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28 September 2016


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different clue

ex-PFC Chuck,

Unless that is a whole new article Avneri has written, I think I remember reading that Avneri article some time ago on Counterpunch.

I believe Rabin was trying to move Israeli history in a new direction. And he appeared to be succeeding which is why Likudist elements engineered his assassination. And Peres was too proud to call snap elections and win on a huge sympathy/revulsion vote to first neutralize the Likudists and then carry out the Rabin program. He decided he would just take over the rest of Rabin's term and show what a tough guy he was and how he would do it even better than Rabin could have. So he threw away the last opportunity there would ever be to crush Likud and purge it from Israel's public and political life.


Lots of bullshit.

Todenhöfer refutes it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/54x4o2/j%C3%BCrgen_todenh%C3%B6fer_responds_to_allegations_about/

The Jihadi fans still don't like it? So what. The Green Barrett talking to Murphy essentially confirmed what the interviewee said https://consortiumnews.com/2016/09/29/how-the-us-armed-up-syrian-jihadists/

As for "golden ring" and such nonsense. I put up pictures on my blog of Osama Bin Laden wearing a gold-looking ring. He wasn't a Jihadi? According to the CIA Zwahihri also wear a "golden" ring. Check with some Saudi princes. They like rings too.


Todenhofer's rebuttal:


b's column on the issue:


And an interesting column on The White Helmets, ( long):


BTW, Todenhofer notes:

>>Some things cannot be found out from behind a computer screen, but instead one has to move ones ass in person and under big risks into war zones. Online-Heroes sadly never seem to do that. And that is amateurish, half-assed and irresponsible. It seems like I have to report much more from such regions [to educated those]. The lack of knowledge/competence from some critics almost pains me.<<

It's basically an open invitation for critics, to out do all major Western reporting on Syria, by actually going to Syria, rather than using jihadi tweets, emails and phone conversations conducted safely from Beruit, New York, London or Paris.



There are many Saudi princes who are sinners. I said I do not know if this man is wearing gold. pl


Chris, I don't know the details of "chipping". I just assume that because it is possible technically, someone will have already done it. You could also put a timer in it that would inactivate the unit after a few years. If the gadgets are embedded properly in the software and hardware, they will be undetectable and won't be able to be removed. Spoofing won't help if the missile software requires a valid set of GPS coordinates before launch.

There are other variants to this game of supplying ammunition. In Vietnam, we occasionally "lost" hand grenades for the VC to find and use - they were fused instantaneous not Ten second delay. There are all sorts of happy pranks like this - for example, the Russians might decide to supply the rebels with some doctored MANPADS themselves.


Pacifica was pointing out that in the MSM, it doesn't matter that the jihadi's kill civilians, hold them hostage, extort them in various "gheema" for aid and basic needs scams, or even, overstates their numbers.

In the MSM, the only dead civilians that "matter", are the ones the jihadi claim the R+6 have killed.

Babak Makkinejad

More like from the Himalayas to the Atlas Mountains and from Carpathian Mountains to Kilimanjaro.

No sense in stirring up and antagonizing such a vast population over such a vast landscape.

No one is powerful enough to go unscathed.

mike allen

Brunswick & b -

So, are you two saying that the Todenhofer report is the gold standard and deserves a rating of A1?

The ‘A’ in the rating meaning the source, Abu al-Ezz has a history of complete reliability, and there is no doubt of his authenticity, trustworthiness or competency.

The ‘1’ in the rating meaning the information the source provided is logical, consistent with other relevant information, confirmed by independent sources.

If you believe that please tell me where is the history of Abu al-Ezz’s reliability and authenticity? I never heard of the man before, has anybody?

Where has his story been confirmed by “Independent sources? I have not seen that confirmation anywhere, just rehashes of the same story in Russian, Iranian and Syrian sources.

Please note that above I did not say the Todenhover/al-Ezz report was BS. I said it could not be evaluated with what we now know. I choose not to endorse his story until it can be proven with hard evidence.

The Beaver

@ mike allen

This is a Novorossiya flag w/o the coat of arms

Chris Chuba

Does anyone in the administration think before they run their mouth? Lets list the possible 2nd order effects of MANPADS in Aleppo:

Vic, I am assuming that you are giving us a classic example of a rhetorical question. To the psychopaths presently in charge of the State Dept and Pentagon this is a win/win. Either the MANPADs will kill Russians or it will force the Russians to kill more civilians and allow Samantha Power to go into another one of her whirling Dervishes at the U.N. She might even write another book.


Every politician on the planet is flying into then out of Ben Gureon air port just over the border in Syria in the next couple of days for Peres's funeral. Gotta pay tribute to a President that ordered an attack on the UN. Every terror group in Syria will know that. AQ obviously won't want to take a shot against their Israel buddies but I am sure one of the other groups would want to. If some one gets a lucky shot off things could get interesting in the land of geo-politics.

mike allen

Beaver -

This patch has the 13 stars on the St Andrews cross, which I thought were not part of the Novorossiya flag??? Was there a variant? And if so what would the thirteen stars stand for?


mike allen

What would "hard evidence" be? pl



I think you are misreading Pacifica's comment,

I am reading it as "it doesn't matter ( to the MSM and the Borg), if the jihadi's (other than ISIS, and other than Palmira and der Ezzor), kill civilians, .....( they will blame Assad, not report it or just repeat SOHR claims it was "barrel bombs"),

I don't think he/she was expressing support for the jihadi's.


