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18 September 2016


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“turning point that put the Democratic Party on the slippery slope leading to its present pathetic state”
The DLC machinations took over the party apparatus not the voters. The ’84 election turned more on economics than political philosophy. The “slippery slope” started back in the ‘60s and accelerated in part due to all the other “great society” programs passed in the years after civil rights legislation. I would add DLC hack Terry McAuliffe – currently the Governor of Virginia, to your list. I know a few people who won't vote democratic again just because of him and his actions in looting a union pension fund. That of course never makes the news.



"There is no "left" in the USA that has any power or say in anything. "

Who the heck is pushing "gay" marriage and transgender bathrooms? The center right? That's pretty laughable.


If I am NOT wrong you give me the bridge. Deal? Intact and in place.

I prefer iron or stone bridges - span not important - also would consider a brick railway viaduct.

I very, very much want to be wrong, tho.


Alinsky was interested in having the common voice heard in politics and was not particularly ideological. His testimony to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee: "Not at any time. I've never joined any organization—not even the ones I've organized myself. I prize my own independence too much. And philosophically, I could never accept any rigid dogma or ideology, whether it's Christianity or Marxism. One of the most important things in life is what Judge Learned Hand described as 'that ever-gnawing inner doubt as to whether you're right.' If you don't have that, if you think you've got an inside track to absolute truth, you become doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated. The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide."

Hillary was a Goldwater Girl and is transparently in no way like Alinsky described himself. Leninist Marxism did in fact use gender and any other identity factor to isolate people, in that sense alone Clinton has something in common with the "Marxist" program.

To the extent she is interested in Alinsky it is to subvert his intent with his own methods getting the poor to vote against their own interests. To the extent she is "Marxist" it is only in her utopian vision in which everything will server her as an "historical inevitability".

Martin Oline

Substitute "Passive Aggressive". It works for me.



Is this your wish list or a prediction? pl


Never thought I'd agree with a Commentary writer, but he nailed it.


Have we forgotten so soon that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was installed as "impartial" chair of DNC to anoint Hillary and tank Bernie? She did her job well. The poster should not complain about Bernie's supporters not trying hard enough when the outcome was greased from the top.

Edward Amame

Col Lang

Drum's list?...Not a prediction! Just a list of reasons for progressives to support Clinton.

The House will not pass any/most of Clinton's (or Sanders) legislative initiatives mentioned on Drum's list. Then there's the Senate (and the filibuster if Dems get a majority in November). Most of the legislation mentioned in Drum's list are things I would like to see implemented. But she will get Scalia's empty seat filled on the SCOTUS.


Oh (((Tyler))), you're so pretty when you are mad.

How about I let the Saint Cloud Police Chief answer your question for you?


A now dead moron, who didn't even manage to kill anyone but himself, decides to commit suicide by cop. Well, it's September, and nobody looks forward to winter here. So we had an off-duty cop help him out and just move on. Things like this happen when you have a population of over 5 million. Now that may be enough to give you the bed-sweats, but we just kind of move on with life.

The crime that really upset people here was that f***ing German from Stearns County (also St. Cloud area) who killed Jacob Wetterling and did so many other horrible crimes over decades.



I'm glad to hear Alinsky found himself innocent. Surely an unimpeachable source. Do you also know gullible isn't in the dictionary?

Hillary has changed with the times. The fact that you bring up the Inquisition (lmao) shows you don't even have a handle on history.



Sorry, but the Democrat "Coalition of the Fringes" isn't going to support some white dude.


"An insider". The mythical "guy I know", and you "saw multiple groups", how traumatizing.

Here is what I will admit, they aren't the best drivers, and Somalis (unlike Ethiopians and Hmong) are generally rude and aloof. But you can hardly blame them: ever since 911 they have been treated like terrorists by too many people who have Tyler's attitude. That tends to be a self-fulfilling attitude.

Anyway, here is some actual "quantification" for you:


They claim the census undercounts the Somali community under 24,000 and that they actually number around 100,000. That may be high, but I would guess that it is a lot closer to 100K than 24K. The statewide income of the African immigrant population is estimated at 1.6 billion. That's a pretty big number.

steve g

The comment was about them getting
every free benefit they could apply for.
Do you dispute this fact or just the
unknown source?

Edward Amame


Not true. At all. Obama appointed DSW back in 2011 to head the DNC. The Clinton camp actually wanted DSW out back in the fall of 2015 but the Obama team never got around to getting rid of DSW until there was no other choice. See:


and here:



A bit of aside, because I'd begun to hear terms like "concern trolling" or "virtue signalling" only recently.

I'd have thought people with a certain point of view might want to hear what those who are not necessarily of that view might have to say about X or Y. Personally, it's the main reason I enjoy a majority of things that you or Tyler write: I know where our disagreements are, but I want to know why you think as you do, for example. But I'm often finding it puzzling that people use terms like "concern trolling" or "virtue signalling" to dismiss any disagreement with the "received truth" (tm) wholesale. (Again, this does not apply to what people like Podhoretz have to say, since he is hardly a disinterested observer) I suppose this is not entirely new: people always disliked talking politics and have someone disagree, I suppose. Still, this tendency seems to be getting worse lately and interferes with sober and professional analyses, not just on "electoral" politics either.

Just my two cents about talking with people about politics.


Guess you didn't even notice where Jill Stien fell on the Compass.

You probably didn't even look at it long enough to notice where the Primary Cantidates fell on the Compass,

Or take the test yourself, and compare where you fit, to the Cantidates.

Because the compass showed you something you don't "belive", you dismissed it out of hand.

I love so much, how for far to many, their "belife's" trump facts and reality.

This is the Best US Election ever, and is going to set the stage for many more to come.

steve g

you are obviously a troll.
thanks for trying.
Jacob Wetterling!!??



I'm one of the ludicrous idealists writing in Sanders. I donated and volunteered. Haven't done the lesser evil Hail Mary vote in a while. So, I guess I'll just be a commie according to family, a racist according to friends protesting the protest vote, or a fool according to displaced Republican associates sheltering with Dems.

About rich gimmedats, these never count. Corporate giveaways such as direct subsidies, tax abatements, grants, enabling low wages through state/federal assistance and the like are used wisely by job creators who happen to be rent seekers, donchaknow.


steve g, since it has an unknown, unreliable source, I dispute it as a fact.

The Porkchop Express

Ray, when someone asks if you are a god--say yes!

Former 11B

Actually I said I was for Trump. Freudian slip on your part? She is center right. You can't go there, I get that but than I wonder why? A freed mind can go where it wants. Most of the guys I knew when I was in were fairly open minded. But we didn't have Rush...so there you go.

Its also possible that we have different definitions of what the "left" is. I try to stay with standard dictionary ones myself.

Former 11B

Gay and transgender people. These are not issues that affect quarterly bonuses so the overlords let democracy work itself out. Apparently a majority of people in this country are a bit more live and let live than the folk you surround yourself with.

And that gives me a little bit of hope. As far as how it is portrayed in the clown show known as our public discourse why do you believe any of that. And with the upcoming geo-thermonuclear war on tap, why do care?

different clue


I think we'll need a bigger ship.


"Clinton camp actually wanted DSW out back in the fall of 2015"

Sanders had announced on April 30, 2015.

DWS would have had at least two things to recommend her - 1. she is an animus magnet/sink (people like to dislike her), 2. she would immunize DNC against charges of antisemitism should Bernie become a problem.

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