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16 August 2016


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Yes, and the other deleterious thing we have muddled into is ignoring the constitutional provision that requires a super majority of Congress to declare war. I know many elites consider this constitutional provision quaint and irrelevant. They are fools.

Ken Halliwell

Also, amend Article 2, clause 5 of the Constitution to say: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five years, served at least two years active United States military service, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.


I agree with this proposal. A little bit of service to the nation never hurt anyone; if anything it'll develop some character in our youth.


I completely agree!

Truly universal service would force our classes and ethnicities to actually get to know one another a little bit.

Also there is an historical correlation between service and the franchise: where citizens serve their vote counts, where they don't, over time it doesn't.


Been thinking that.


I agree completely with your sentiment.

When I was in the navy back in the 1980's I suggested to my Chief Petty Officer that there should be a military draft. He immediately shot back at me with a "Hell No!" because draftees are a "pain in the ass" and that he "didn't want to deal with anyone who didn't want to be here"

A draft MIGHT put a collar on these illegal wars of choice.


Completely agree, Pat. It would also connect us again, as a people, in a way that has gone missing since the draft ended.

The Twisted Genius

I'm all for this. The increase in man power (and woman power) can be used to replace the majority of contractors with uniformed military personnel. We can have mess sergeants and mess halls again.




It would also be nice if Congress actually had to declare war before troops were deployed outside the country.



could not agree more. But as you point out, neither Clinton nor (probably) Trump would advocate for a draft. Under what circumstances could it be introduced. I think it all starts with campaign finance and election reform, specifically through the introduction of instant run-off elections. That way you'll have the possibility of coalitions formed after the election and the emergence of viable third parties in congress and state legislatures.


Colonel Lang,

Perhaps a better suggestion would be: "Mandatory National Service"?

It would certainly save on contractor budgets.


What I liked about the traditional policy in Britain of having a volunteer army was that it acted as break on the government pursuing unpopular wars. Of course this could be got around by employing mercenaries, like the Hessians during your war of Independence, when ordinary folk refused to sign up.

I dislike the continued use of Ghurkas and non British citizens, from the long redundant Commonwealth, being able to sign up. Very decline and fall period of the Roman Empire. Although apparently the Commonwealth fodder Blair opened the Military to has been largely rescinded.


alba etie

We need universal service - either in the Military or some kind of National Workforce for teaching assistants or other worthwhile Civic Engagement . It should be for every one ..And if you don't - you can't vote ..



Yup, won't happen.

While I always believed that some portions of the Armed Forces should be Career Professionals, there should be conscription, for the exact reason's you mentioned.

Bob Keskula

Dear Mr. Lang, It is so nice to see two people with seemingly opposite worldviews that can agree on an issue. Could you see yourself publicly endorsing US Representative Charles Rangel in his continued effort to reinstate the draft?



Am I being too predictable by turning on CCR's "Fortunate Son" song?


I agree. The Swiss have a mandatory military law for all men (volunteer for women) and their society has benefitted tremendously from it: disciplined young adults before they enter the workforce, and a ready defense army. All conscripts IIRC must remain in the reserves for 10 years after their mandatory service.



To have the social effect I want it has to be MILITARY service with no f-----g deferments for anything. If it is not military "les fils a papa" will opt to teach ghetto kids or some other "dodge." If that happens their f-----g parents and uncles will still send the children of america to die and kill in their mad obsessions. pl


Bob Keskula

I know Charlie. He always call me colonel although I have asked him to call me Pat. He has it right on this. I am not impressed with his whining about how he was in a segregated artillery battalion in Korea and what S---ts the white officers were while at the same time in his autobiography he says the same officers led the men to safety in the retreat from North Korea. pl



What you are talking about are smallish colonial wars that were basically sporting events for people like me, TTG and Tyler.pl



No. It must be military service either as a combatant or as a CO field medic with the army or US Marines. pl


My father served as an officer in WWII. He would have agreed with your father.

How would women fit into any future draft?


If you don't want the Brigade of Gurkhas, Australia would very much like to have them. Best and funniest soldiers I ever trained with!

Eric Newhill

Agree wholeheartedly. That said, there will always be opportunities to avoid anything too unpleasant in the Navy and Air Force. And even the Marines and Army always need more in the rear with the gear (in support) than in rifle companies. Fortunate sons (and daughters) could still be treated as such. But the political effect would still be in force to a large extent. War mongers would still be voted out of office; or at least think twice.

Would women be drafted too?

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