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17 September 2016


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Yes. I have thought of applying it to Presbyterians. You don't think IS and Nusra clones are medieval devils? pl



Did what? Where? pl



CSPAN had a speech by Samantha Power on yesterday where she was effectively demanding UN authorization for intervention in the Syrian war.


Funny, even Aaron David Miller is getting confused.

(video about 01:45) All this is gonna do, is make the situation on the ground much more complicated. It's gonna confirm conspiracy theories that we are are really supporting Islamic State and back Iranians on the ground against ahem, against ahem Shia.


Defense Dept here in Oz put out a media release stating that RAAF aircraft were involved in the airstrike. Probably in an assisting role (refueling?) because Oz doesn't have any F-16s or A-10s that apparently made the actual attack.

I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why the US forces suddenly decided that Daesh positions confronting the SAA near Deir Ezzor needed attacking.


I read "the whole world and his dog" as a variation of "all and sundry". No, Trump isn't Putin's dog, Trump is his very own trainwreck.

Regarding the airstrike in Syria. This is really disturbing. But, people have good reason to think these latest developments reflect a breakdown of competent civilian decision making at best, and a breakdown of effective civilian control over military action at worst. Given the stakes, from a political perspective, mistakes like this simply can't be made. Risking a mistake like this is either incompetence, or a consequence of unclear commands. Either way, it is bad.

Hood Canal Gardner

No quarrel, really. Straight line bred devils, not cloned. When the parent stock got dropped is worth a discussion but not now.

Babak Makkinejad

That would be the better part of valor if they do.

Jonathan G

'I read "the whole world and his dog" as a variation of "all and sundry". No, Trump isn't Putin's dog, Trump is his very own trainwreck."

The standard little man criticism of the Ivy League- educated billionaire business titan. Trump has the support of his fellow masters of the universe who he spent a decade competing against (Icahn, Beal, Barrack, et. al). Amazing, billionaires Trump has gone 15 rounds with in business competition not only hold no enmity for Trump, but enthusiastically endorse him for President! Speaks volumes. And Carl Icahn is a life-long Democrat.

Another seasoned billionaire businessman, and co-founder of Home Depot, recently stated that "if Hillary Clinton is elected the U.S. will go down the drain." http://finance.yahoo.com/news/home-depot-founder-america-down-130427190.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw

A decade ago, in my previous life, I met and was around Hillary Clinton twice per week. About 7 years ago I met Donald Trump in that same job. Trump was one of the most respectful and coolest guys I ever met (up there with actor Robert Duvall). Hillary Clinton? She is demonic. And I mean that in the traditional Catholic theological sense. Relatedly, I was recently chatting with a S/A in a government agency (not USSS) who told me that every single S/A hates to work a protective detail for a Hillary appearance b/c Hillary makes them and everyone else miserable. And this from a S/A who iid a staunch Democrat and she knows I'm a yuge Trump supporter. Again, speaks volumes.


I would characterize this as the standard "small minded" support of Trump, which focuses on his stupendous, yuge personality. As well as personal attacks on people who don't see things your way. I'm sure he is quite charming and captivating. Many dangerous people are similarly armed. From what I understand, George W. Bush is a wonderful guy when you get to know him.

Quoting Charles Stewart, who quotes British historian Henry Thomas Buckle:

"His thoughts and conversation were always on a high level, and I recollect a saying of his, which not only greatly impressed me at the time, but which I have ever since cherished as a test of the mental calibre of friends and acquaintances. Buckle said, in his dogmatic way: “Men and women range themselves into three classes or orders of intelligence; you can tell the lowest class by their habit of always talking about persons; the next by the fact that their habit is always to converse about things; the highest by their preference for the discussion of ideas.”


Now, like all absolutes, this isn't absolute, but you get the picture.

But so what if you and some others found him charming and Hillary a pain-in-the-ass? So what? I'm sure both have people who have opposite opinions about their personalities, but who cares about that either? We aren't electing Jimmy Fallon as president, and I'm sure he is much more pleasurable to be around than either one of these clowns. So some billionaires love him, also, so what? Equal amounts think he is a disaster of the first order. And they are Republicans. That is also, about the dimmest excuse to vote for someone I've yet heard.

The point is, where will they take the country? If loose lips sink ships, what can we expect from The Donald? He says he will put his corporation in some kind of "lock-box" while he is president, but just Friday he calls a press conference, and changes it into an infomercial for one of his new luxury hotels! Seriously? The message is could not be more clear, he flaunts it. He is doing this for personal profit and anybody who thinks otherwise is just one more rube to fleece.

I don't know what Clinton will do, and could hardly care, she will follow the status quo establishment pro ante, we can vote her out in four years.


Winter is coming

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