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13 September 2016


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Well she at least picked the right logo - the arrow over the hospital sign. Prescient in pointing out just where she's heading.



Look at some of the wonders around here.

I'm starting to wonder if Stephanie, Edward Amane, Laura, and Nancy K are all the same person .


Colonel I know these folks they don't believe you are entitled to your SS/ pension earnings. After they have barrowed and spend the SS found, they believe you are being privileged to have access to what ever by law they have to give back.


How hard is it to dig up deplorable fantasies about Mr. Trump and his moment in history; a moment supposed by some to be all about eradicating social justice warriors, cultural marxism, feminism, etc.? Do not such moments often call forth the hardest men?

By contrast, the equivalent on the left is easily found, where?

The war of all against all seems to be about one utopianism vs the other utopianism. There's nothing in this thread that casts the opponents in the gray light of modernity.



The communists of yore had the message discipline to disarm the kulaks before declaring them unpeopled.

Nowadays well. Things will go differently.


Provinces. Works also for France beyond Paris.


Only an extrimly arrogant person who thinks she is intellectually superior to everybody else calls half of her opponents deplorables.


Like most posters on SST, I loathe the Clintons and have since Bill first appeared on the national stage. They represent the financial sector's takeover of the Democratic Party. The Dems should have fought globalization, deindustrialization, and outsourcing, but with the prodding and $$$ of the Michael Steinhardts of this world, they became tools of Goldman Sachs, et al, in destroying the productive economy of the US (and, along with it, the lives of millions of people and their offspring).

However, I think it's very naive to think of Trump as a positive alternative. I live in New Jersey, and have spend the last 7 years watching Trump's good pal and alter id, the mobbed-up Chris Christie, drive the state further into the ground, mostly via massive, taxpayer-funded handouts to Wall Street plutocrats and wealthy "builders," like Trump). (I hope SST readers are aware that Chris's brother Todd made tens of millions through Goldman Sachs and was charged with cheating his clients, though he seems to have bought his way out of the charge.)

I find it ironic that some people think that Trump, who has been mobbed-up going back decades to his close friendship with Roy Cohn, is a friend of working/middle-class Americans, since he's a plutocrat himself who has proudly boasted of his ability to buy up politicians. Take a look at his campaign apparatus now: his chief finance guy comes from Goldman; hedge-funder Robert Mercer and daughter (along with former Goldmanite Steve Bannon) are squarely in Trump's corner). I sure don't agree with Trump that Americans make too much, and I sure don't agree with Christie that a $15/hour minimum wage is "too radical."

Re Trump's foreign policy: Aside from the "let's steal Iraq's oil" statement that he's repeated several times (so, one assumes, he may actually believe it), how about his indications that he wants to slam Iran? (I guess that's Adelson and/or son-in-law Jared Kushner talking.) Why, if he truly doesn't want further US military interventions, is he so intent on a massive increase in US military spending? Finally, why the heck did James Woolsey, the neocon of all neocons and Iraq war hawk, just sign on as his advisor?

We are indeed in interesting times, unfortunately for us. But voting for Trump won't help.


Typical intellectual, socially left leaning French socialists, who they believe, socialism is good, but as long as is not applied on them. I know this kind very well, grow up with few.


Exactly Cafe Deux Magots type


"Deplorable" affair is bad enuff. You can pick on fellow politicos, even the press, and the etrangere Muslims and illegal immigrants, but thou shall not pick on "civilians." The voters and citizens are out of bounds.

But that in and of itself would have probably blown over. Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) makes a lot of sense when he calls it a "false because." On Hillary's third 9.11 (the second one was BenGhazi), a civilian, and not the the press, captured her in a video completely limp being bundled into a van. On the day Americans associate with apocalyptic vulnerability, a putative C in Chief is shown to have been completely out of it. That's an association deep in the reptile brain, beyond the rational mind.

We may rationalize that anybody can have a bad day and get sick and not want to rule her out just b/c of that. But then, we have another reason, she called citizens 'deplorable," and that is a good enough reason to abandon her.

As for me, i've always voted progressive, voted for Obama twice, and even Kerry. I plan to vote dem in the statewide elections, except for Rep. Walter Jones (R) who is anti-war. But I will not vote for Hillary. I will vote for Trump if only because he has said we can get along with Putin. I've tried to blot out what the NeoCons have done to us and to the world, but the pictures of headless Syrian bodies with their heads in a separate pile is just too much. Sincerely regret my vote for Obama and Kerry. Dubya should have never invaded Iraq, but don't know if he would have armed al Qaeda like Kerry-Clinton-Obama. McCain probably would have.

