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23 September 2016


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Jack Nix

As always thank you for your wonderful insights. It is always a pleasure to see one of your essays featured on Col. Lang's website. I look forward to Part II.

Jack Nix



Maybe all voters are irrational. Those who believe they're very smart and rational decision makers actually maybe as irrational as the others.

Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman has an interesting thesis.

"Given an arbitrary world and arbitrary fitness functions, an organism that sees reality as it is will never be more fit than an organism of equal complexity that sees none of reality but that is just tuned to fitness."


Hat-tip to Scott Adams the Dilbert cartoonist who had this link on his blog.


"Trump’s followers are like people who travel deep into a desert waste in order to bury their IQ’s there"

The quote above is just to lay my claim prior to my comment. For all her ills Hillary is a better person than the box you just placed around her. Poor Hugh, now 47 years after releasing his parental responsibilities by sending his dove into the world the horse collar of Abuse is tossed around him. Whose father was not authoritarian in post WW2. Are you saying all us baby boomers carry that scourge with us or our parents did not read Dr. Spock enough. Even he grew as our parents did as well. Her reticence is more of the hardening she has learned over the past 30 years in public life a tool she has learned the hard way.
Deceitfulness is the politicians disease thus she has become adept at that also.
Self Willed, oh yes, you have her there a person who is very calculating and a "My Way or the Highway" type.
A person who has spent so much time and effort (along with Obama) supporting the congenital & genetic freaks of life (apologies for my coarseness), pandering to the racial classes, spilling the blood of our youth in God forsaken places, destroying countries for reasons even they do not understand, tossing the other 65% of us to the wolves while they tinker with their economic numbers and now calling us Deplorables or Irredeemables. Well is it no wonder we are now coming back from that desert, with our self worth, to elect Donaldo to clean her clock, to clean out that establishment, to clean up that Borg, to clean our government so it goes back to the day of representing all the people of this country.
Looking forward to the sequel.


It started out as a comment here. But grew into a post over at my place.


Mr. Sale. Thank you.


Sir, IMO,I think Hillary is more abused by her husband than in her childhood. Her husband dishonored her while she was the first lady and an internationally well known person and supposedly a role model for a nation. IMO she let that go because of her political ambitions.

ex-PFC Chuck

This could be the smoking gun of Hilary's email scrubbing hairball. That is if the FBI and DoJ can bestir themselves to pick it up and verify the (figurative) fingerprints.


Doug Colwell

Wow Richard. If she had a genuine friend they would take her to a quiet spot and have her read it. But that will never happen.


I've been following this blog for a long time without ever commenting. When I first found it, my initial reaction was there were interesting informed opinions with politics that often differed from mine. In this election year, however, it seems to me to have become completely unhinged.

The above post is a prime example. It is completely devoid of facts. I suppose if someone comes to the article predisposed with a negative viewpoint of the candidate, it must feel like there's something being conveyed. Some confirmation of hatred. But for those looking at the candidates with some eye toward objective facts, it's just a rant of deep-seeded loathing. Giving it the title "Ramble" doesn't absolve it.

I obviously haven't given up on the blog. I'm hoping after the election there's a return to discussing actual events. Actual facts. Actual information. Here's hoping.

Hood Canal Gardner

Yes it does sounds familiar including the electorate intelligence asides. The bulk of your first note reads to me as psychoanalyst chic novel speak. Re your 'take' Bill and Chelsea + Arkansas are central to Part One. Your pencil call. I'm looking forward to what you are going to squeeze out of the email imbrogolio. Thanks for the read.

John Minnerath

Excellent article about the complexities that drive politicians, few are virtuous.
I look forward to more.
Many years ago I got involved in politics at the county and state level, taking part in and watching on going back room "negotiations".
What I saw were normal appearing people turning into nothing less than wild eyed zealots.
It left me with a very sour taste in my mouth for all politicians that's never gone away.


self-interest intervenes

Imagine Richard, Atlas Shrugged is banned in China:

ByPamela Geller on April 2, 2007
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2007/04/atlas_shrugs_ba.html/#sthash.Rz8RFFeA.dpuf

Ken Roberts

Thanks. I liked your previous blog post too...


Well, I dunno. It's your guys' prez choice but doesn't seem good options exist. The Cdn cons party called me yesterday, trying to stir up attitudinal trouble, but it's too soon; I told the called how happy I was that Stephen Harper was gone, gone.

I think it has to be grass roots. Dig out the weeds and help the good little blades grow up. Franklin and the credo of his Junto.


my take: Hillary is a high functioning autistic person. Very little empathy- a cold fish. But the most damning indictment is that she is an inveterate, incorrigible, unrepentant war monger.
Every body by now has seen her Julius Caesar vini vidi vici moment- followed by insane laughter.



Did you actually read the story at all? Nobody banned the Ayn Rand book, they "blocked" a link to Pam Geller's lame blog atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com on, April 7, 2007- 9 nine years ago. The site appears to be abandoned, BTW. If you are going to comment on this blog, you have a responsibility to not post garbage and waste peoples time.


Thanks for the link. Valid or not, who knows, but an interesting theory.

Richard Sale



Richard Sale

that quote about Trump followers was arrogant and unfeeling, and I regret making it. They are simply people hard pressed by life.




"Whose father was not authoritarian in post WW2."

There is a difference between being authoritarian and being abusive.

Richard Sale

Thank you, and no, it would never happen.


Richard Sale

I am writing an analysis of impressions, impressions gained about Hillary over a long period of time. I have read biographies of her and articles and I watch her.

I am not an acamdamic and I am not doing a term paper. If you have facts that disprove my impressions, please list them.


Richard Sale

Thank you very much. I appreciate it very much.


Bill Wade

I don't think Hillary was abused as a child but this is certainly a useful analysis. Bill C certainly abused her, couldn't keep a secret and that hurts. I believe Trump will be kind to her on Monday evening, it will be interesting. I'm not a Trump supporter myself, just happen to know a few contractors that he screwed over. Funnily, I believe he's running cause his casinos are empty, wants people to have more money so that he can get his hands on it. I won't vote for Hillary because I believe she is very seriously ill. The only good I see in a Trump win is for the Border Patrol guys, they deserve it if anyone does.


Sorry, I surely didn't research if her books were translated into Chinese. And strictly have no opinion about Rand or her life, maybe some questions about her followers though?

Is her blog abandoned? Lost trace of the hyena admittedly after a while. But it feels her site is only expiring on 12-Sep-2024 at this point in time acording to cq counter.


I did read Richard's contribution, I tried to be "short and sharp". Beyond being an transparently genetic chatterer. If you read my comment as politically partisan concerning US elections you are misguided. I am not even sure if I have stopped to care.


Hmm, ok, are you suggesting that maybe even we autists don't like each other, after all tyler lately outed me as one.

Martin Oline


You nailed it on this one, and beat me by 11 hours. Your link points to a great time line of a conspiracy to obstruct congress. I had read the original time line of events but didn't comprehend the implications of the reddit conversations.

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