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13 September 2016


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The right wing in this country by and large just wants to be left alone. The left wing isn't going to stop until tranny bathrooms are in every Church at gun point.

Being ready for a fight isn't the same as looking for one.



I see Pinochet giving his enemies helicopter rides the equivalent of dealing with wasps before they form a nest.



Good article. Thanks.

Hood Canal Gardner

I'm a little late with this..not to offend anyone by my confusion...what am I missing? Aren't village and flyoverland geographic/sociology 'terra firma' location terms/designations for rural? Put another way, if Hillary Clinton's villages are not located in flyoverlands where are they located?



My estimate at this date is that she will win the presidential with Timmy Kaine in tow and standing by. I also estimate that the GOP will hold both houses with reduced majorities. Their priority will be to defeat her program. She will then try to rule by decree (EA) as BHO did in his second term with several defeats in the federal courts. The stage will then be set for increasing unrest. NB the statement by the governor of Kentucky yesterday. pl

Edward Amame


Not that anyone cares, that is where I was raised (as in went to grammar school and high school). I have lived in NYC for the last 30 years.

Edward Amame

Charles Michael

If you'll notice, I used "" around the word, "flyoverland." That's because "flyoverland" is the exact term used by Col Lang in his post. Apology not necessary.

Nancy K

We are definitely not the same person. It is just an example of great minds thinking alike.

Edward Amame


Agreed. And not to excuse it but Tyler has a huuuge man-crush on Trump and his panties get all in a bunch whenever anyone suggests Trump ain't all that.



"and most of them didn't bother." This implies that some DID bother. Earlier you stated that the claim of the existence of Black families in slavery was false. Which is it? You can't have it both ways. pl



In my usage "flyover America" (FA) includes everything outside the major metro areas. IMO HC has little support in FA except in ethnic enclaves. pl

mistah charley, ph.d.

I am not a fan of Mrs Clinton, but would like to say a word in defense of village life and the nostalgia felt for it by many of her ilk. I have some familiarity with the village my father grew up in - it was a North American village, in Nova Scotia - I spent a couple of weeks there every summer for a number of years in my childhood, and went there as recently as 2008, when my father and I visited my cousin, still living in the home my father grew up in. Life there was not short, generally speaking - my ancestors in that area generally lived into their 80s (their brothers and sisters who died from childhood diseases did not become anyone's ancestors, of course), and my father, in his 90s and on his last visit there at the time, met an old schoolmate of his who had been in the village all her life. Nor was life there particularly brutish or miserable - I would much rather live there than in many a contemporary disorganized urban area.

People knew you, and your family, and had expectations of you (which could be good or bad, of course) - privacy was scarce and you knew there was stuff you couldn't get away with. Mutual help took place. Many of your neighbors were also your relatives, in one way or another. The schoolhouse, with two rooms and eleven grades, gave a good education to those who persisted all the way through. I have copies of the books my father was taught from (the Ontario Readers) - a typical U.S. high school graduate of today has less familiarity with history and literature than these children of the early twentieth century.

The village my father grew up in was populated by farmers and fishermen. It has faded away, although a few men still fish for lobster there, and most of the dwelling places are now vacation homes, empty most of the time. My father was a Canadian "barefoot boy with cheek of tan", in John Greenleaf Whittier's phrase (and he could recite verses from the poem). His son grew up as an American Army brat in places like Arlington, Falls Church and Petersburg, VA, and Japan and Italy. I know of the closeness and the mutual support and the long-standing feuds and the boredom of village life only by hearsay, as Hillary does. In a certain sense, the faith community my wife and I belong to provides us with some of the advantages of a village-like environment.

The phrase "it takes a village to raise a child", nostalgic as it is for a never-experienced imagined paradise, embodies the truth that an isolated nuclear family cannot produce an educated, productive citizen without participation by others who have the child's welfare at heart - these days scouting and soccer teams attempt to fulfill these functions.



I believe the old Spanish saying goes, “small town, big hell”. That pretty much sums up PC culture. Everybody knows and minds your business.