Have been defending Obama against the accusation that he left Iraq creating a vacuum. But w/o a SOFA, there would have been a war w/ American troops and the Shia militias. But that's not what led to ISIS. His allowing Clinton and Petraeus the latitude to overthrow the secular multiconfessional, albeit authoritarian, Syrian government is what led to ISIS. Raqqa came before Mosul


It is a smaller step for them to climb up the scaffold.

David E. Solomon

Colonel Lang,

What kind of democracy are we supposed to believe that we live in?

I live in Central New York and I just took an automated poll. Normally, I do not bother with just things, but in the very, very slim hope that my responses could help Gary Johnson and / or Jill Stein get into the absurd debates that the nation will be subject to shortly, I responded.

The questions were reasonable and allowed for the choice of a third party until the question at which I hung up.

It was:

"If the general election were held tomorrow, who would I vote for. Option # 1 was Trump, option #2 was Clinton and option #3 was undecided. No further choices were offered.

For the record, I supported Bernie Sanders with more donations during his run for the nomination than I have every given to any candidate. In the end, I feel that his support for Clinton, made a mockery of my donations (realizing full well that he did say he would support the eventual nominee). Nevertheless, I feel totally ripped off.

But back to the poll. As far as I can see such polls make it totally clear that this is not a democracy.

I still have not decided if I will vote for Jill Stein (as I have before) or for Gary Johnson. I will probably vote for whichever one of them is polling highest on election eve. Just to get the biggest (if still minuscule) bang for my vote.

In any case, I am sixty-eight and no matter how many more elections I live through, I will probably not bother to vote again.

So, if you are inclined to open another topic, might we make it one about just what kind of democracy this is?



SoCal Rhino

Methodist tradition includes perfection of the person as a goal if not entirely achievable. This is the branch in which the Seventh Day Adventists took root. In contrast to the Lutheran(RC without the pope some might say), the Epispocals (the church of Henry the 8th, US edition) and the Calvinists (sinners all are we but god before the foundations of the world were laid singled out some anyway for his own reasons). With apologies to all from this child of Presbyterian Sunday school.

Your comment reminds me of an observation made during a corporate diversity training class by a colleague of African descent, in context of the discussions about the experience of Irish, Italian, and others who came to this land: I never knew there were so many different kinds of white people.

Edward Amame

Not sure why you're so sure what the political impact of Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.” It may be, as I suggested in another thread, that she just said out loud what a lot of people, including in "flyoverland," were already thinking.

But as you note, it certainly got the press's attention and now they're talking openly about Trump's bigoted campaign. Thus we had the big story on MJ about how Pence refused to refer to David Duke as "deplorable" on CNN. IMO, any day the press is talking about a bigoted Trump campaign is a good day for the Clinton campaign. If I thought the Clinton campaign had a clue about manipulating the press, I'd say she said it was all done with a purpose.



I am just soliciting opinions. Don't take my protestations of ignorance literally. pl


dr. puck

Define "modernity." pl


"Deplorable" is so lame that the Trumpmeister ought to hire a voice actor to mimic Daffy Duck's cri de coeur: "Dethpicable!"



We will see the effect in the polls one way or another. pl



I had a life after I left the government. I don't need anyone's or anything's assistance to live. pl


When Jerry Brown was running for governor of CA, he always talked about being older, the governor's mansion being his last stop, and thus not being beholden to anybody. I always thought that was a curious approach to getting elected, as it sounded to me as if he was admitting to being a reformed corrupt politician.

Trump is older, wealthy, and not used to taking crap from politicians. That's about the only combination that can possibly exist at this point to change things. HRC has too many strings that can be tugged on to influence her. Frankly, I think dirt on here with regard to the emails, CGI corruption, and her health are national security risks. She may not have the emails, but the persons on the other end do.



Hillary Clinton has just giving voice to the illness that has spread across the Western World. The symptoms are the same; loss of jobs, alienation, exploitation and privatization. Like the Greeks, we can try to keep on living as best as we can, bending with the wind and protesting. But, if the endless wars, hatemongering, immigration and austerity continue unabated, the West will break apart into its tribal components. The incorrigibles in middle American are just one group. It is human nature to scapegoat. But, instead, follow the money. Who is getting rich at everyone else’s expense? How to end the scams and jail white-collar criminals? How to stop the Wars?



The Black family survived slavery, Jim Crow and neglect but it hasn't survived the welfare state the liberals brought into being with LBJ. "It takes a village" was Hilary riff on the African proverb. The results are far different than when the aspiration for the community was to raise children in traditional Christian families.



You sound just like my friends in Florida who voted their conscience and cast their ballots for Nader. They cried for days when W won the election.



No one trusts the media.

No one cares about David DUke.

Let's talk about Pepe the Frog while ignoring Hillary's seizure fits.

A winning media strategy.

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