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18 September 2016


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"25 million" He left out a zero.
"The dynamic in this country has now become zero-sum. If you’re a partisan ..., you hate.... . "
I think he characterized that correctly. It's certainly true of the establishment of both parties, though I think ultimately the establishment hates the most bi-partisan of all Americans - the Deplorables, -the most.

On a "blowing up" note according to the Mayor of NYC the explosion in NYC, well: "Mayor de Blasio called the explosion an “intentional act,’’ The Establishment dare not call this terrorism. Their party candidate can't stand the heat of a memorial to 9-11 how the heck can she deal with the real thing. I'm sure we'll see millionaire athlete Colin Kaepernick and friends provide another distraction today. I wonder how the Deplorable are going to like that string of events.

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