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25 September 2016


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Not a lot of profiles in courage among those signatories.

Well, one can dream. Also, unlike those senators, Obama doesn't have to face the voters, or perhaps I should say campaign donors, again. I think that if Trump is elected, there's a real possibility that Obama goes for it. If Clinton wins, then he'd work it out with her, and she might well appreciate - privately - having Obama be the one to put the screws to Israel, even though she has assured Netanyahu that she would oppose such a resolution.

Or maybe Obama's just enjoying watching Netanyahu sweat a bit. In the debate tonight, Trump said reproachfully that Obama and Clinton are getting Bibi all upset. If so, good.

mike allen

Imagine - How is that guy Kolomoyski able to have triple citizenship?? I assume nobody cares in the Ukraine. And I know Israel allows dual citizenship, but do they allow triple? Cyprus?? He may have investments there.


mike allen

I have known a number of people who had triple citizenship. They had Lebanese, British and Canadian citizenship generated by investments in the UK and Canada. They would have sought US citizenship as well but US tax requirements dissuaded them. pl

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