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28 September 2016


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"Sorry my logic is so convoluted."

Have you tried not lying?
It's much simpler I assure you.


No, no, no, you cannot fault the Shadoks on logic:

mike allen

jld -

I've been accused of much worse believe me. But the only time I ever recall deliberately lying was back in 1949 when I told my Dad that it must have been someone else who clogged up the toilet with a toy wooden duck. He beat that out of me with his belt.


"Perhaps Ulenspiegel or one of the other Germans that sometimes comment here could weigh in on that?"

Why do you specifically call for him?

mike allen

Thomas -

Any would do for me. Ulenspiegel was the only one whose name came to mind. Is there something wrong with him in your opinion? Is he not politically correct enough?


Nothing wrong with him.

"Is he not politically correct enough?"

Apparently Todenhofer is to you,

mike allen

Please go back and read my comments on Mr Todenhofer. Nowhere did I claim or imply that Todenhofer was wrong or lied or anything else detrimental.

What I said was that there was currently no way to fairly judge the veracity of Mr Abu al-Ezz or the story he related. It may turn out to be true as we learn more. Or we may never know the answer.

But if you want to put full faith in al-Ezz and the story feel free, No sweat off my nose. I myself still prefer more evidence.

Todenhofer may well be PC enough for both of us if what al-Ezz said turns out to be true. I'll wait for confirmation.



"self-evident virtue"
In some respects this has been a Northern American problem since 1865. Reinforced again in 1964.

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