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10 September 2016


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We all want Bill Weld, or should, but unfortunately he is upside down with a bong sucker on top, That's a no go for most.

Now we know where she places old Hugh. Somehow this was not a slip of the Tongue like Miits 47% but more of a tested political strategy. Bubba was out this week putting down the Coal Country people of Kentucky and West Virginia so some wacko has sold them on marginalizing the voter base as a winning strategy.

Since she wants to talk about deplorable people just remember that period a few decades ago when we all heard about the Juanitas, Paula's, Monica's etc plus dresses, desks, impeachments et al while she stood by her man. At least Huma finally took her child and left something Hill should of done decades ago. We could go on about these people but please let God Save America and Donaldo please do not fall into this trap.

Eric Newhill

Sir, while revealing that kind of attitude does ensure that people leaning Trump won't switch sides to Clinton, it also strengthens her base. Even outside of NYC there are many who hold the same utopian beliefs. It's a nationwide movement.

An acquaintance of mine who fancies himself an intellectual and who is a strong Clinton supporter/Trump hater told me the other day that the fundamental problem in our society is males with too much testosterone. They aren't needed any more and they ruin everything for everyone else. The military would be a good place for such men, he said, but then the result would be too much war. So, they need to either be genetically engineered out of the population or, perhaps, sent into outer space as explorers, starship marines, etc. I'm pretty sure he was serious. I have a feeling that Hillary and her ilk would agree.

And there's a whole network of interlinked media online and MSM that promote that, and related, viewpoints. It's their raison d'etre. Some us are unaware of the extent and power of this alternate network because when we see a portal into it, we think it is idiotic and don't enter. But once you're inside, if you're impressionable, the self-reinforcing blob has got your mind. So don't underestimate how many cheer what Hillary said.

This election, more than any in my lifetime, IMO, will define what kind of nation we are and are going to be. The supreme court appointments and executive orders based on utopianism would be devastating.God help us if Hillary wins.


score: 8.2 MAs (Madeline Albright units).

keep her talking - it mobilizes the repudiatniks.


Eric Newhill

So, you think I underestimate them? pl


And everyone was worried about Trump stepping on his crank.

Say what you will but the man learns incredibly fast. Hillary has been doing this for how long and she never, ever learns from her mistakes or attempts to.

Eric Newhill

Yes, Sir. I do; numerically speaking. I think you underestimate the number of totally convinced adherents - the people for whom the world Hillary describes is the promised land - especially among the young.

I say this because you see Hillary's words at the rally as a gift to Trump. It's only a Trump gift is she is alienating a majority. If she is strengthening her hold over a majority, then it's not a gift. I think it is the latter - not by much, but just enough. We will see in Nov.



This is part of a long term strategy by the Clinton campaign to separate the moderate republicans from the rest of the flock. It was evident in her "alt-right" speech and in much of the bigotry charges by Clinton and her surrogates. It is also evident in her active recruitment of moderate R's such as Meg Whitman to endorse her and campaign for her. This speech also was no accident.

Trump in turn makes gestures towards minorities in order to assuage those same moderates.

Whether the election will be decided by suburban, college educated voters, I have no idea.



Perhaps Big Sue Fulton was at the Manhattan affair last night. pl



If this was a calculated move, it was madness. It will drive large numbers of people toward Trump and away from her. pl


Eric Newhill

You are a remarkably literal minded person. Have you no sense of irony at all? All right, to satisfy people like you I will say that I have struggled against this vast utopian conspiracy for a very long time. The old timers here know that. pl

Seamus Padraig

I don't know, Eric. I really don't think people like your 'intellectual' friend are all *that* numerous. If they were, Trump wouldn't be polling so well. Because they live in a self-reinforcing bubble, as you accurately pointed out, they may think they're the majority, but I have my doubts. In any case, people like that were safe Democratic votes anyway; in this case, Hellary is just preaching to the converted. It is my theory that this election will be decided by base turnout more than anything else. So she's gonna hit all the LGBT conventions between now and November saying the same thing.

Seamus Padraig

"And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people -- now have 11 million."

With her high-profile speech, Hellary's lifted them up too. I'm sure her back-handed endorsement will be a real boon to their business model.

“But the other basket,” she said, “are people who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they're just desperate for change.”

Too bad Hellary can't run as the 'agent of change' then. She's gonna lose that vote, too.


