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19 August 2016


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Enjoy your break, Sir!

Disillusionment with the status quo is growing as more folks recognize the systemic nature of the problems. The "unprotected" class are slowly beginning to realize despite the intensity of the propaganda by the elites and their media oulets that it is not just their own individual circumstance. The groupthink of the Borg is systematically destroying their culture and their limited prosperity. IMO, we are building the head of steam for a revolt of the "unprotected". The urban and coastal elite along with the salary class that aspire to join their ranks may face a period of fear for their lives and property as they reinforce their gated communities.

If the Borg Queen wins in November it will be a triumph for the elites who will further exacerbate the social angst as they take even more desperate measures under the cover of ever more ludicrous theories. The can kicking to preserve the illusion can only continue for so long as cognitive dissonance grows. We are living in unprecedented times as never before have we seen a period of mass delusions that gird all parts of the globe from Asia, Europe and North America. When the "emperor has no clothes moment" arrives and the illusions are shattered we will likely see social strife at a scale that is unimaginable today.


An example of how big government works to benefit the elites.




If the guest authors wish to post they should feel free to do so. pl


Miss ya'. It will be hard to get through the next two weeks without you. I am assuming that I am approved as a guest author. Thanks

The Beaver


Since this morning, with the help of coalition air strikes and Turkish tanks:

FSA control most of north, west and south neighbourhoods + centre in Jarablus

Hassan Rdah seems to have up-to-date info:

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