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19 September 2016


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Phil Cattar

I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Trump.About a month ago I predicted on this site that Clinton would win and there was a 50% chance that the word landslide would be used by the networks to describe her electoral college votes.Since my prediction she has" fainted" in public and made the "deplorables" comment.I STILL think she will win .I'm not as sure about an electoral college landslide..........The debates could be hugh.If Clinton has another serious health episode ,all bets are off.


I agree with DA, but admittedly don't have anything better then a suspicion either: he is simply riding the hope wave of the opposite camp into power.

Random Pick: Why is China more a currency manipulator then the US? Explain.


"i generally support Trump b/ am worried about his Iran rants."



"...Trump is unfit to be president ..." - Perhaps.
But Mrs. Clinton is not even a contender for the US Presidency but for the Ziocons' approval. Moreover, she has no qualms about starting more wars. Who need to know nuclear codes when Sec of State Mrs. Clinton "manages" Middle East and Ukraine? She is the most irresponsible high-level politician on all fronts (the emails scandal is a minor detail). Look for the incessant provocations against nuclear-armed Russia at the Russian doors - where is the US statesmanship? Samantha Power and Nuland-Kagan as standard-bearers for the US policies? - thanks but no thanks.
"After the most recent round of bombs, shootings and stabbings..." - Clinton has been promoting and augmenting the bombings and shootings in the Middle East and Ukraine as if these lands were inhabited by toy soldiers. She is a war criminal. One more time - Hilary Clinton is a war criminal unfit to be a US president. She would certainly hep promoting Senator Schumer (and other Israel-firsters), for sure - but what this 'virtue" has to do with the well-being of US citizenry at large?
Clinton has transcended the party affiliation long time ago to become a loyal servant to plutocracy. She is a nowadays cannibal, and a frail one physically - and perhaps mentally.

Martin Oline

I think it likely, given the unpopularity of both candidates and the presence of Gary Johnson in the race, that neither will win a majority in the electoral college. This has happened before in 1824 when a four-way split failed to yield the required majority so the vote went to the House. Although Andrew Jackson had won the popular vote in that election, the House picked John Quincy Adams as president. Jackson went on to win the 1828 and 1832 elections outright.
If this happens then our new commander-in-chief will be the speaker Paul Ryan.


The Filth Column wants their children to serve for other country than the US. They still do no get that the Newton's law "For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction force" could work for the human relationships as well.
The consequences of the US massive killing, ruining, maiming in the Middle East have been falling on European Union. The US remains protected by two oceans from the desperate refugees from the US-destroyed Middle East countries as well as from the sub-Saharan migrants whose westward migration used to be controlled by Libyan state. The interventionists broke it - they own it.

Eric Newhill

Laura, Detailed compared to Clinton - from whom I have heard no - zip, zero, nada - policy; only sinister (drunken?) old witch cackles ("Ha ha ha") and promises of freebies in a form that appeals to whoever was cajoled into being included in the paltry crowd at the event.


This election is very shapeable by unknown future events, so, it is too early for me to weigh in with a hunch. It will be a turn out election because the national elections always are so.

I'm a supporter of HRC, a weak candidate in a weird year. No. the weirdest year.

That the money and the biddings of liberal and conservative wing elites have long imposed two differing variations on self-serving social engineering has been the rolling case for how long? When has this not been the case?

It would take a gun to my head to vote for Mr. Trump. Well, you'd have to find me first and yank me to the polls.

(Is Trump serious about putting armed poll watchers outside Black precincts in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh?)

I suspect HRC would navigate the inevitable gridlock as President Obama has done so during the last six years. Also, I think the foreign policy of Obama she inherits will continue, with its principle feature being aversion to throwing thousands of ground troops into a meat grinder. The mayhem on the ground in the mideast will continue with its horrifying consequences for the innocent.

It is possible Trump wins and the GOP sweeps the Congress, yet, doesn't come close to the sixty votes required to legislate freely. What would he do? He doesn't strike me as someone who feels that his messianic mission (evidently based in the reasoning power of a 5th grader, and the personality of a 3rd grade playground bully,) need yield to the exigencies of the rule of law.

(I do know that there exist jaw dropping fantasies on the far right about what Trump "must do," irrespective of the constraints given in our well-formed governing structure.)

However, I will confidently predict he will direct his children to make him as much money as humanly possible given the opportunity a President has to cue up the overnight markets. I would suggest betting against the markets starting on January 20. I'm certain Trump's kids will do so, and, do so with borrowed money.

(Really, everybody here does understand that Trump plans to deliver giant tax decreases to the very persons he rightly claims are helping to rig the system.)

Well, Trump visits my hometown Wednesday to sit down with Hannity and a local minister who understands that the God of all has delivered Trump to us for the sake of vanquishing, literally, the forces of Satan in a 'last chance' situation. Insane.