I guess granny forgot this folks she calls deplorables, are not her usual Putin' Russian people, some one in her staff should have said to her madam secretary are you referring to many many american voters here.


I like Frodoschade, did I mix up the characters of the Lord of the Rings trilogy somewhere more recently? I wonder. It's long ago.

Manhattan Affair last night?

But yes, odd aka.


Oh, yes, sorry, was that last night?



The more the news cycle is dominated by emails and foundations, the worse for Clinton. The more it's dominated by bigotry, etc., the worse it is for Trump. I'm not sure how many of the people insulted by this "deplorables" rhetoric are not already voting for the GOP nominee. This is about swaying that part of the electorate that feels uncomfortable voting for a candidate associated with bigotry, etc., namely white, college educated voters. I don't see how they are driven toward Trump in droves if the media revisit the footage from his rallies.


Dear Colonel,

Wow! Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper comes to mind - the inhabitants of Versailles need to get out without their handlers - but they wont, afterall why bother when everyone can eat cake!

I suppose the prescribed solution is for all right minded people to align the thoughts of all wrong minded people to those of the Borg Queen......



What you pointed out in NY City is a combination of identity politics, tribal hatreds and focus group research used to gain power and to grab billions of dollars of corrupt money. The 2016 candidates are so bad they make Wall Street’s Mitt Romney seem Presidential. The problem is the grift can’t be stopped and the rule of law enforced without a restoration. But, instead of a 21st Century New Deal, what is more likely is a is Armageddon. Natural human divisions and identities are being exploited by the powerful to pillage and plunder. Chaos, war and austerity are spreading across the world. They can only be stopped by restoring government by and for the people, jailing criminals and building peace between nations.

Stuart Wood

I am no fan of Hillary but she has to be much better than the Trumpster. Cherry picking her college statements, "She said in her valedictory speech at Wellesley College that it was "human reconstruction" that she wants"", as to her current thinking is going a too far. Hillary Clinton is an intelligent individual who most likely has learned a lot from the past (as have all of us).



I think the social justice league is overly represented because its so damn whiny. Most Americans are more concerned with trying to get by and don't want to be lectured on their privilege by some trust fund baby with a doctorate in Muslims Transgender Skateboarding.

This is as big a strategic error as Romney's 47% comment, which was at least true.


Unlike the communists of yore, the modern day crop of progressives lack the message discipline to wait until the populace is disarmed before signalling who the kulaks are and who its okay to do violence to.

We saw it in San Jose and Minnesota where the left has a surfeit of courage when they believe the target is unarmed, and then they're crying about Dallas and Phoenix regarding the fact that throwing bricks at people attending a Trump rally might end up with bullets being hurled their way.

Clinton is just letting you know that if you're not down with her agenda, she's got a bunk in a gulag waiting for you.


Stuart Wood

No. Few of us have learned anything new that is basic to our natures since we were 22. pl


She might drive me to vote for Trump out of spite.

For all her intelligence, she really is a moron.



I am a registered non-partisan and have not voted for the duopoly in over two decades. For the last four presidential elections I have written in Ron Paul as my philosophy is so well aligned with his. I believe in a non-interventionist policy in both foreign and domestic affairs.

In this election I am seriously considering voting for Donald Trump, although my state is one of those reliable Democrat blue states one sees in maps of the electoral college. I believe Hillary presents an existential threat to us and the world. For some time she's been calling Putin a thug. And this whole "red-baiting" around Trump's point that he can work with Putin on ensuring regional stability is in my opinion mendacious. I understand that in the case of Trump there is uncertainty since we have no idea how he'll perform if elected. But there is at least a small probability that he will dial back the use of military force and interventions in places we have no real national interests, as he has stated numerous times during this campaign. On the other hand Hillary has a proven track record of poor judgment and belligerence in the faith-based belief that there are no consequences for destabilization. She like Madeleine Albright have proven that they are quite happy to sacrifice blood and treasure to achieve narrow domestic political gains. A very cynical and treacherous strategy. With the Borg Queen we don't have to speculate what her actions are likely to be as she has consistently acted to the benefit of the Borg no matter the costs. She is a real threat to global stability.


“The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic -- you name it,” Clinton continued. “And unfortunately there are people like that.
Replace the Islamophobic with sectarian and antisemitic and you're describing some of the more prolific funders of the Clinton Foundation and also her campaign according to the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince.
As they say, you shall be known by the company you keep.

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