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29 August 2016


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Albayim, career enlisted military seems to be generally untouched through the purge of high ranking officers. Gulenists had, after all, limited resources and their priority was to infiltrate the top positions first. Unlike you, perhaps they underestimated the need and necessity of NCOs to run any military operation. Indeed, one of the turning points of the coup attempt was when rebel officers attempted to overwhelm and take into custody a loyalist general, his sergeant shot and killed one of the many coup plotters who were there. The sergeant was immediately slain by the coup plotters, but it shook them to lose their top general, and it faltered from then on. During the hot hours of the coup, it was mostly Colonels and Generals mobilizing unsuspecting enlisted conscripts.

During the daily tallies of arrested and fired high ranking officers, I rarely come across NCO ranks, to note.

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