Hilary was making a policy position with this book while married to President Clinton. "Better off under slavery" Those are your words not mine.



Your statement is indeed factually incorrect. All slaves in the United States were not on plantations; slaves did have families - they did not have legal freedom though some obtained it. But not to worry, whites, especially Southern whites, will always have legacy guilt. That's why "Black Lives Matter" and "Deplorable" are being used to slur those who don't agree with the political left today.

Babak Makkinejad


Try these Canadian sites:



Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.

That, certainly, has not been the experience on the Iranian Plateau, in Anatolia, or in India where tens of millions of souls have been voting with their feet and abandoning the village in favor of the city.

A 2-hour fever could kill one's child in those villages; there was no electricity, no potable water, no education, no entertainment, no books, no literacy, no refuse collection, no public or private baths.

I think we are talking about qualitatively different things...



I don't know about others, but in my case, I voted for W in 2000 and have regretted it for 16 years since. I wish in retrospect that MORE people should have voted for Nader to put the fear of voters into the politicians, that the voters should not be taken for granted. Gore was just as Borgist as W, for all practical purposes: nothing really different would have transpired had Gore won in 2000. Yet, politicians and their fans try to scaremonger the voters into being scared shitless of such trivial differences and voting for beelzebum instead of beelzebub.


I think the kind of "village" that people on the left idealize is something that works like this:


In small societies where people "know" one another, they are willing to be more tolerant, as long as they are dealing with fellow villagers. The flip side, of course, is that while they are willing to accept fellow tribals even when they are "weird," they tend to be very intolerant of the people not from their tribe. So the paradox of the "statist village life": tolerate everyone like they are fellow villagers, even if they are strangers...or else. In a sense, this is exactly how villages get broken, not how they built--to be replaced by (ironic) Potemkin villages where everyone pretends to love each other but trusts no one.


If we are at the point where we should ignore the opinions of people who are financially successful or don't live in minority dominant areas then we are going to have to ignore a lot of people. I suspect that neither of the two leading POTUS candidates would qualify either.



I just read the essay by Bill Moyers linked below by another poster (reposting the link here: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2016/09/bill-mowers-we-the-plutocrats-s-we-the-people-saving-the-sou-l-of-democracy.html) . His depiction of the community he grew up--and the "village" of the proverbial one-percenters/non-deplorables/whatever--strikes me as the flip side of the idealized "village" from the public radio story, where the outsiders are held in contempt, with the attendant tut-tutting that they are not good enough to be "real villagers," while the transgressions of the insiders are excused for this reason or that. HRC and her ilk already live in a village--the bad kind.


I kind of like "deplore this" (with suitable hand gesture) as a mass response to Hillary. I live in Nebraska. Where by the way, my local library system has already stocked up on multiple copies of Hillary Clinton biographies for kids. Here's a link on Amazon, which has a nice picture of the front cover, with St. Hillary on the cover. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Hillary-Jonah-Winter/dp/0553533886/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473866057&sr=8-1&keywords=children%27s+books+Hillary This book would make a proper medieval hagiographer blush with shame. Perhaps we should not canonize her yet, we could regard her as a reincarnation of St. Uncumber, a sometimes bearded lady, who helps young women unburden themselves of unwelcome suitors. There are several other children's biographies of Hillary in the same vein, in our library, including this one for children just learning to read: https://www.amazon.com/Hillary-Clinton-Life-Leader-Reading/dp/110193235X/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1473866057&sr=8-4&keywords=children%27s+books+Hillary Written by the same folks who brought you that book about the glorious sacrifices of Comrade Stalin in the Great Patriotic War. Sick beyond description.


But if David Duke and his ilk raise some good points, their bigotry and racism should be deplored. Are people saying that because Duke, the Klan, and neo-Nazis raise some valid issues, that they should be emulated?



Who is saying that? Neither Trump nor Pence is saying that. pl



Your selective outrage is almost as sad as your misuse of terms.

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