucked out.
I like that.
And get the raccoons out of the attic.
Shrillary represents the establishment/ruling class that has enriched themselves and messed up the country big time.
I especially got a kick out of the 50 "big names" in national security who are "terrified" of Trump, but don't seem to care that Hillary exposed national secrets to hostile actors over and over and over and - from her FBI Q and A - is either senile, stupid or a massive liar.
And these 50 "big names?"
How's their track record?
It would be really hard to do worse than the last 16 years.


You sure you meant 65 and not 55?
65% is 2 to 1, pretty much over.

Eric Newhill

LeaNder, of course I'm referring to drugs. That *is* what's in the backpacks. Human "mules" come across the border with drugs, deposit them in a pre-arranged location and then return to Mexico, all in the same night. every night - or, as I said, that's what was happening 25+ years ago. If you shut off the holes in the old broken fence so they can't do this so easily, then they are forced to try to make runs through the official crossings where US Govt personnel are trained and ready to intercept the cargo. The same goes for illegal immigrant smuggling.

There is no conspiracy theory coming from me (actually not sure what you're referring to). I worked the vast tracts of federal land between Tucson and the Mexican border. Once there was a wild fire at the base of some mountains. We found 400 lbs of marijuana burning - it had been left there for pickup, but got caught in the fire. I got shot at once by some guys that were, no doubt, scouts for the drug carrying mules. Tyler could tell you all about how things haven't changed much, I'm sure based on comments of his that I have read. I have set up water stations along illegal immigrant trails so they wouldn't succumb to dehydration and exposure in their trek across the desert. I have found the skeletons of those who didn't make it. In a way, the wall would be beneficial to these poor people as well. It might keep them from trying crazy dangerous methods of entering the country illegally.

Allen Thomson



I think I did this a few years ago, but it's also instructive to look at the parties challenging the LAWA in the SCOTUS. They divide into groups that advocate for illegals and groups that advocate for the businesses that make money by hiring illegals. The later group is a significant chunk of the US business community and a significant chunk of the core constituency of the GOP.


IN THE Supreme Court of the United States

et al.,



Petitioners, which were plaintiffs/appellants below,

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America;
Arizona Contractors Association;
Arizona Chamber of Commerce;
Arizona Employers for Immgration Reform;
Arizona Farm Bureau Federation;
Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce;
Arizona Landscape Contractors Association;
Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association;
Arizona Roofing Contractors Association;
Associated Minority Contractors of America;
Chicanos Por La Causa;
Somos America;
Valle Del Sol, Inc.;
National Roofing Contractors Association;
Wake Up Arizona! Inc.

Eric Newhill

I would say that we are both not at war with some Mexican people and at war with others. I laid a lot of concrete block and Saltillo tile with Mexican nationals here on work visas. Great guys. Skilled hard workers, for low pay (I was one of the workers, not the boss setting the pay level). When the work dried up or they had made enough, they returned to their families in Mexico. They didn't cause any trouble as far as I know while they were here.

I've also sat on the beach in Mexico in off-the-beaten-track locals and had a good time. That doesn't feel like war at all.

OTOH, you've got the cartels and allied gangs and the La Raza crowd. These may not be salient to someone in VA, but they are a big time problem in CA, AZ, TX and NM and, only to a marginally lesser extent, in NV, CO and some other states into which they are expanding. The gangs are homicidal and peddle dangerous drugs like methamphetamine and heroin. The La Raza crowd wants to reclaim "Aztlan" for Mexicans by sheer overwhelming numbers. They do not seek to be assimilated Americans. They exhibit disdain for the "pinches gueros".

I suppose something similar could be said of the Israel/Palestinian situation. In both situations there is the ideology of reclamation of historic land, with a possible revenge component, by and for an aggrieved ethnicity - coupled with the shockingly violent actions of a so-inclined subset of the population.

One problem in talking about Mexico is that there are many different cultures in the mix and the federal govt seems to be in control of only a couple of them (The cosmopolitan Mexico City culture being the most notable). The cartels rule El Norte. In the South and in the mountains there are peasants living like they did 200 years ago.

What could Mexico city be doing about the cartels and illegals from the south. Nothing? If so, then we are not at war with the official govt. If they could be doing something, but aren't because they are benefitting from the situation, then maybe we are in some level of conflict with Mexico City. It's good Trump met with Pieto. Talking is always a good start.

How do different tribes of people, culturally at odds, bearing animosity for perceived past injustices, with one side wanting what the other side has, come to an amicable fair settlement? Talk and when talk fails, build a well defended wall. Unless you judge the costs - e.g. gangs/cartels, economic pressure on working class Americans, cultural invasion of the SW to be smaller than the moral/ethical cost of building The Wall. But maybe that calculation also involves an underestimate of the movement to reclaim the US SW for Mexico.



Try "Tonypandy" instead. pl


Eric Newhill

Well, if you think this is an existential struggle for Aztlan'a posession, then, should we not get on with fighting the war on the border with full firepower? pl

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