“ISIL completely fabricated enemy by USA”, former CIA contractor:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_lN1fPfBkU
The cat is out of the bag


Todenhofer has a stellar "history" in regards to persuing truth,
and name an "independent journalist" going into jihadi area's of Syria.

Those claiming his report is fake, don't speak any Middle Eastern languages, and have never been to Syria, Regime or jihadi.

Over time it comes down to the voices you find "beliveable", Judith Miller, or Scott Ritter, Robert Parry or Oliver North, Seymour Hersh or CENTCOM?

Do you choose voices that state the uncomfortable, but proven right over time, or the comfortable voices, consistantly proven wrong?

It's a matter of "belief", which can be, but is often not grounded in fact, but instead grounded in a belief system.

Was the "Mission Accomplished"?

But what do I know, I'm an old DFH, wrong on everything at the time, according to the MSM, proven right by history. My neighbor's, gone and washed away by history, because they believed the MSM.

Babak Makkinejad

Every politician on the planet?

Not the Iranians.

By the way, the fellow's original last name was Preske, just as Lauren Bacall's.

Perski/Perske - Persian - پارسی

Heaven only knows how these Persian Jews wound up in Eastern Europe.

mike allen

Not sure what a smoking gun would be Colonel. I believe like you do that you have to separate source from content.

We do not know this source, Abu al-Ezz. Perhaps if he provides other info in the future that can be corroborated, then he would certainly be judged as having some degree of reliability. As opposed to now when we know nothing about him.

Hard evidence on the content of the article would be hard to find. The US and others have denied it, so it is a he-said, she-said situation. To prove it we would have to see if it is consistent with other relevant information. We know there are TOW missiles in the hands of some jihadis. We also know that some US armed FSA groups took TOWs into Syria and either defected and gave them willingly to al-Nusra or had them appropriated after they were killed. We have reportedly conducted airstrikes on al Nusra. US backed YPG and SDF have fought with al Nusra. So I do not see any other information out there that is consistent with Abu al-Ezz's story. Of course there could always be the possibility of a CIA operation gone bad. Either by a rogue operative, or by a confused cock-up when an agent thought he was meeting with friendly FSA forces but got scammed. Such things have happened in other wars. I'm thinking the only confirmation we could get would be other witnesses of known reliability or perhaps a confession if an American was involved.

Sorry my logic is so convoluted. I was never an analyst and am getting a little old to learn now. I understand that evaluating info such as this is very subjective and open to argument. Would be interested in your opinion on what that evidence should be.

Nuff Sed

I have always thought that Israel's existence was threatened in the medium- and long-term by technological advances of her enemies, because her existence in Western Asia was and remains an artificial imposition by force (rather than some form of symbiotic relationship or even a detente, which she is apparently incapable of due to her supremacist moorings). In the past decade, Iran has been able to upgrade her missiles to become GPS-capable, making them much more accurate and capable of hitting, say, the Demona nuclear power plant, which would set off a radioactive plume that would kill Israelis in their thousands (in the event of a US and/ or Israeli attack on Iran). But I am curious to know if Iran's military technology has reached a stage where it can produce manpads which are capable of putting a stop to air travel to and from Israel. And if so, whether this capability in the hands of Hezbollah is a game-changer?


Many independent sources have earlier confirmed the content of the information al-Ezz provided.

The Nusra and "moderates" are practically one is long known - see 2012(!) DIA paper. That the "moderate" FSA are mere logistic forces moving stuff from the CIA to Nusra is also well documented (Pentagon trained/supplied folks went over border, handed weapons immediately to Nusra).

Can you add one and two? Here is a test:
"According to rebel sources, the core opposition factions with whom U.S. Special Envoy Michael Ratney has remained in contact include the Damascus-centered Army of Islam; opposition faction and Islamist movement Ahrar al-Sham; major Aleppo-area factions Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki and the Levant Front; and several others."
"Meanwhile, in nearby Hama province, FSA groups armed with U.S.-made anti-tank missiles are taking part in a major offensive with the al Qaeda-inspired Jund al-Aqsa group."

It is the Zinki groups, which Ratney consoles, that officially (with public announcement) went over to Jund al-Aqsa. "Jund al-Aqsa" IS Nusra/al-Qaeda not just "inspired" as Reuters obfuscates.

The Green Barrett Murphy reported on (discussed on this site) confirms all this again.

As for the veracity of the person - who knows - surely doesn't uses real name - Todenhöfer says he knows, in detail, who he is and Todenhöfer is known as very reliable. You may not always like his opinions or conclusions but he reports straight and he can't be bought.


Mon Colonel,
the Borgs are more and more like the Shaddocks aren't they?



Pomelos? pl


mike allen

The source has to have a demonstrated record of access and veracity. I don't follow the German press and have no idea of Todenhofer at this point other than what our German friends write. i am inclined to take "b"'s opinion on this until I receive other information. pl



"I'm an old DFH, wrong on everything at the time, according to the MSM, proven right by history." So how long have you been in Canada? What was it hat history proved you right about? pl

mike allen

Colonel -

I have no idea of Todenhofer either. Some Germans call him a saint, others say he is a conspiracy theorist wrong on everything. So again it is he-said, she-said. Perhaps Ulenspiegel or one of the other Germans that sometimes comment here could weigh in on that?

But in my mind the source that has to have a demonstrated record of access and veracity is Abu al-Ezz and not Mr Todenhofer.

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