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05 September 2016


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Sorry, if I do not follow the Guardian link, admittedly I got slightly hesitant about it more recently. But maybe you can tell me what happened here. Source Pat's first AP link:

"As the president was greeted by his Chinese hosts, Obama's aides and journalists accompanying the president clashed with a Chinese official as they tried to watch the ceremony."


A relationship once uttered a sentence, I probably will never forget. He by the way worked for CNN. If the didn't feel like going somewhere for close hand reports, they simply reported: there is shooting in the mountains.

Humans that they are, never mind the former's Vietnam experience, which may in fact have inspired the decision above to not take a closer look, they (he and a colleague from the business) also had a lot of anecdotes about colleagues who supposedly reported from the war front.


I wish I could get their apparently quite exquisite herb mixtures (once had this sensual impression). ;)

Recently saw a shop over here, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have made it. ...


I thought about that. Never mind his former kissing hand event in Riyadh.

Over here the head of the European union made it into a TV kissing cheeks event, I seem to deeply dislike, more personally. ;)


sorry, i'll definitively shut up for a while. No smilie, added.


You are completely right. Also I have noted (in some postings in the open threads) the draining of US influence in the East. Obama said he would "pivot" to Asia, which would be a very smart thing to do. Malaysia's a basket case (of their own making), but the US has ignored its relations with that country for decades, largely for petty reasons. Influence in that region would have helped avoid the Saudi's corrupting that country's core. And now if nothing is done, Indonesia is surely on course to be sacrificed (again for petty reasons).

All the political attention has been on getting some large hunks of Ukraine, and stirring the pot in the middle east. No attention has been paid to maintaining relations with countries in the Pacific, even though such a huge price was paid for peace only a few generations ago.


So, who just bought themselves a polonium enema?


Car jumped the median to plant itself into Putin's car, but he wasn't there. Killed his chauffeur instead.


Possible assassination attempt on Putin?


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