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25 September 2016


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Very, very good. This could serve as a definition of one central aspect of the Borg.

and now I'll ponder for the rest of the day, if I watch tonight's debate, at 3 a.m for me, as some type of entertainment.


We side with al-Qaeda against a sovereign state and wipe our ass with international law. All of these maneuvers are being forced upon us by our numerous enemies, of course. If they have a national police state then ours must go them one better. The "honey do" list is worthy of a great power in full stride. I feel better now knowing all these loose ends will soon be neatly tied.


Neocons always confuse "opportunity" with "threat." When our opponents are weak, the Neo-Cons inflate the threat.

BTW, I saw King Abdullah of Jordan's "60 Minutes" interview last night. We always treat Jordan like an old flame who waits to get to get drunk-dialed at 2 a.m. Since we're giving Israel $38 billion, we can't afford to give Jordan decent equipment?


Mr. Brenner,

I wonder how you manage to sit through such a conference. Intellectual idiots at best, sell-outs at worst. No wonder U.S. foreign policy is a hysteric mess.

michael brenner

Detective and spy novels on my lap

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