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13 September 2016


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Dr. Puck

I was just pointing how Trump is taking advantage of the "deplorables" comment to persuade swing voters and get his supporters all fired up. His speech is a good example of that.

Hillary has raised over a billion dollars. He naturally has to be competitive with sufficient funds. There's got to be a reason why the majority of financial elites of both parties support Hillary. After all the financialization of our economy moved at warp speed during Bill Clinton's presidency with the support of elites in both parties in Congress. You're gonna deny who repealed Glass-Steagall and signed NAFTA as well as granting China MFN?

IMO, a president only has major sway over foreign policy, both trade and military affairs. On domestic matters ultimately Congress determines what policies are enacted. It is for this reason why I believe Hillary poses an existential threat to the US. She has a track record of warmongering. While with Trump we know not now how he will act if he is elected, but there is at least a probability that he'll be less interventionist as he has claimed during this campaign. He could have easily taken the path of the other GOP candidates by being more hawkish on foreign military engagements.



I love your two step around here. 1) Post progressive partisan nonsense until you get called on it by the Colonel and then 2) "I'm tired of both choices".




For everyone following at home, EA lives in Monmouth County, where he is surrounded by a whopping 7% blacks and something in the neck of 84% white or asian demographics. It has a median income of 76K for a family.

He wants you to be surrounded by minorities while he continues to live in his turbo white abode. Sad! : /

alba etie

I believe it was Kerensky that said that during the Lenin led Bolshevik purges of 1917 the difference between right wing violence & left wing violence was the difference between dog sh-t & cat sh-t ... As a centrist self identified FDR Democrat I am finding no solace with Trump . But you may be right Tyler we may be limping to the 2nd American Civil War - We shall see.


It's been happening for a long time, long before this election.

In this election however, it's gone from "swiftboating", to mainstreaming of CT.

Best US Election ever.


Pol Pot was not an "intellectual", and intellectuals were the target of his genocide.
Stalin, ditto, Hitler, ditto, Mao, ditto.

Don't know of any historic genocides lead by intellectuals, other than the Irish Famine.


There's so much dog whistling going on, the poor things are whimpering under bed.


Fine for the Lower East Side, but they shouldn't be imposing their world view on others while sneering down at them.


Methodists used to be teetotal. I think they dropped that in the 60s, though- around the same time that Roman Catholics dropped the Latin mass and eating fish on Fridays.

Babak Makkinejad

Hillary Clinton had never lived in a village - African or otherwise.

I do not understand why so many foreigners are enamored of village; life there was short, brutish, and miserable.

If you don't believe me, ask anyone who has ever lived in an Indian village for any length of time.

Babak Makkinejad

Muslims take a very very dim view on the LGBT agenda. Trump could have attracted them by stating his opposition to that agenda.


Bernie is clearly uncomfortable with identity politics. But he's pissing against the wind in the current political climate, as witnessed by the embarrassing incident with the BLM protest at his rally in Seattle.

Babak Makkinejad

I saw this in the Bush II elections; many people who voted for him were doing rather poorly economically and certainly were not among the cats, much less the Fat Cats. Yet he attracted them.

Charles Michael

Sure, with its sistership Cafe de Flore, even more gay friendly.

Now we have Borgist from the rigth too, specially the leading Parti Republicain contender for next year President-Monarch election (according to polls) Alain Juppé self-exiled in Canada and uSA after being condemned for providing and covering fake jobs paid by taxpayers.
Coming back as a virgin after endorsing Borgs agenda and being financed by Wall Street.

Charles Michael

Well, look what you have done with that: ''she just said out loud what a lot of people, including in "flyoverland," were already thinking''

and with minor changes it morph in:
''He (D.Trump) just said out loud what a lot of people, over the land were already thinking.''

Are you not a tiny bit bigoted ?


Charles Michael

In the end the only thing that will matter will be the numbers state by state. The big worry is that the country may be ungovernable after the election. pl



Since Bill Clinton's second term, "the country" has been in many regard's "ungovernable", unless the Party that control's the Presidency, also control's the House and the Senate.
The big question is, will after this election, will "ungovernable" spread outside the House, Senate and States, to the streets?



Unlike you, I haven't voted for the presidential candidates from the duopoly for over two decades. But I'm with your logic for this election and breaking with my tradition to seriously consider voting for Trump. I'm willing to take the chance that he'll reign in our military interventions in places we have no national interests and may cooperate with Putin to usher more regional stability. Hillary's track record of warmongering and poor judgment is far too dangerous in my mind.



We should be under no illusions in this Citizens United era. A president has limited influence and ability to act on domestic matters. The best that we can hope for is we elect a president who does not intervene in places we have no national interest. And most importantly a president who does not engage in conflict with nuclear powers that can destroy us.

IMO, the only way we get root & branch reform is after a collapse or civil war or revolution. Tocqueville was right. "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."



The black family is slowly disintegrating with 70% of kids growing up in single parent homes. The liberal SJWs will never accept their role in this fiasco.


What is sad is you doxxing people. Lame.


Yes. What Hillary said was way more disgusting than saying "the Black family" was better off under slavery, Jim Crow and neglect.


It read like a mixture of irony and sarcasm to me, too. If that is how you read it. Maybe since the high expectations feel vaguely like a déjà vu of earlier hope projections turned upside down: "gay transgender mulatto Muslim"

What I seriously doubt though, is that we still can talk about fringes (basket cases) it has arrived at the center. Over here too.


Mercutio's three curses ending thus:
"They have made worms’ meat of me. I have it,
And soundly too. Your houses!"


One branch of my family was 'Methody', and claimed that it was embraced originally by some British underclass ancestors back in (Darbyshire) England in the mid-1700s. Two hundred years on, my father and a family friend used to amuse me -- and scandalize my Catholic mother -- by an off-key rendition of an old 'Methody' hymn: 'We Are Sinking Deep In Sin'. My father seemed to relish the notion of sinking deep into sin, abetted by one of his famous Manhattans.

There is a moralistic, puritanical streak to 'Methodism' and I have often thought that Hillary was probably shaped by a Methodist upbringing. People are never, ever good enough (indeed, may even be viewed as 'deplorable') and consequently one must endeavor to Improve Oneself, and avoid sinking into the depths of degradation and degenerate conduct.

One 'improves' by becoming literate, educated, and engaging in a congregation. Also, by Doing Good Works.

I am not the slightest bit surprised at the Social Warrior aspect of Hillary, but I do often wish she had a few more Manhattans, and a better insight about how Methodists can be overly judgmental.

Methodism seems to have originated in the mid-1700s; and is distinctively British (stemming from the works of John Wesley). Methodism did not follow the hierarchical structures of the Roman Catholics or Episcopalians; it was taken up by the poorer classes, as far as I am aware. Many of those people, including some of my ancestors, immigrated throughout the British Empire.

Winston Graham's novels about Cornwall (the Poldark series) give a vibrant sense of how the poorer members of society (Cornish miners) found direction, sobriety, and discipline via their 'Methody' teachings within small congregations.

IMVHO, this election could use a few more Manhattans, and fewer sermons.
Perhaps that just makes me a sinner.
Deplorable, but there you have it.


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