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04 September 2016


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Edward Amame


I doubt that too. But Hillary would provide a brake on those two.

Edward Amame

different clue

Here I am scratching my head. A bitter Berner considering handing over the keys to the whole deal to McConnell, Ryan, Norquist, etc. And the SCOTUS to the extreme right for a generation or more.

different clue


It would appear that planned self-destruction is the final stage of planned obsolescence. Self-destructolescence. " This Fridge, should you decide to accept it, will Self-Destruct in Five Years."


Just a couple of points...Sabato was wrong about Allen, but he has a good record overall. And in regard to Trump and not getting into conflicts abroad, I still am concerned about his comments on nuclear weapons, such as "Nuclear, just the power, the devastation, is very important to me." That an wondering why we haven't used them. General Hayden was very clear about his concerns regarding Trump in this area- noting that the system is geared to operate quickly, and the time frame for decision-making is getting shorter.



"I believe in a foreign policy based on our national interests that focuses on American security and regional stability instead of using our military to create democracies in countries with no democratic history and couldn’t care less about democracy,” -Donald Trump.

We only face one existential threat and that is a nuclear exchange with Russia. IMO, Trump's clear message is what every American should want after decades of meddling in other people's affairs with disastrous consequences for them and huge costs for us. The Borg Queen's track record of belligerence is dangerous for our safety.

Stephen Calhoun

Messianic does Mr. Trump's massive ego justice. He has come to save all of us by the dint of his god-like intelligence. After all, who but a God-like character would deem himself to be his number one advisor?

And when he attained his full strength and was [mentally] mature, We bestowed upon him judgement and knowledge. And thus do We reward the doers of good. (Surah 28.14)

Meanwhile, today Mr. Trump has outlined, after a fashion, an unaffordable plan to make the military-industrial complex a bit more richer, spread mayhem, and, otherwise, help himself to the death-dealing toys he has yet to manhandle.

Okay, we will have to agree to disagree.

different clue

Edward Amame,

If Trade Traitor Clinton is permitted to become President, she will find a way to conspire with her Wall Street Coalition of Country Club Republicans and Catfood Democrats to pass and sign TPP after some cosmetic "changes" to it. One of the basic parts of TPP which will be preserved will be ISDS and its system of International Secret Corporate Kangaroo Courts to "decide" investor "disputes" against sovereign legitimate governments in favor of the "disputing" "investor". The Corporate Kangaroo Courts will then levy fines against our National Federal Government in the amount of the money "alleged" to have been "lost" by the "disputing investor" because our laws or regulations would not allow that "investor" to rip off all the money or sow all the pollution that "investor" would like to do.

If a President Clinton is allowed to place America under rule by anti-national extra-territorial Korporate Kangaroo Kouncils, then the matter of who is or isn't on the Supreme Court is an irrelevant side show.

A Bitter Berner has decided that the Survival of National Sovereignty and National Existence is more important than who is or isn't on the Supreme Court. If America is reduced to a mere Crown Jewel in the Corporate Globalonial Plantationist Empire, what difference will it make any more if there even is or isn't a Supreme Court at all? That's what a Bitter Berner has decided is at stake.



"be careful" or what, the BLM Blitzkrieg will come after me? The average wages for the semi-skilled labor doing this work in China is ~$6/hour. It's cheaper in Thailand. It's still slave labor. Maybe Mr. Jobs' widow can unionize them so they can actually have a wage that will enable them to buy house, car send a kid to college.

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