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24 September 2016


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Babak Makkinejad

There are not that many smart people in the world who could carry out such a plan. ComIntern had many more smarty and truly dedicated agents and still failed.

David Lentini

Smart and sane aren't always together. ;-)


I don't believe that General Dunford has Article 22 authority. Although of course as Chairman of the JCS he can put pressure on someone who does.

Or were you talking of something different than the UCMJ?



Article 22? I am more familiar with Article 15. pl

Ishmael Zechariah


Re: "The Sanctimonious Banshee"

Very appropriate name. I cannot make up my mind whether La Powers is a banshee (bean sidhe) or a hag.
Ishmael Zechariah


Me too. I had to look up article 22. It deals with who has the authority to convene a General Court Martial:



>> It is so disheartening to see people still talk about "the glorious Red Army" which was just about as wicked, crook and evil as the Nazis.

I think with your level of knowledge of WWII you'd rather refrain from commenting on this issue.

You only disgracing yourself by showing that you are either deeply ignorant or a liar. Or may be both.

Considering you are Hungarian, I'm inclined to believe you are a liar trying to whitewash crimes of your nation.



My meaning was about Obama using his authority to issue an UCMJ article 22 on General Dunford if he went against his orders to abide by the recent ceasefire agreement.

As we can see by the actions of Samantha Powers, a member of his kitchen coven, Obama never intended to keep the agreement and the view that people below him did their own thing while he was golfing is proven false.


" From what I've read and heard, there could be serious civil unrest in France, Germany, and Italy by the end of the year. All of that could easily wreck the EU and NATO."

You may get better sources. Why should there be civil unrest?

As there is very likely no chance that NATO can be used for the war in Syria it is not under pressure. And what should wreck the EU?


It was my mistake in using the term while making a quick summary in my reply to David Habakkuk as what Obama could do if people went against his orders and that the unfolding events shows no one did so.

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

Perhaps that hybrid beast . . . the hagshee.



You have a good sense of what is happening and the real weakness of the Borg.

Another factor to consider is Hillary's e-mail scandal in which she gave an easy opening to the professional intelligence agencies to tap into one and all on her federal friends and family plan so that Russia is probably reading in real time much of what is going on in the private corridors of DC and has been for years.


IMO, the Russians have been working very hard to make some kind of progress in Syria before Clinton becomes president (if she, indeed, does). They are running out of time, which is why I think the gloves have come off now.


Thanks Thomas. I agree with you that the vitriolic Samantha Power is a member of a coven. Wouldn't it be great if UN diplomats had a similar procedure to lawyers bar associations so that the un could be disbarred for conduct unbecoming?

On the other hand I do not believe that Obama or any other American authorized a deliberate strike. Color me gullible if you want for believing that it was an accident. To quote Ronald Reagan - "Stuff happens!" And it happens a lot when you are a hotshot pilot dropping your load from five of six miles above the surface of the earth. Our record of Blue-on-Blue KIA is testimony to that. I remember a platoon patrol in Vietnam that was attacked by an airborne FAC. Two Americans KIA, and quite a few WIA. The platoon commander had to be medevacked, no wounds, just combat stress. He kept repeating over and over and over "pop another smoke". He did it for hours. And that American plane that did the damage was a lot less the 25,000 feet, it was more like 5,000.


In a review of the Libyan no-fly zone a UK cross-party Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee drew its very clear conclusions that the entire episode had been built around a tissue of lies and deceits.
So is the raison d etre for US presence and attitude towards Syria aiming at regime change and sustained by huge propaganda.Bellingcat,The Syrian Observatory of HRs ,White Helmets etc all play their part in this deception.
Syria like Libya was way way better off before US " humanitarianism"- never has a word been so disgraced- turned up ...DONT YOU GET IT YET????- the terrorists are your people..you use them as proxies. I would urge you to read this short interview of an al Nusrah commander in Aleppo http://www.moonofalabama.org/2016/09/todenh%C3%B6fer-interview-with-al-nusra-commander-the-americans-stand-on-our-side.html# to help open your eyes to the reality that these are your al Qaida,your terrorists,your people- you help pay them,arm them and recruit them. US role in Syria is a total scam and the lies keep you onboard.The terror is your terror and is aimed against innocent Syrian people -you have killed 100,000s and wrecked the lives of 1,000,000s- FOR REGIME CHANGE which you so nicely wish to postpone...


Mike, ive struggled with this now for several hours - i just so hope that there is no tape of an alleged conversation between Daesh and US Military as if there is and its real the implications are huge and no longer will explanations of an internal war between Pentagon and CIA suffice or that the CIA is and has been alone responsible for organising the terror. A number of articles exist that this represents a breakdown between WH and Pentagon( the articles assume the attack was deliberate)or the eyes are all on the Presidential " debates"( Saker).... i would also doubt these.Obama must in such circumstances have always known that as in the Ukraine, the CIA( and in the Ukraine the State Dept) is behind the terror.In fact he cannot not have known and this would indeed be way bigger than Watergate.It would rightly and necessarily completely destroy him and ought send him to death row ...... but one understands why service personnel might find this very very tough to believe



Are you new here? We have been discussing all this Syria business for years and I posted on the Nusra commander interview yesterday. pl


much more respect to the "red army" than to all the other allied combatants. 24 millions soviets dead, a country destroyed by war and getting a satellite into space in 1957 and first man in 1961 does mean that there is something good, and something very powerful, that in itself contradicts all the idiotic propaganda written by zio-lickers and cryptofascist medias in the west about the "red army" wickery being like (if not worse) nazis. And don't even start the retarded bullshit like "they won coz they are ruthless", because if you have a hint about what's war about you would not even dare to start believing such piece of shit of "argument".

Lord Curzon

The Russians have released the terms of the CoH in totality:


There's going to be a some serious finger-pointing tomorrow...


Mike Whitney gives a tip of the hat to Col. Lang in an article posted on Unz.com,

Carol Davidek-Waller

We meaning who? The golden age capitalist in the US and Britain who created the horrific recession (Hoover Flags for the 99%), who supported Hitler's Procrustean efforts to reshape society and feared more people might decide that sharing the profits from their labor was a good idea?


You beat me to it.

I wanted to congratulate Vietnam Vet for grabbing the attention of Mike Whitney.

Tol Tapen

"... Palestinian militia allies with CAS have attacked the fortified Handarat refugee camp at the NE corner of the pocket. IMO this is a secondary attack intended to prevent the rebels moving forces south to oppose the main R+6 effort."
There are some reasons to believe that this isn't what's happening. It looks like the "R+6" is taking a good position for a long fight in the Northern part of the pocket with the purpose to exhaust the rebels and deplete their amunition stockpiles in the area of lower population density and simpler urban infrastructure.

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