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10 September 2016


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We all want Bill Weld, or should, but unfortunately he is upside down with a bong sucker on top, That's a no go for most.

Now we know where she places old Hugh. Somehow this was not a slip of the Tongue like Miits 47% but more of a tested political strategy. Bubba was out this week putting down the Coal Country people of Kentucky and West Virginia so some wacko has sold them on marginalizing the voter base as a winning strategy.

Since she wants to talk about deplorable people just remember that period a few decades ago when we all heard about the Juanitas, Paula's, Monica's etc plus dresses, desks, impeachments et al while she stood by her man. At least Huma finally took her child and left something Hill should of done decades ago. We could go on about these people but please let God Save America and Donaldo please do not fall into this trap.

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