"African Americans have to elect Hillary in order to preserve my legacy"

I was close to grant Dr. Michael Brenner one point in his evidence collection for Obama's narcissism reading that. Problem, the correct quote is slightly different:

If you care about our legacy, realize everything we stand for is at stake, on the progress we have made is at stake in this election.

The context is voter's registration.

But yes, your argument would support Trump's charge that Obama was the most divisive president ever.

Out of Steppe

Debates will be huge. External events will be huger. Assorted players will try to have their say: various bombers/shooters, cybercreeps, leakers. Maybe "decisive action" by DOD in Syria to drown out the noise. I suppose Clinton wins. All rather disempowering. Like watching the slow-motion car wreck that was Iraq 2003.



The preemption is thinking that being a member of a union makes a voter a Democrat. My fellow democratic party members do the same thing all the time.



"neither will win a majority in the electoral college."

Interesting suggestion. Aren't all the states winner take all? If so which states is Johnson likely to win? On another note how was the event in Fort Myers?


If Trump wins, this country is going full Ferdinand Marcos. Trump isn't even bothering to make it a secret, he uses campaign press conferences to show off hotels.

From a business perspective, this is the golden egg laying goose.



So why do we keep importing these people who we "broke" then.



Virtue signalling so hard dogs are barking across the nation.



Because it devalues its currency to maintain cheap goods in order to sell those goods and maintain a trade imbalance.


Portman (r) is almost certain to win in Ohio. Strickland is a forgotten man here, apparently. If anything Portman may help pull Trump's numbers up despite lukewarm support. He's very popular.

different clue

Nancy K,

A question . . . if the SanderVoters and also the wanted-to-be SanderVoters all vote for somebody or something Other Than Clinton, will Clinton supporters have the Record Numbers to be able to elect Clinton all by themselves, assuming every last potential Clinton supporter comes out to vote?

different clue

Eric Newhill,

What are some examples of Obama insulting black people? If such examples exist, would they be taken as insults by the black people who hear them? Or would they be the kind of things which . . . " well, he can say that because he is one of us. And we can say that about us among us."

The last I heard, worshipful support for Obama among black people is still about 95% or so. The only black people I have heard of criticizing
Obama are Adolphus Reed, Cornell West, and the black radical Marxists at Black Agenda Report. ( Of course the black radical Marxists at Black Agenda Report are not "cultural marxists". They are straight-up political-economic Marxity Marx-marx MARXists).

different clue


Why would Clinton's major moneyed enforcers begin regrouping around Trump? Wouldn't they rather regroup around Kaine instead? Isn't he more in tune with their agenda than Trump would be?

different clue


"Basket of Deplorables" allows some bumper stickers and yard signs to just write themselves.

Deplorable Lives Matter.
In the Basket for Trump.
Deplore THIS!

And so forth.

This will be the Election from the Black Lagoon. Mr. Deplorable vs. Madame Execrable. Plus a little swarm of Third Party Wannabes nipping at the System's ankles.

The Clintonites have been insulting and belittling and condescending-to ( and just lately guilt-tripping and emotional-extorting) all the SanderBackers. I have seen Clintonite commenters on pro-Clinton blogs bragging about how "left wing heads will explode" when they see the Clintron get elected without any of their pathetic little left-wing SanderBacker votes. This sort of behavior on the part of the Clintonites should cost Clinton some SanderVotes she still might yet have gotten otherwise. We'll see if its enough to deny her the Ultimate Prize, the Final Fruits, the Big Brass Ring, etc.



Clinton is bleeding African American support and Obama acting like her HNIC didn't help a bit!
The endorsements to Clinton from Cheney, Bush Sr, and probably his boy in addition to the neocons are also driving people away.
I think Trump wins but Dems take the house and senate to keep him in line.

different clue


What if Trump got so many more votes than Clinton that the Establishment found the vote totals to be simply unfraudable? How big of a margin would Trump need to be pushed into the Zone of UnStealability?

different clue


I don't know how one counts or measures this, but Sanders ( a little bit) and some of his supporters ( a little bit more) are trying to figure out how to support Sanders-type Democrats as against Clinton-type Democrats in this and coming elections. I read, for example, that many SanderVoting Democrats consider Senator Wyden of Oregon to be an anti-American Treasonist Conspirator for his vote to support Fast Track for TPP. I believe Senator Murray of Washington is also considered a Free Trade Treasonist Conspirator for her pro Fast Track vote. I believe other so-called "Democratic" Senators may also be hated and voted-against by the SanderVoters because of their votes for TPP Fast Track against America. It will be interesting to see how much power and persistence the SanderBackers have in this regard.

If I were faced in my state with the literal choice of a Clintonite Senate Candidate for Fast Track against America or Senator Sessions his very own self with his America against Fast Track position, I would set everything else aside and vote for Sessions on that one crude brute survival issue.



"Trump himself, ... act like they don't need to reach out beyond their current coalition."

You mean like when Trump asked African Americans to vote for him?

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